e 3568 USA: Retail: I want a white granite without any beiges or grays. I have looked through most of your amazing Stone Album and the only thing I saw in white is White Lanka from Sri Lanka. Is there any similar with even fewer inclusions -- I like the look and feel of granite but can't use color. This is for an L-shaped kitchen countertop. Measurements are about 8' x 2' and 5' x 2' for the other part of the L. I live in NYC (Manhattan) and am about ready to make a purchase. I would be interested in receiving a photo as well as a sample of the granite. July 24. Contact
offer 1: We have granite blocks that may be what you are looking for.
The granite is located in NH and is considered to be "Concord White" although it is actually finer grained.
We can send you samples and/or pictures.  The granite is rough cut.