e 2290 Israel: Please quote for Rosso Santiago, U3 and coral mist. I need 6000 m2 90 x 90 x 3, 45 x 90 x 3. See attachment for Freize edging in 45 degrees or 90 degrees. Jan 10. Contact 
offer 2: We are in position to supply 6000 sq.m Rosso Santiago and Coral Mist (Flower of Ukraine) 900x900x30 mm, 900x450x30 mm over a period of 100 days according to specification. Price FOB Odessa 76 $ per sq.m.
offer 1: We are a commercial and industrial  ukrainian company. We are engaged with processing of a natural stone, mainly marble and granite. We work with different kinds of marble and different kinds of granite.

Though we dont have full information about this order, we can send some proposal from our side:
- Rosso Santiago  900*450*30 mm rought - 52$/sq.m       polished - 57 $/sq.m
- Rosso Santiago  900*900*30 mm rought -  54$/sq.m      polished -  59$/sq.m
  Now, please, tell me about conditions of delivery , terms and   payment.
This prices are under EXW conditions.
Well, I have a question, what is U3?