e 2497 USA:  Landscape: We are looking for a quarry has the slate stone harder than granite from Java in Indonesia. It is called as Java Slate. They are slate but close to porphyry type so can be used for pavement. They are slate so they came naturally 1 cm to 2 cm thickness from mountain. There is only one kind of slate from East Java which called Java Slate, Batu pilah Jember. As you know, the slate is on layer on the mountain, so both side have texture. 
Since they are natural thing, sometime the color comes with mixture of grey, brown, green, pick etc. 
We are looking for a quarry has a processing factory for this type of slate in East Java. We would like to know the information of your location, operation, production ability etc. We are a serious importer and distributor for US and Canada. We are in Santa Barbara, USA Feb 20. Contact
Offer 1:
We offer you Lempeng stone (Java stone), similar with Batu Pilah Jember....(just different name).... according to your specification.
We send you price list Java slate (stone harder than granite) randomized US$ 17/Sqr meter
20 cm x 30 cm  US$ 23/Sqr meter
20 cm x 20 cm  US$ 22/Sqr meter
15 cm x 30 cm  US$ 22/Sqr meter
15 cm x 15 cm  US$ 21/Sqr meter
10 cm x 20 cm  US$ 19/Sqr meter
10 cm x 10 cm  US$ 17/Sqr meter
all price FOB from nearest port.