e 2357 USA: I am building a house and am looking for US source Juparano Gold granite 3cm thick. Juperano or Juperana Gold is from Brazil.  It is primarly shades of gold with black flowing thru it--usually other colors such as garnet, beige are present in smaller amounts.  I have seen it installed on several counters and table tops in US but I cannot find any wholesaler or dealer in US that has 3 cm in stock. 2 cm is not acceptable. Need enough for a kitchen. About 3 slabs.  I have seen many Juperano/Juperana's such as Juperano/Juperana Ultra Gold but it has too much rusty red in it. Delivery would be to Alabama so prefer but do not require a Southeast source. I am in Tallahassee, Florida. Jan 21. Contact
offer 6: We have interest in supply you with our material. Brazil
offer 5: Price for square metric 3cm thickness FOB Vitória U$98.00. Minimum one container. Freight and insurance at byuer expense. Picture attached. Shipping in 15/30 days. Brazil
offer 3: We are located in Brazil and we have the granite you are searching for: Juparaná Golden.
Tell us where you are located and we can indicate a distributor for you.
Offer 2: I have Granite Juparana Gold for sale. Brazil
Offer 1: available as of January 21 in 3 cm thick - can fabricate for you. where are you located ?