e 2839 Korea: We are interested in limestone from Portugal.
We checked on your web page. So we'd like to get best price, delivery, samples for Azul Cascais and Red PF Antique urgently. Please refer to the below details.
Required item: Azul Cascais, Red P F Antique (limestone from Portugal)
Qty: about 260 M2
Size: Slab (not confirmed) after getting samples, we will inform you about details  inquiry. Application: commercial building.
Required sample: 2 EA per each type with 300 x 300 size. April 26. Contact

Offer 2:
We have the quarry of Azul Cascais. We supply tiles and slabs. We will gladly forward samples that you need. Could you please forward a photo of Red Antique. I am not aware of this name!. Please give us your address.

Offer 1: We don't deal with Azul Cascais, but with a very similar limestone, from our quarries, in Portugal, called Blue AL.
Should you be interested, we can give you prices and samples.