e 4354 Canada: We want Jet Black Granite for outdoor steps. Sizes: Length - 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' Ft. long each. Width - 16 Inches. Thickness - 7" Inches (177.8mm). Cut - All sides Sawn-cut. Finish - Three Sides Flamed (2 Sides & Top) & 1 Side (Front) Split Face. Kindly send price per running ft. for 1 FCL. We are distributors of natural stone paving. If the price is good we can place the order within a week. Prefer to import in CANADA. Payment at sight by LC.  Oct 7
Buyer's reply: The prices sent by you are per piece as it is mentioned or per running feet & is the material jet black (G654), if so kindly send details regarding the exporter in India, for price confirmation. 
Right now we need I container as sample, if the quality is good we have order for about 2 containers each month next year. Delivery location will be Toronto Canada cell 647-9....... ph 416-7........(oct 12, 2002)
Supplier's reply in red  
I would like to know if from the suppliers if the sizes are as fowollows for the jet black granite. 
Length: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Feet
Width: 16 Inches
Thickness: 7 Inches. Finish: all Sides sawn cut , three sides flames ( 2 Sides & Top ), front Split face. (oct 14, 2002)
How can I obtain a sample (G654) of the product. I would like to see a sample before we can finalize the order.
so kindly send details regarding the same also send details regarding the quantity in one container. (oct 16, 2002)
Offer 3: Thank you for your reply.We take pleasure in making you a special offer,subject to our final confirmation. More accurate quotation, please offer blueprint. 
    BLACK           G654                  BLACK                G684  
4' x 16'' x 7''=   USD18.00/PC     USD20.00/PC    USD29.80/PC
5' x 16'' x 7''=   USD22.55/PC     USD24.80/PC    USD37.20/PC
6' x 16'' x 7''=   USD27.00/PC     USD29.60/PC    USD44.40/PC
7' x 16'' x 7''=   USD31.60/PC     USD34.70/PC    USD52.00/PC
8' x 16'' x 7''=   USD36.10/PC     USD39.60/PC    USD59.50/PC
We can according to your requirement( Finish: allSidessawncut, three sides flames (2 Sides&Top), front Splitface) process production. And price is specially plate price, quality is good. Therefore, we must know the accurate quantity that you need. Please inform us:

4' X 16''X7''. = quantity ?

5' X 16''X7''. = quantity ?

6' X 16''X7''. = quantity ?

7' X 16''X7''. = quantity ?

8' X 16''X7''. = quantity ?

According to your requirement, enclose herewith G654 # product sample picture for reference, if needing the sample of raw material, please inform your address of postal delivery we.

20 ' container can pack 222 cus Ft probably. ( 6.3 m 3). The approximate proportion weight of black stone is 3 tons  / m3.