e 3096 USA: I need a vendor that can cut 200 sandblast resist templates for use in sandblasting yardage numbers into flagstone for a golf course. The individual templates will be approximately 16" X 16" and will have a 3 digit number approx 3" high (a different number for each template). Additionally, there will be a logo on each template. I currently need a quote and the fabrication lead time for the finished sheets shipped to San Diego CA. June 5.
Buyer's reply in blue: I am not sure when I will be buying. I hope to get client's approval within the next 4 months.
offer 4: would like to cut stencil for your yardage markers 10.00 a piece includes shipping.  arrival time is three weeks.
offer 3: We will be happy to quote a price for the templates, one thing I would need to know is what the logo is like. We currently have a plotter that cuts the sandblast template at a demension of 15" upto ???? Please email me an eps format of the logo you are requesting and we will be happy to quote a price for your job.
offer 2: If this specific work has to be done on granite with flamed finish, we can do that for you. Please give us more specific details to give you a quote.
offer 1: We manufacture stone monument stone signage....
If you have the files completed and can get them to us as soon as possible, we can have the templates ready for weeding in a matter of a couple of days.
The cost for the unweeded template materials would be $20.00 sq ft ( if files are completed and ready to plot)
The cost for the weeded templated materials with transfer tape applied, ready to blast would be $25.00 sq ft ( if files are completed and ready to plot)