e 2691 Korea: Monument: My Korean client needs 4000 plaques. The client here is still undecided and wants to see samples. Therefore prepare 40 samples of 420mm x 257mm x 10mm thick with polish 5 sides and 2mm bevel all sides; real marble, jade, stone, or granite. Samples be delivered in Longkou before April 10. 
Samples 8 of each. Best price between $3.00 to $5,00 per plaque is OK. Colors preferred are white, off white, amber, light yellow, Beige, Marble, jade, granite, or synthetic stone is OK. Thickness 8mm. April 2, Contact
offer 2: I had expressed your meanings to our boss.He said if you could pay the freight charges by air,we will sent you the samples.So please tell me whether you still want us to sent you samples and whether you could pay the charges. China
offer 1: Well, I am able to prepare the samples your client need in accordance with delivery location, but I'd like to know whether the client pay for that. we are just in longko or yantai city which is the most closest city to Korea in China.China