e 2570 USA: Retail: I am building a home in Kansas City, MO. I have an arched mahogany front door with arched "sidelights" around it. In the sidelight windows I wish to install thin (~3/8") Honey Onyx tile which has a decent finish on both sides. I want to create a nice backlit effect, both from outside (daytime) and inside (nighttime). I can locate the thin Honey Onyx tile but it has deep grooves in the back (~1/16") and I am having great difficulty finding anyone that can hone the backside without charging tremendous amounts. Do you have suggestions as to a better source for the tile, or someone that can hone the back at a decent price, or some way I could do this myself? March 8. Contact 
offer 3: We are a distributor in Texas that handles a new material of 1/8 thick onyx with safety glass laminated to it. Both sides are smooth, which would work perfect for your project.
offer 2: I am a stone sculptor with an extensive history in tile and stone fabrication.
One of the reasons that the cost is so high lies in the nature and expense of your material, it's costly and fragile.
  There is a relatively inexpensive method to your problem. Have you received bids on your project? if you would send me pertinent info relative to the project at hand I would be happy to assist.
  when you reply I will send you photos of past work and perhaps develop a comprehensive cost evaluation for completing your project and realizing your vision.  
Looking forward to your reply.
offer 1: Read about Onyx in www.findstone.com/articles.htm