e 3440 USA: Landscape: We are launching a new product. We have currently signed a national advertising agreement, and are looking forward to greatly increased sales. Our product will be on air on national TV late August or early September.  I want rocks 4 0z. clear poly bags by mass not weight, 1" or less Lava, 1" or smaller white marble, pebble size round river rock - quantity and sizes. I will need 20,000 pieces a month. Simple landscape stone is what we currently use.  We are in Texas. The closer to S.A., Texas the cheaper the freight. We have a 2-3 week lead time on all orders. These preportioned rocks are part of the Kit.  We wish to stock; based on orders pending. We look forward to sales soaring well over 10,000 units per month.  We would need this amount per rock type- application. July 14, Contact
Thank you for your concistent replies, we have decided to portion our own rock to save costs. The lowest price we were able to get was .65 per unit, we can do it ourself for .14 per unit.
offer 1: We have several different types of river rock in various colors and sizes.  If Denver, Co. is not to far for freight, lets talk. 1-888