e 2877 USA: Monument: My family is exploring the possibility of having a boulder incised with a quotation as a memorial to our father and have it placed at in Southern Vermont where he was educated and graduated in 1940. We hope to place this stone next to a tree. 
We wanted a stone, granite is ok, that would emerge from the ground rather than lay on it, and which would be large enough to be used as a bench. The surface would be best if relatively smooth. A boulder from a river would be ideal. 
The letters (probably 75 or so) would be sans-serif, like Hadrian or something Roman in feeling, and not much larger than 3". We know this would be possible but the costs are something we have to keep in mind: The stone itself (what would make sense?), The transportation and rigging,  the carving and finally, how much time is needed to organize this? May 1. Contact
offer 2: My Husband passed away 7-26-200l.  We purchased our House 24 years ago and the older couple loved rocks, so did my Husband.  My Son and I are interested in removing some of the rocks and I have been thinking about using one for a Monument. If you are interested, I will send you a photo or two of the larger rocks.  I think it is very nice , the idea you have for your Father. 
offer 1: We have done boulders for monuments before.  Do you know where you can get a boulder you would like?  We can cut the face, letter it and set.  We are located in VT.