e 10666 Australia: I am the General Manager. Our company has been asked to supply approx. 8000 sq mtrs of flamed granite pavers 400 x 300 x 40. We need to find the closest match to a granite that was mined hear in Australia but has since shut down. I found three that look very similar on Findstone's website. They are Diadema White (Brazil) , Millenium Pink (India), Tadoussac (Canada). Click here to see images. 
I would like a sample 200x200 in a flamed finish sent as soon as possible. This is very urgent. I can provide you with our courier account no. My phone no. is 61 755 7.....
Dec 20, Contact USD 100 (open)


Diadema White (Brazil)


  Millenium Pink (India)


  Tadoussac (Canada)