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Do fill this Supplier Profile Form in as detailed a way as possible.
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There are 3 ways in which we work - buyers can pay us to contact you OR you can pay to contact interested buyers OR you can deal on a commission basis. You do not have to decide now about how you would like to work but, in any case, it is in your interest to give maximum information to make the buyer interested in your company.

If you write in ALL CAPITALS, your form will be deleted. 
You may fill the form separately in as many languages as you like.

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  Stone Names
  eg. Black Galaxy, Botticino
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    eg. Kitchen Counters, 
    tiles, cobbles, etc.
    Checklist of choices available
   e.g. size range; surface finishes;    processing options e.g. calibration;    quality types e.g. commercial;
   price range

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    You may add your own description     also)
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    production capacity)
  *Facilities & Capabilities
    (do write list of main machines, raw   
    material source, etc. No space 
  *History & Background & 
    Area of Focus 
    (Do write year of establishment.  
    No space limitations)
     Project References, if any
    (up to 10)
    Product Quality Guarantee, if any
    (if you can send on self inspection,     state so. You will be our 'Preferred     Supplier' if you give a guarantee)
   *"Message to Readers" 
     eg. How are you different from others?
     What type of buyers you want?
     How do you handle sample &   
    *Info you need to quote 
      Give a list of questions or data you 
      need to give a quote. Also give a list 
      of choices available. Eg. tiles 
      calibrated / non-calibrated.)
       *Which way do you want to work?
        (delete non-relevant ones)
        Commission letter given?
       (delete non-relevant ones)
      Your note / proposal / suggestion 
      for working with FindStone.