e 2697 USA: Retail: I am a home owner, doing my kitchen over and want granite countertops. There is a granite from Brazil called "Verde Uba Tuba", I would need 60 square feet, is there any way that I would be able to purchase through a dealer here in the United States at a discount? April 3. Contact
Response1: I have been looking a doing the exact same thing.  Same material and footage for my kitchen.  I found a local Stone Shop in Houston that will sell tiles @ $8.40 per sq. ft if you want tiles and does some price break for the larger 18 x 18 tiles.    I would like to do a solid surface though and unable to find anyone willing to sell the Uba Tuba to a do-it-yourselfer. Let me know if you find any good deals and I will look from this end.
offer 4: Where is it to be delivered?
offer 3: we carry that in slab in Seattle, Important is where are you located?
offer 2: We stock Uba Tuba granite in Houston, TX. Please feel free to contact us.
offer 1: do see www.findstone.com/readystock.htm