e 2315 Hong Kong: Please quote for blocks & slabs of Indonesia marble Cafe Bungaro. Jan 15. Contact
Offer 1: We produces finished product of Brown, Cream Beige and Ivory Marbles in Indonesia. Our finished products ae in the form of slabs, cut sizes and tiles standard.
Our prices are:
    Slabs        US$25 - US$45 per m2 (FOB Port Makassar)
    600x600x20   US$22 - US$ 40 per m2 (FOB Port Makassar)
    Tiles 300x300x15 (Few other sizes as well)
    at  US$20-US$35 per m2 (FOB Port Makassar)

Please note that price are subject to changes without prior notice.
Hereby are attachments of pic of our marble, however it is only as a guide, not an indication that determine our products.
We also have minimum order of 1-2 containers per export sales order..

We also sell blocks because we manage our own quarries and average block sizes are in between 2.5000m3 to 6.000m3 net size with International Standard Measuring method and tolerance.
Our price for blocks vary between US$ 250 to US$ 600 per meter cubic (Ex quarry).