e 2328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good resource for Tennessee Pink Limestone. The color range I am looking for is towards the beige, with occasional deep veining. This stone is to be used in a Historical renovation of an existing building in San Francisco. I am looking for a small quantity (approximately 20' x 6" x 2"), comes from Tennessee in USA, will be used indoors and will need to be cut to match an existing profile. Jan 17. Contact
offer 2: I do have a couple of sources of the Tennessee Marble.  Please contact me for further information.  If you would like, you can fax me drawings along with a time line for delivery.   

I will also need to see what you are replacing.  Typically TN Marble runs more toward a gray palette than a beige.  There are several varieties.  So, it will be important to get a sample.  If you would like to reach me by phone you can do so

offer 1: I am interested in supplying the Tennessee Pink listed in this ad, but need to know more detailed information before I can give a price. A profile is listed, but I need to know the exact details, quantity, date of order and delivery, etc.