e 2484 USA: We are looking for a quarry owner who could supply us stone that is harder than granet. The stones should have natural texture on both sides. These stones are so hard that they are used often for paving. In Europe, the kind of natural stone are used for a drive way, piazza, pavement traditionally. We would like to discuss on the particular sizes and thickness, cutting method, color etc... Since we are looking for pretty thin (about from 1.5 cm to 2 cm) on natural (not cut by diamond saw cutting machine), quarry have to select those thin slab and cut into the size of about 7 cm x 7 cm by old fashion cutting machine to make it natural look. We are importer, distributor, builder and developer and can import constantly. Feb 18. Contact 
offer 6: We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Natural Stone from India.  We supply granite, marble, slate, quartzite, limestone, and sandstone.  We are a prominent force in the cut-to-size industry, completing over 50 projects last year.  In the past we have used granite, sandstone, and even quartzite as pavers in high traffic areas.  We can provide technical data, pricing, and samples on all our products.  Please feel free to call. USA
offer 5: I am the owner of a quarrier in east Europe. We are new in the American market and are looking for a distributor for our products on the East cost. Our prices are very competitive with the Chinese market. We have an office in New York. The materials we are looking to distribute are Tiles, Slobs, Counter tops, Flagstones, Treads and Tumbled products; which vary in size and color.
offer 4: Granite is the fifth hardest substance on earth.  I am do not know if there is a stone that is stronger than granite.  One of our quarries that we own is the strongest granite that we know of.  It weighs
205 pounds/cubic foot and has a psi (compressive strength) of 33,900.  The American Standard Testing requires a psi of only 16,000 for granite to be considered structural grade. We are one of America's largest granite quarriers and fabricators with 10 domestic quarries and two fabrication plants. The company sells blocks, slabs, and custom cut to size stone for all types of projects.  Current projects include The National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, as well as Time Warner/AOL and 300 Madison Ave. both of which are in New York, NY.  With nearly 40 years experience, we are qualified to fabricate stone for any project. If you would like to find out more about our granite please do not hesitate to contact me for samples and general/ technical information. 
offer 3: with regard to your enquiry, the stone you are looking for is called Porphyry. It has 2 natural cleft faces and it's used all over Italy and Europe to pave streets, piazzas, driveways, etc. Its strengthness and non
slippery surface make it the choice for outside paving. Many Formats are available (cubes, tiles, flagstones, steps, kerbstones, etc). The format you are asking I understand is the cube, which can be installed fan-shaped or counteranch... Our company is the biggest individual company, with 5 quarries (2 In Italy and 3 in Argentina), for best colour selection. We also have an architectural department, and (should you need) installers that
supervise / educate some of your people (I see you are also builders) Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Italy.
offer 2: we will supply you this type of material in Benz blue granite if thickness is allowed upto 3cm it will be much convenient both and top and bottom will be cleaved naturally we produce this slabs by giving head to quarry sheet we may not get uniform thick, but we will select thin pieces for you How about edge cutting, this can not be cut by hand as they very thin, but we can try, we prefer machine cutting for edges

Price: USD.3/sft
colour: grey and Benz Blue 
we are the largest suppliers  of paving stones to european market from India.
offer 1: We are a professional manufacturer of stone products located in Fujian China with a group of proficient workers who have a long traditional feeling in stone world. Further more, many up to date machineries and some engineers are ready to produce your OEM orders. As a quarries owner, we are sure to supply you the profitable products according to your specification. Our major products are granite tiles and slabs, gardening stones, monuments and grave stones, paving stones and so on. Please kindly contact us if you have any issues to be discussed. china