e 10141 Germany: Please send an offer about different types of granite and marble. Please see the attachment. If you cannot offer some types please give me an alternative.
We are an retail buyer with an very important performance in Germany. If you have stocks please offer them too. If you have bigger sizes (for example 200 cm and more) then let us know. I need the price for sqm / FOB. All tiles must be polished and calibrated. Please tell us the earliest delivery date. My conta ct no. is 0711-51.....Dec 18, Contact USD 50 (open)

Position Type Sizes
60cm x 30 cm x 2cm 60cm x 60 cm x 2cm
in Pieces in Pieces
1. Star Galaxy 310 0
2. Calcatta Vagli
3. Afyon 510
3. Antico Dětalia Rosso 865
4. Trani Classico 950
5. Rosso Levanto 865
6. Calcatta Macchiaoro 865
7. Hita 865
8. Lilac 510
9. Lepanto Rosso 865
10. Aegean Brown 865
11. Black Galalxy 310 0
All tiles polished and calibrated
Other sizes
193cm x 38cm x 3cm 164cm x 38cm x 3cm 69cm x 41cm x 3cm
Star Galaxy 4 2 2
Black Galaxy 4 2 2
The prices FOB ! Please tell us your delivery date