e 6318 USA: Landscape: I want bird baths as displayed by supplier #19 in online stores. Need price list and freight charges to have items delivered to Muskegon, MI. March 5
Buyers response: Sorry to say that we are no longer interested in purchasing items, two major companies have decided to open up the type of business we were, which makes it impossible for us to compete. One will be opening next month.  The other opening soon, just down the street from us.
Please explain what CIF is.  The woman I know that does purchasing in China send that I need to be sure that the supplies shipped to me were FOB door to door , meaning the price given was total and I would recieve it to my business in Muskegon, MI .. Sorry for taking up so much time with questions, but I am in the stages of understanding how your website works. march 15, 2003
offer 4: See www.findstone.com/pl/1019.htm
Offer 3: We  will supply bird baths in different shapes like round, love shape, hexagon etc.
size: 16" dia  and depth 40 mm finishing: top side beading fine picked sides hand cut with rough dressing bottom cleaved
weight per Piece: 35 kilos
Material: Paradiso, Grey, Kuppam Green, Yellow
Price: USD 8/pc
About 600 pcs will go in a 20' container
Even CIF price will be  USD 13/pc
I am very interested in this offer, I was hoping about $8.00 at this quanitydelivered directly to my business in Muskegon MI.  As for not responding sooner, e-mail was not delivered through my computer for some reason.  Had to reset controls.  Would like pictures of products. March 14