e 2168 Australia: We are looking for first quality Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl slabs in 20mm and 30mm thick for Australia. We need first choice material and depending on the price, we are willing to take upto 3 containers immediately. Terms will be L/C. I am looking for long term supply relationships either from reputed manufacturers or others with proven record. Blue pearl has to be dark so as well the emerald pearl (dark green with large crystals). Dec 8. I am ready to move with the first seller with right price. Jan 31. Contact
offer 8: We are a big stone manufacturer in North China exporting granite and marble products like tiles, slabs and so on. We have our own qurries and factories. So we can guarantee a high quality and a reasonable price. O. China
Buyer's response: What are prices and slabs sizes? I will also need to know if the material is dark Blue pearl and emerald pearl both in 20mm thick at this stage.
offer 7: I have an import company based in southern California and can supply you any of the materials you desire. K. USA
offer 6: I can satisfy this requirement immediately. P. Australia.
offer 5: we developed a new granite quarry and we produced a 100% green color granite.it is first time on
market and very popular in korea and japan.and so we want to introduce our green color granite.we named
it "GOLD GREEN".if you are interested in our gold green,we can supply our products with block and slab with polished or without polished as you require. for your reference,we are sending our color photo herewith.also we can supply our gold green with a good price and delivery and quality so that you have competitive in any market. we can supply slab size;600upx1000-2000x20mm/30mm with polished and no polished.and cut-to-size is ok. oem are no problem. we hope we will have a good biz with you soon. Y. China
Buyer's response: Interesting but hard to sell 600 high slabs. Need taller slabs. please advise with photo, sizes and prices.
offer 4: We are a specialized granite company,can supply you with Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl 3CM gangsaw slabs,blocks from Norway. Price is FOB Xiamen USD64.00/m2. H. China.
Buyer's response: Yes, we are interested. Please advise the following:  Supplier's reply is in red on 30 jan.
    1. is your color of Blue Pearl dark or light?    Dark
    2. Slab sizes in 30mm and 20mm thick?        30cm,but now 3cm is USD67/M2
    3. Please indicate if the price quoted is for 30mm in both Blue Pearl & E.Pearl.  Yes, for 30mm in both..
    4. Can we inspect stock before despatch?   Of course.
    5. Can we get samples before order?          Yes YOU CAN.
    6. Give me a profile of your company           your address,Please
I am looking for 3 containers of these 2 colors and please indicate delivery time on order.
Buyer's response 2:
Thanks for the earlier mail. i am still waiting for your reply with regards to:
    1. What is the color of your blue pearl (is it dark)?
    2. delivery schedules           3 container  one month
    3. Slab sizes normally offered.   140x240up
    4. payment terms.               irrevocable L/C at sight
    5. What sort of packing do you provide for the slabs    I will show you the pictures if know address.
    6. What other imported stomes do you process. I am also int. in Giallo veneciano slabs in 20mm and 30mm.  USD 83/M2,USD93/M2
I currently import from italy on a average of 4 containers a month of these colors apart from other boxes with different material. Jan 26. 
offer 3: We can supply Emerald green  Gangsaw sizes  slabs in size of 280 up X 170 up x20mm  thickness.
The slabs will free from defects and it will be uniform colour.
We can supply you at US$4.25 per Sqft  F.O.B. PACKED IN CRATES.
We can also supply you the same materil in 30 mm thickness and the price is 5.75 per sqft  F.O.B.
If  on receipt of your reply we shall quote you our best price. N. India
offer 2: we are able to supply Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl. S. Australia.
Buyer's Response: Please send the details. I will comment on the same
on receiving the details. please also advise the delivery schedule for 3
containers if ordered (mix of 30mm & 20mm) with following combination:
    1. Blue Pearl 30mm -  120 sq.mts
    2. Blue Pearl 20mm -  50 sq.mts
    3. E.Pearl 30mm - 120 sq.mts
    4. E.Pearl  20mm - 50 sq.mts
2 containers with B.Pearl & E.Pearl (20mm ). I will also need slab sizes and quality details.
Supplier's response: I am currently working on getting the slab pricing for Emerald and Blue
Pearl as we only have the CBM prices. Please bear with me, as they may be
slow in responding, due to Xmas and all, so I will keep you informed.
Buyer's response 2: Thanks. Please quote for first choice material only.
offer 1: we would like to inform you that we could supply LABRADOR BLUE PEARL and EMERALD PEARL in polished slabs 20 mm. and 30 mm. thickness first choice at the following prices:
LABRADOR BLUE PEARL GT                    Euro   88,90/sq.mt.
LABRADOR BLUE PEARL BERGEN (*)      Euro   77,20/sq.mt.
LABRADOR EMERALD PEARL                  Euro   88,90/sq.mt.
(*) this material we have the exclusive, we could send you photoes by e-mail. 
The above menctioned prices are for extra large measures, 1st choice quality, ex-factory Carrara into bundles. 
Terms of payment: we could discuss together which date of expiry you agree. 
Thanking you in advance we send you our best regards. D. Italy.
Buyer's Response: Thanks for your reply. Please send the photographs. I will comment on the same on receiving the details. please also advise the delivery schedule for 3 containers if ordered (mix of 30mm & 20mm) with following combination: 
    1. Blue Pearl 30mm -  120 sq.mts
    2. Blue Pearl 20mm -  50 sq.mts
    3. E.Pearl 30mm - 120 sq.mts
    4. E.Pearl  20mm - 50 sq.mts
2 containers with B.Pearl & E.Pearl (20mm ).
Supplier's Response: Thanks for your reply. We send you enclosed the pictures of LABRADOR BLUE PEARL and we inform you about the delivery schedule as follow: 
1 container of Emerald Pearl +/- january 20th 2002
(120 sq.mts. cm. 3 completing cm. 2)
1 container of Labrador Blue Pearl Bergen +/- january 20 th 2002
(120 sq.mts. cm. 3 completing cm. 2)
1 container after +/- 20 days
(1/2 Emerald Pearl cm. 2 1/2 Labrador Blue Pearl Bergen cm. 2)
Waiting for your kindly reply we send you our best regards.
Buyer's Response 2: Please note that we are looking for first choice material only. Please advise if you have first choice without surface defects. Please send photos as I need to finalise orders. 26 Jan.