e 2565 USA: Looking for working quarries of marble, granite, travertine or sandstone in Alaska, Nevada or California. March 7. Contact
offer 1: I have quarries of quartsite flagstone in Nevada. It is of a high quailty and very hard and durable with
excellent coloring and mica for lots of shine. The sheets often come out in very large pieces.
The stone on my Nevada property is what is known as Lower Cambrian Prospect mnt. quartzite. You may be
familiar with the quartzite that comes from the Oakley ID. area that has found its way in to many markets.
The two are almost identical. The color and structure in either of these deposits can vary significantly
from place to place. I am presently working on some very colorful stuff. It is spliting out in pieces from
1/4"-4" and in sheets up to 15' long and 4' wide. That is the exception and not the rule however. It is not
hard to get pieces of 10'-20'square feet on average.

I am currently seeking markets for this stone as well as for some moss rock and river rock that I have in
Montana. Please let me know what your intersts are and/or if you are interseted in seeing some samples.

I look forward to hearing from you.