e 6097 USA: We are starting a new company offering granite, marble and stone counter tops and art work. We are setting up the shop to be able to offer the creation of the job request, fabrication, installation and distribution of slabs and stone tiles. We are the only company in this Island offering this service. We already visited a couple of distributors in Peurto Rico that are ready to supply for us. We are very interested on the possibilities of doing business with you, because we would prefer to buy directly from you. We already have customers waiting and big jobs coming. We need to find connections for machinery with the most competitive prices as well. I went through every page of the website, to learn everything there is offering. I also went through the pricelists of every country that I was interested of getting the product from, and the prices that I saw there are the ones that I want to go with. We want granite, marble and quartz plus all new stone products we can get.
Same for tiles.
2cm and 3cm on slabs
On tiles 16 x 16
polished samples of a flamed, bush hammered and sandblast procedures
-First quality
-process quality: thickness tolerance-average
-material quality: shade variation depending on the styles chosen. Please recommend.
-To start with, we are planning on buying 10 slabs for now. The big job will take 3 months before they choose the slabs.
- Therefore we need all the samples for the slabs I will specify on the list
-From $8 to $20/ m2 as in pricelists 811, 280, 27 and so. All depending on customers request. Give the best offers you can find.
- We will be creating a website of the company as soon as is set up.
- We will have storage space available soon.
- Our shop will be consisting of 3500 sq.ft.
-We are trying to set up our connections with a serious and stable supplier.
-As soon as I get the package of my request, we can set a buying date. At least prices shipping quality, shipping insurance, samples included, description of the quality of the material we will get, recommendations on our selections, etc.
Credit card for small purchases, line of credit, deposit with a 30 day term for large purchase
-Buy locally and import.
-We will hire a third party inspector; If you have something to offer would be good to know.
-We are getting free samples from PR, but if the price for the shipment is not outrageous or if it can be included in the cargo with the slabs that will be the best idea. Give some examples of the shipment cost.
- We will definitely order if the price beats the offers we are getting from PR, which are around the numbers I mentioned before.
-If the payment terms are approved and the offer is good, we will start buying tomorrow.
I will appreciate the time you take on responding to each of our request, answer our questions and giving us recommendations  and the information that you can get for us and making this be a good and final deal.
You are welcome to call us at any time.
I am looking forward on hearing from you as soon as possible. Our contact no. is 340-9...... Feb 19
Offer 21: We request you to be specificin your descreption of your goods you want  i.e. you want rough grannite or finished slabs and  wecan ship your samples anlong with our best rates afterhearing from you.
Offer 20: Further to your email I undersatand that at this stage you are mainly interested in slabs and tiles, which is not our core business, and although we could study a solution which pass trough us, we should not be competitive with the national or international competence.
In fact, we produce mainly final products, such as kitchen countertops, vanity tops and natural stone sinks, either in marble, granite or quartz surfaces, where we are really competitive.
Should you be interested in this kind of products/services, we would be very pleased to start a commercial relation with you,
Offer 19: Hey sounds intereting. How do we go about supplying samples and sending prices etc. I can deal with you, I speak your language. But I do not see how it`s feasable sending 10 slabs? Advice me tell me how to go about it I can supply ready stocks but who handles the sales the monies etc. it`s a bit complicated.
Offer 18: Thank you for your enquiry listed on findstone. In response to your enquiry we request you to please visit our price list at www.findstone.com/pl/800.htm. In case you require any other information, please feel free to contact us.
Offer 17: Yes this is an chinese slate exporter with our own quarries, The main products is Flooring Slate, Roofing Slate etc., you'll see the quotation at www.findston.com/pl/872.htm and www.findstone.com/pl/873.htm !  We'll not fail to service you at any time!
Offer 16: I would like to know specifically what kind of stones you want to start buying and also about the machinery. I will personally get good deals for machinery for your new company and anything else you might need. Would you be interested in getting the whole stone or just slabs for now. Let me know anything you need and more details. How about you send to me the stones (details). So, I will be able to offer better deals for your company.
Offer 15: we are very happy to say that we supply the highest quality stones to our customers.  Our quarry is located near Bangalore(India) with modern machinary for cutting and polishing.  We supply in both Slabs and tiles form.  Currently, our main export market is Italy, and its suffice to say, they are very pleased with our quality and delivery schedules. 
Offer 14: We are specialized in water-jet marble inlays( floors - tables - borders) & carved marble ( wall panels - fireplaces - tills) we manufacture  high quality & we are ready to export to all over the world .   strong companies & specialized dealers are preferred . 
   see our designs
THE PRICE FOR ROUGH SLABS IS                              EURO  46.50  SQ
FILLING AND POLISHING/HONEING                              EURO   7.80  SQ
Offer 12: We supply stone restoration products, stone cleaners, stone polishes (marble & granite), sealers, etc.
When you get set-up and underway please contact us if you need our products.
Offer 11: We are a leading company in the field of marble in Egypt. Own many quarries, which are spread all over the country. We export to all over the world. Our factory is the biggest one in the whole Middle East.
Different kinds of Marble with a worldwide fame:
1- Pearly Yellow marble (Golden Beige - Perlate Ivor -Giallo Atlantide).
2- Galala marble.                                               
3- Silvia marble.       
4- Sunny marble.      
5- Beige marble.       
6- Albatross marble.                  
7- Filetto marble.       
8- Hashma stone (Limestone).     
Offer 10: We are exporters from Turkey of Slate,marble tiles and limestone. We have our own slate quarry. We have been exporting marble and travertine tiles for last 15 years and to different countries in different parts of the world.
   We always assure quality and delivery to be of international standarts. If you are interested in the high quallity Slate and Denizli Travertine tile, and limestone in different types of tiles do send us a mail so that we could give you our best offers at very good prices. We are the quarry owner and producer so we can supply continously
and at the very suitable prices.
    Our Slate colour is black,multicolor,red and in the different size and thickness.  
   In the meantime, our company is starting to produce slate from our mining. Therefore, we have great systematic control in quality, pricing and delivery.    For more detailed information about the range of our products and references, please do contact us. Hoping to develop good business contact and relationship with you.    
   Our Price List:    http://www.findstone.com/pl/700.htm
Offer 9:    It's our pleasure to know you,and we are very glad to introduce ourselves:
   We are a professional manufacturer of Granite and Marble products in China, with about twenty years experience,our two manufacturing units are located in  Xiamen, our company is in conformance with the International Quality Management System Standard ISO-9001.
    We having the full range domestic stone,and also import the raw blocks from other countries,so we can provide wide range stone in various color,thickness,our major products are Thin tile,Paving stone,Vanity top,Counter top,Slate and Tombstone etc.We also can process according to customers’ requirement.
     We enjoy a good reputation for our overall,efficient and excellent service both at home and abroad.We assure you our prices will be competitive and our service will be excellent as we always develop very good rap with our buyers.We treat buyers satisfaction is our main motor for long lasting relationship.Please give a try with our products and we are sure you will definitely come back to us again and again.
    Sincerely we welcome friends to visit us and hold talks on business,and further more that we expect to be your most trusted business partner.
Offer 8: We like offer to you every think you will be need, we have wonderful materials 100% high quality and we work with calibrated tiles 12x12 and 18x18 too.
So ,the slabs has 3/4 " thickness and 11/4 " thickness. 
We recomend chose a non-movement granite tiles , because i very hard to do a good look , because the vains never join. In case of tiles we recomend Giallo firenze (pic attached) , Green Peacock (pic attached) , Crema Blue.(pic attached). Or if want something more luxurious we recommend the Blue Bahia tile(pic attached) 
Of course if you need any samples we can send to you.Or, if tou prefer to visit our office itīs to be a honnor
So , but if you do a counter-tops , tables , than you can use a Taupe (pic attached) Lapidus (pic attached) ,Giallo Renoir( pic attached) this kind of granite is amanzing.  
I send our price list enclose of granite slabs and tiles, first quality and commercial choice.....our first quality  granites we guarantee....and our commercial choice is slabs with same kind of spots and vains , but the materials are very good and we have a better price.
The price list is www.findstone.com/pl/965.htm, www.findstone.com/pl/966.htm & www.findstone.com/pl/967.htm
We are very interested on the possibilities of doing business with you,too.
I have certain we can do business together.
Depends of quantity we can give 5 % off  ,see, if you pay in advance we can give more 5% off, so ,total 10% off.
The freight price is around US$ 3,250 door-to-door per containner 20' , if you divide the freight price for the containner load your cost is around US$ 0,43 per sq/ft in tiles 12x12.
In slabs 3/4" thick US$ 0,97 per sq/ft
In slabs 1 /14 " thick US$ 1,43 per sq/ft
Tiles 18x18 US$ 0,48 per sq/ft.
The payment conditions must to be negotiable depends of quantity. images forwarded seperately.
Offer 7: we are manufacturer of Crystallized Glass Panel, a new type of manmade stone. Thickness from 12mm to 18mm. It has good quality than natural stone. Prices of it vary from us$50 to us$90 per SQM FOB Shantou.
Offer 6: we are an artistic company founded in 1930. We are dedicated to the artistic composition of a high quality and unique hand made applique realized in basalt lava rock. The basalt lava is the base in which colored stones from taormina and other parts of sicily are inlayed by hand. This newly design denominated efesto tauromenium has many fields of application:
a) table tops: dining tables,coffee tables,kitchen tables,night tables, tables for restaurants,hotels,bars, etc.
b)Kitchen counters: for modern or classical look.
c)Restorarion: they find practical aplication in the restoration of old buildings, modern residential complexes and businesses, where the newly added modification seems work of art rather than an a necessity.
The optimal position it is represented from the association in rooms,hall, etc, of tiles antislipping in etna basalt lava to emery with inlayed surfaces in basalt lava  as rose windows to the center of room, at four angle sides of the room,at corridors or as you decorate, realizing each other so in an only context, effect decorative unique+safety antislipping+quality.
In the environments with floor of this type you can be completed I furnish him with tables in lava stone that they are recalled to the motives sit on floor or in contrast with them: example on floor surfaces to geometric motives or to to pink of twenty while, on the table tops  you motivate floral in association of colors.
lava stone cm. 1,5 or 2 with degree of workmanship to  emery, cut to tiles of cm. 30x30 or 40x40 with opaque aspect but of strong consistence because it with stands to the peer of the granite, the stamping. Dominant  quality of this tile is also the ownership anti slipping in presence of water or liquid. Nice to  see, increases natural beauty if put in a context of tile opaque- tile in shiny lava stone, sets to chess in way from to make optcal game. For further informations please contact us.
Offer 5: Please find below the prices for your required granites tiles and slabs.  For random slabs - Size- 9' X 5' X 20mm- Delivery 15 days after purchase order. Price for Indian Granite for Main Port USA or Europe.
see my pricelist at www.findstone.com/pl/977.htm 
Offer 4: I am a representative for a Brazilian based company who wishes to sell Granite and materials for construction. We currently do business with a company in New Jersey and because granite is big in Brazil we have competitive rates.
Offer 3: I'd like to introduce the company I represent as quarrying and mining company and supplier of granite
in slabs and finished products.
Our facilities located in ES, become us own and operate the complete granite production process since stone mining till cutting, polishing and application, offering highest quality products and most competitive prices.
For the time being, there are two new brand quarries ready to supply soonest exclusive products. 
Our Images of some products are available at findstone price list www.findstone.com/pl/764.htm

offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please select the offer of your choice or put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone