e 2450 USA: I am a builder / developer. Looking for prices on natural stone / coping stones. Feb 11. Contact
offer 11: We are one of the largest natural stone manufacturers and suppliers from
India.  We supply granite, marble, slate, quartzite, limestone, and
sandstone.  We are prominent in the cut-to-size industry, completing over 50
large cut-to-size projects in the U.S. last year.  We would be more than
happy to assist you in pricing, technical inquiries, or samples.  Please
feel free to contact. USA
offer 10: Our company is located in southern california.  We specialize in stone used primarily for the exterior of homes and other buildings.  In addition to stone from China, India, and many domestic quarries, we also have many brick lines and manufactured stone.  If this is a fit for you please contact me
offer 9: We are suppliers and distributors of slate, quartzite and sandstone.  Over 40 colors available.  Tile, some slabs and coping.  Please contact me if you are interested. USA
offer 8: I am the owner of a quarrier in east Europe. We are new in the American market and are looking for a distributor for our products on the East cost. Our prices are very competitive with the Chinese market. We have an office in New York. The materials we are looking to distribute are Tiles, Slobs, Counter tops, Flagstones, Treads and Tumbled products; which vary in size and color.
offer 7: I have quarry of quartzite. Brazil
offer 6: I have to offer natural gray hard sandstone in different thickness.  Thickness ranges from 1" to 8". 
Have a striking light brown (honey color) hard sandstone in same thickness.  However, can offer large slabs 4' x 4' in this stone as well as small stones. 
This Appalachian stone is beautiful and has a most reasonable price of $65.00 per ton.  Depending on your location would have to work out Transportation cost.USA
offer 5: We are one of America's largest granite quarriers and fabricators with 10 domestic quarries and two fabrication plants.  The company sells blocks, slabs, and custom cut to size stone for all types of
projects.  Current projects include The National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, as well as Time Warner/AOL and 300 Madison Ave. both of which are in New York, NY.  With nearly 40 years experience, we are qualified to fabricate stone for any project. Please do not hesitate to contact me for samples and general/ technical information. 
offer 4: I can get you Pennsylvania Blue stone or several other granites out of India. Canada / USA
offer 3: I produce limestone pearl beige any size honed tumbled polishied. My offer of month tiles 30x30x2 € 31. Italy.
offer 2: We are a natural Stone supplier from Turkey, and our distribution center is in NJ. We have 14 quarries and 4 factories all are in production. We will be happy to send samples per your request.
offer 1: we wish to supply you architectural products and landscaping products in granite. Please mail your drawings and specifications to offer prices.