e 2928 France: We seek to sell in France, 1000 vases & crosses made from granite as per attachment details. Please quote us price in various colours (price FOB port by piece). Concerning the crosses, the thickness is 2 cm, and polished surfaces. Our order after examination will relate to 1000 crosses and 1000 vases of various colors. May 7. Contact
offer 12: The price for the cross in AZUL CIELO marble, is: U$S 120 each one.
offer 11: we will supply vases in paradiso, black, orion blue, Himalayan blue, red multi  in various sizes and shapes. price: USD.45/pc FOB Madras
offer 10: we are intrested. price list as follows:
  vases colour matirial - 100 $;        black            - 125 $
  croses colour material-  15 $;       black          -  20 $. India
offer 9: My price for that model of Vases is USD37/pcs in any of the colour materials depending on the availability of the material and the buyers interest. The above price is FOB chennai port India with good packing. The order can be processing after opening the L/c only. For 1000 pcs we need   50-60 days time for the delivery.
offer 8: Bonjour, Monsieur,

Nous sommes tres content de recevoire votre information de besoin d'acheter par FINDSTONE .

Nous vous presentons notre societe pour vous :
Nous fabriquons principalement les granits et les marbres de tous les genres . Chaque annee , la plus
part des marchandises sont exportes partout du monde.  Notre produts principaux sont des matieres de
construction , des pierres tombales , ainsi que les artisanats .

Si notre information vous interesse , nous sommes pret de vous offrir des photos et des documents .

Veillez agreer , Monsieur , nos sentiments distingues!

granit vases(30X18CM)

654 (gris fonce)   USD20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
562 (erable)       USD 20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
682 (jonquille)    USD20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
603  (gris clair)  USD 20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
633  (gris perle)  USD 20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR21 (gland)       USD 20.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
612   (olive)      USD 30.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR30 (fantaisie de chine )  USD 40.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR19 (noir)        USD 40.00/PC FOB XIAMEN


654 (gris fonce)   USD7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
562 (erable)       USD 7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
682 (jonquille)    USD7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
603  (gris clair)  USD 7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
633  (gris perle)  USD 7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR21 (gland)       USD 7.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
612   (olive)      USD 9.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR30 (fantaisie de chine )  USD 10.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
GR19 (noir)        USD 15.00/PC FOB XIAMEN
buyer says: Prices that you indicate to us your e-mail seem to correspond so that we seek, but we would have need for some samples ( vases, crosses) photographs and documents,.
Could you indicate to us the total weight for 2000 pieces (1000 cosses and 1000 vases).
Which are your manufacturing lead times and which packing will be used.
offer 7: Yes we can make this, however it will be in Marble.  It is not feasible to make this in granite due to the hardness of granite.  For marble, your cost for the vases will be $18.00 Dollars per Piece.  The crosses will be $20.00 Per Piece.  I hope this helps.  If your heart is set on Granite, then your looking at almost three to four times the cost, maybe even more. USA
Buyer says: Your offer on the marble vases seems to us interesting. could forward to us sample.
offer 6: Advise us on the depth and finish of the Cross and we will send you pricing on all units and samples.
Buyer says: The crosses polished
Dimensions H 600 ( 120/100/380) L 340 ( 120/100/120 Tickness 20
dimensions vases --------------Dimensions of the hole
square vases 250 x 150/150 -----------200 x 100
round vases H. 250 Dia. 180 ----------200 x 100
offer 5: Our company producing many kind of VASES and other articles from GRANITE, GREEN JADE, WHITE MARBLE, BROWN GRANITE, ALSO BLACK GRANITE, WHITE GRANITE please ask for further information and prices and some pictures.
Buyer says: Thank you for your answer, but could you indicate to us your prices FOB for 1000 vases and 1000 crosses. Thank you forwarding to us some samples
offer 4: we will supply crosses and vases. India
Buyer says: Forward to us your prices for 1000 granit vases and 1000 granit crosses.
offer 3: we can make the vases and the cross in marble.  India
buyer says: Forward to us your prices for 1000 granit crosses and 1000 granit vases
offer 2: Could you possibly advise the material and finish requirement for your inquiry.  As soon as we have your information, we will calculate our price for you. China
buyer says: We seek 1000 granit vases and 1000 granit crosses.
the crosses polished.
Dimensions of the crosses.
H 600 ( 120/100/380) x L 340 ( 120/100/120) tickness 20.
Dimensions of the vases------ dimensions of the hole.
square vases --250 x 150 x 150 -------- 200 x 100.
round vases H. 250 -- Dia. 180 ---------200 x 100 .
offer 1: We are a main manufacturer and exporter of all stone products in China.The following are our prices for vases in various granite stones:
FOB Xiamen China:
G614 USD$19.00/pc
Shanxi Black USD$50.00/pc
G654 USD$26.00/pc
G612 USD$36.00/pc
G663 USD$28.00/pc
Height:30cm  Dia:18cm
Height hope:20cm  Dia hope:10cm

Please also advise the thickness and surface for the crosses so we can work on the pricing.Thank you.