e 2568 UK: Please can you give us a price & availability of 63m2 Giallo Veneziano 400 x 400mm in 10,15 or 20mm thick. Also price & availability in skirting 400 x 100 x 20mm polished face and beveled. March 7. Contact
offer 2: where are you located, I stock this product. USA
Buyer says: We are in England not U.S.A if you can ship to U.K. please send us a full list of what you can do.
offer 1: We are manufacturers and  Exporters of Natural Stone in china  as per your enquiry for china Granite we are quoting our best prices for  Giallo Veneziano  slabs and Tiles.
                    G603    400X400mm X1cm 
                                                          X2cm =   US $ /13.2/m2
                                   400X100 X20mm    =  US $ /11/m2
           G623                          US $ 15.8/m2
                      G633                          US $ 15.2/m2
                      G640                          US $ 13.2/m2
                      G635                          US $  14/m2
                      G636                          US $ 13.8/m2
                      G664                          US $ 15.3/m2              
                      G663                          US $ 21.2/m2
                      G654                          US $ 19.8/m2
                      G684                          US $ 23/m2
                      Xili   red                      US $ 24.2/m2
                      G439                          US $ 23/m2
                     Shanxi  Black Galaxy  US $ 37/m2             
                      Tianshan  red             US $ 37/m2             
                      G634                           US $ 16.6/m2             
                      G657                           US $ 36/m2             
                      G562                           US $ 31.4/m2

Note.   1 The prices given are in US $/Sq M2
            2 The price given is FOB  china xiamen