e 2727 Fiji Islands: I am designing a house in Fiji and am looking for limestone and flagstone for flooring and siding. I am interested in Paras Yogya volcanic limestone from Yogyakarta and hijau danau Javanese light greenish flagstone cut into 10 cm x 10 cm tiles. The quantities and sizes are:
Paras Yogya in aprox 50cm x 50cm x 2cm : 780m2
Paras Yogya in aprox 40cm x 60cm x 2cm: 490m2
plus assorted 5cm thick slabs for steps; moldings; small quantities of polished tiles.
Hijau danau in 10cm x10cm tiles: 200m2
As a reference: these stones where used in the Amanjiwo hotel in Yogyakarta. 
Delivery location:
The building site is on Wakaya island, Fiji. You will have to deliver at Suva, Fiji. As I am the design architect, not located on site and am enquiring in the name of my client who will make the purchase.
Status of project: I am in the detail design stage, the project has been approved and building will begin the first week of September. That would be the approximate purchase date.
Decision criteria for purchase: To have samples approved by client and check price.
Application: 50x50 paras yogya for flooring; 40x60 paras yogya for outside and inside siding; assorted pieces like slabs for steps, sofits, lintels etc. throughout.
10x10 hijau danau for swimming pool siding. 
Location: the specified stones come from Yogyakarta, Great Java, INDONESIA. April 10. Contact
offer 1: Paras yogya volkanik limestone
50 x 50 x 2 US$ 27/Sqr m
40 x 60 x 2 US$ 26/Sqr m
Hijau danau  10 x 10 Cm  US $ 19,5/Sqr m