e 2443 USA: Want Tropical Brown (tropic brown) blocks and slabs. Feb 10. Contact
offer 3: Offer  Tropic Brown  blocks   at US$ 1200/cu.meter
Polished  slabs:      3/4"      US$ 6.05/s.f.
                             1 1/4"     "    8.05/s.f.
Prices for slabs are for  full containerloads.      Ex. works   Italy.
offer 2: we can supply you with those, but will need some additional information
offer 1: Have a beautiful Honey Blond with brown shades, hard sandstone.  Will sell in Bulk for $65.00 Per ton.  This stone can also be purchased in large smooth (both sides) slabs 4' by 4'.  Depending on where you are located would have to work something out on transportation cost.