e 2324 Jordan: We are looking for the following: 
- abrasive stones (stocks for sale).
- diamond disks (without diamond) of all sizes (stock quantities sale preferred). Jan 17. Contact
offer 7: We are No. 1 manufacturer for diamond tools/blades in Spain.
offer 6: With high capability metal bond,we produce high quality diamond cutting tools,we produce diamond saw blade,grinding wheel,it used for cutting marble,grainte,concrete,and so,we like do business with you.China
offer 5: We can supply the diamond disk from china. Do you want the price?
Offer 4: I can supply. Give me please quantities and diameters. Lebanon.
Offer 3: We are manufacturers of Conventional Abrasives and Diamond Abrasives. We would be interested in open up a new market in Jordan and we are looking for a reliable Importer / Distributor for that Country. If you are interested in our proposal, please contact us.Spain
Offer 2: we would be interested in dealing with you , please be so kind to send us more details about products of your interest. Italy.
Offer 1: If I understand, you are looking for saw and drill cores. We have stocks we can offer for sale. USA