e 2475 Saudi Arabia: Please quote in USD for Brazilian Stones: Blue Barracuda, Amarelo Bangu, Azul Bahia - Blue, Azul Guanabara, Blue Pegaso, Amarello, Eco Gold, Butterfly. I am looking for 50 SQM 40X40CM 2CM each. Slates from Brazilian: Azul Macauba 200 SQM 40X40CM 2CM; Azul Imperial 50 SQM 40X40CM 2CM. Feb 16. Contact
Buyer adds: I would like to have some info about :
- the last price of all goods that you sent by sqm
- some photos of the prodoct .. blue bahia .. Blue Acquamarina ,Blue Macaubas and could you send  the photo of Green Buterfly .
- the cost of shipment to saudi arabia via Jeddah port .
- how do you like the payment to be . March 2
offer 2:  
The price to green buterfly is USD 41 SM FOB RIO PORT min 01 container loaded
The azul macaubas is USD 198 SM. FOB RIO PORT min 01 container loaded
I will send the photo. Please inform  the quantfy you need. 
The payment usualy is through LC, but we can talk about it. 
The cost of shipment to Saudi Arabia is around USD 1900.00 port Jeddah.
The bloks I have at this moment to cut is
Azul Noruega USD 400.00 sqm
Green Ubatuba USD 40.00 sqm
Gree Buterfly USD 36.00 sqm
The others material as you informed me as Azul bahia, Blue Barracuda, Amarelo Bangu,
Azul guanabara, Azul pegasu, Amarelo, Eco Gold and Azul imperial, I need to got the bloks.
The colors named azul, (blue) generaly is azul Bahia, Azul Noruega or Azul macaubas with other name like azul guanabara, pegasu etc.
Azul Macaubas is not slate. This material is granite. Slates are other kind of stone I have. The slates are much used to coating floors, walls and roofs. March 21
offer 1:
We are a Brazilian company and we have blues:
Granite: Blue Bahia USD 320 (40x40) (no beveled nor calibrated)
Marble: Blue Acquamarina USd 65 (30,5 x 30,5)
Quartizito: Blue Macaubas. USD 210 (30,5 x 30,50)
Green Buterfly USD 60 (40 x 40) (no beveled nor calebrated)
Thank you for your message.
May I know the exact quantity you need and so we will be able to inform you the final prices.
Regarding the photos, please find them attached.If do you need more photos fell free to contact me.
Regarding the shipping, may I know what kind of container do you prefer do loading. Open Top or Dry Box.
Our payment terms is irrevocable letter of credit at sight.
If there is any further information you may require don't hesitate to contact us.
Be sure we are very interested to be on business with you.
March 4
THe freigth price for Port of Jedah is:
USD 1.720,00 per 20`Db & USD  1.950,00 per 20`OT (basic freigth with no excess)
USD 150,00 bunker
USD 44,00 war risk.
Transit Time: 42 days aprox. March 21