e 2770 USA: I am a staff member at an ashram in upstate New York. I recently became aware of fused basalt products while researching materials for the reconstruction of our ritual fire pit. It occurred to me there could be a retail market for smaller cast basalt items, however, the only manufacturers I've found are solely industrial. Can you put me in contact with a company that is set-up for small scale basalt casting, i.e. figurines, incense holders, etc.? I am interested in cast black basalt. April 17. Contact
offer 2: We are Vietnamese Exporters specializing to export handicrafts overeas. We wonder that you are interested in stone figurines, marble statues sculptured and made from Vietnam. Your requires would be satisfied. Pls contact with us.
offer 1: Basalt available as crushed dust  25 USD per tone. Turkey.