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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 25271 USA: We are looking for 250 sq.ft. quality, small veined Calacatta Oro 12" X 12" tiles today, in Miami, Florida. Will travel within 100 mile radius to pick up if it's what I'm looking for. Must match existing. Ask for AL 786-39..... Will come ready to buy. July 31 Contact
e 25270: I am interested inquired 900 mts of travertine 60 x 30 x 2 cm. July 31 Contact
e 25269 India: We represent buyers from Qatar and Sudan who require large quantities of Agglomerated tiles in various colors and textures made of Granite and marble dusts. We shall high appreciate if you can mail us your catalogue as an attachment to your email reply and give us your best fob and C&F Doha (Qatar) & Khartoum (Port of Sudan )prices at your earliest. Phones: 0091-0124-43......July 31 Contact
e 25268 Syria: We hope our order is available from you: gang saw machine for cutting marble blocks.
Technical specifications:
* the machine medium size
*The maximum weight of the machine should be 25 to 30 ton
*Weight of block of marble not less than 20 ton
*The dimension of marble block at least 2000 x 2000 x 30000
*This machine consists of 50 or 60 blades
Pls. tell us all details and information of this machine its function and the price FOB CHINA seaport.
Kindly send photos by email for each part in the machine.
Tel: +963 11 24.....July 31 Contact
e 25267 Looking for flagstones as per pricelist 1005. Phone: 814.77..... July 31 Contact
e 25266: Looking for flagstones as per pricelist 1005. July 31 Contact
e 25265: I am wanting to know weather you have tiles if you do let me know the type you have and the sizes as well as the type of credit card you accept as payment. The tiles I need is the Absolute Black Granite with the 18x18 size. Advice me with the cost of it so i can also let you Know the quantity i need. July 30 Contact
e 25264: For one of our upcoming projects deals with the processing and cutting of high quality marble. In lieu we are conducting a pilot project with a relatively small consignment to begin with. Kindly, find bellow the relevant details and do let us know if you would be able to meet our requirements:
Crema Marfil
Thickness: 2 cm
Preferred: First Grade
400 Sq Meter
Minimum color variation
We project that in the near future we will be placing regular and sizable orders as we expand our enterprise. We seek to build relationships with our prospective suppliers and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. July 30 Contact
e 25263: Please quote for granite and marble slabs. July 30 Contact
e 25262 Singapore: I would like to know more about PEDRINI FULLY AUTOMATED POLISHING MACHINE. PLS SEND THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MACHINE AND PICTURES. Ph: +65-629.....July 30 Contact
e 25261: Please give model, specs. details and price of Pelegrini wire saw and/or other wire saws. I also need a DTH drill for 3 – 3.5 in holes. July 30 Contact
e 25260 USA: Needed is 5400 square feet of Granite Tiles 18x18 to 24x24 square inches. Tel: 310-56.....July 30 Contact
e 25259 India: Please see attachment of material required by us. please send us complete details. Phone : +91-141-51.....July 30 Contact
e 25258 UK: We have an interest in the two Komatsu D375A-2 units. Would you please send detailed photographs, full details, photographs and your best price please. Also please confirm the age of the units. Tel: +44 (0) 1603 2.....July 29 Contact
e 25257: I want to purchase some machinery for Cutting granite kitchen worktops. We are a bathroom showroom and want to sell granite kitchen worktops from the showroom. We will also offer a fitting service. I don't know alot about processing granite but want to invest a small amount in purchasing granite cutting machinery to initially do a few jobs. If there is demand for granite in the local region we will invest more money in advanced machinery.

At the moment we want portable machinery that can be used at the customers site to make straight cuts, We also want to cut sink inserts and polish the edges. The tools should produce good results therefore not willing to deal with totally inferior tools. What is the best tools you can provide for this kind of setup. If we need larger machinery we do have a workshop to accommodate this. July 29 Contact
e 25256 USA: retail: I want a granite slab for kitchen counter-top - cut, polished and finished. size - 4 feet x 2 feet and 1 inch thick for delivery in New York metro area, USA. Can u please give me a quote. July 29 Contact
e 25255:  I am interested in importing to Jordan the following items.
Portable profiling machinery and the necessary diamond tools to suit.
Diamond segments 35.000 monthly to suit 2,5 m dia blades on 40 hp machinery.
Portable diamond bench saws able to take slabs 1,5 m in length 30 mm thick with 2.3 kw motors. July 28 Contact
e 25254 USA: Retail: I am looking for 180 sq ft Madura Gold tiles 18x18. Preferably in NJ and NY states. July 28 Contact   
e 25253 South Africa: We are interested in quotations for granite tables and benches (similar to garden furniture, usually made out of wood). We would be interesting in purchasing a large amount. Tel.: 0027-21-97.....July 28 Contact   
e 25252: Interested in a waterjet machine. July 28 Contact   
e 25250 USA: We are a custom home builder. We just started a project that will require large quantities of natural stone. The materials that we are interested in buying for the project are Marbella stone (fossil shells, etc.) honed, in various sizes, approx. 7500 - 10000 sq. ft.
Travertine - Noce color. It could be either Italian, Turkish or even Mexican (We already have one supplier from Mexico that we have been working in the past, but will welcome others if They wish to bid this project). Turkish color would be Moca.
Approx. quantity is 15000 - 20000 sq. ft.
Versailles pattern majority of it, but will need smaller sizes for showers, splashes, rails, ropes, etc.
Please send Your pictures and pricing by e-mail. If the bidders have their already established suppliers in Phoenix area I can go and see it there.
Either way, it has to be approved by the customers. Telephone # 602-46..... July 28 Contact   
e 25249: I will like to purchase the Batlic brown slabs and tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 & 2cm and other new types available. I will like to know the price of each and will like to know the type of credit card you accept. right now i am in UK. Here is my UK number you can call and i will talk about it 004470240.....I need to know the kind of credit card you accept and after i order for the items, I will make the payment. July 28 Contact   
e 25248 USA: Need 1500 sf of antique granite cobblestone (approx 5x5x9-11") for immediate delivery to Ancram, NY for a parking court project. Telephone: 212-32..... July 28 Contact   
e 25247: Could you please mail me the details about katni marbles and its price? I need to buy it for my home. My requirement is 5000 sq ft. My contact number is 099034..... July 28 Contact   
e 25246 USA: retail: I am interested in purchasing about 40 Sq ft of granite-KASHMERE WHITE. Let me know what is the process of buying. I need to decide in a day or two. So your response at the earliest will be appreciated. I can pick up from the warehouse from Elizabeth NJ. July 28 Contact   
e 25245 India: We Request you to please quote rates of Marble Chips of White, Green, Yellow & Red Size 6-10mm. Please send the details. Phone: +91-265-24..... July 27 Contact   
e 25244 USA: Retail: I need two slabs of Copper Canyon Granite. Please let me know if their is a yard/yards that carry it in RI or MA. July 27 Contact   
e 25243 PAKISTAN: We are very much interested in Black Granite slab for Pakistan market. We are currently importing tiles and stone from China. Telephone: 009232244.....July 27 Contact  
e 25242 USA:  Looking for wissahickon schist, and antigue limestone, old bluestone slabs and cut offs and random pieces of dimension limestone and soapstone from anywhere in the US. Quantities are truckloads except soapstone and it is 5-8 begin with. Tel: 706 89..... July 27 Contact  
e 25241 Iran: Interested in Indian marble and granite. July 27 Contact  
e 25240: We are looking for the following equipment:
Cone crusher equipment such as (Symons size 4' 1/4 /Telesmith size 48") only, in good condition).
Cat Wheel Loader 966C, D, E.
Cat Grader 14G
Komatsu bulldozers 155,355,375D
Pls. send me a price list a long with pictures. July 26 Contact  
e 25239 Libya: We want to purchase GRANITE SLABS 2cm 3 cm. July 26 Contact  
e 25238 USA: retail: I am looking for 2-3 slabs of 3cm Blue Bahia or similar coloring (dark/sky blue) for a kitchen countertop. I need 75 sq feet total, and my fabricator says I need 2 slabs, with a third preferably 'on hold' in the event of a problem. My phone number is (248) 673-8522, or mobile (248) 43..... July 26 Contact  
e 25237 USA: retail: I am looking for approximate 5-10 tons of biotite gneiss at USD 500 per ton. tel: 585-40.....July 26 Contact  
e 25236 Canada: I want to buy some marble. Could you tell me the location or telephone number? Telephone: 416 61.....July 25 Contact  
e 25235 USA: I am a owner of a fabricating shop in FL (USA) and I would like to know prices for your granite, such as:
brown labrador, green butterfly, green peacock, new venezian gold, yellow santa cecilia. Telephone: 35267.....July 25 Contact 
e 25234 USA:  I need to find out about 3CM Apricot Yellow 16x24 pavers and the 3CM Arizona Red pavers.... wondering if they are in stock in Miami? I need 1755 sq feet of the apricot and 975 sq feet of the arizona red... and need it fast. My phone 612-36.....July 25 Contact 
e 25233 Italy: We are an Italian Firm of marbles and granites import-export. We received form North Europe costumer an order about this kind of materials. Please offer best price for following granites on basis FOB as well as CIF EUROPEAN PORT:
Please offer all granites for SLABS (2 cm thick) /M2 , TILES (30*60*2 cm/40*40*2 cm) /M2 and TILES (60*60*2 cm) /M2
1) Saudi Blanco
2) Saudi Porinoh
3) Royal Grey
4) New Rosa
5) Saudi Pink
6) Saudi Salmon
7) Royal Gold
8) Sweet Gold
9) Ancient Brown
10) Najran Brown
11) Silver Green
12) Spring Green
tel: +39 33510.....July 25 Contact 
e 25232 India: We are a company based in India from Ahmedabad dealing in the trading of Marble for the last 10 years. We are Importing Marble from China and Blocks from Egypt, Turkey and Italy. We shall be interested to source White Marble Blocks from Vietnam. Kindly advise the Best price for White Marble Block in ton. Both FOB and CIF price. Tel:+91-79-268..... July 25 Contact 
e 25231 Sri Lanka: We are one of leading Construction Company in Sri Lanka. Now we are going to start a mega construction work in abroad. Please inform us, the prices of 20 tons gantry crane and Mini batching plant 30m2/hr today.  July 25 Contact 
e 25230 India: I have a firm enquiry from overseas for 50 slabs of Black Galaxy Granite Minimum length 3.80 Metres, Minimum width 1.1 metres and 5 cms thickness. These are required Polished and finished moulding, etc. If the above is not available, can you supply Rough blocks of minimum 4.5 metres. The width and the thickness will remain the same as above. Mob: +91-93117.....July 25 Contact 
e 25229 Ireland: Could you please forward my information to the supplier of sandstone from India. Telephone: 051-3..... July 24 Contact 
e 25228 India: We required Makrana Marble. Please send the details. Mobile Phone : +9194610.....  July 24 Contact 
e 25227: Would you be so kind as to send me the contact details to the Spanish and Italian stone companies which sell the ceramic-marble tiles? We are interested only in the stone companies from Spain and Italy. July 24 Contact 
e 25226: We are one of leading granite and marble company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we have Gang Saw machine for granite cutting for which we need Steel Grit for cutting granites. So, could you please send you offer of quotation for
One pocket weight 25Kg.
Could you please give your clients details.
Ph: 00966 1 49.....July 24 Contact 
e 25225 UAE: We would like to inquire if you have the following under mentioned details:
1 unit Drill Wagon Manufacture Year: 2005 up Manufacturer: Atlas Copco or Tamrock.
10 units Brand New Caterpillar Pipeplayer D9.
We shall be obliged, If you can provide CIF price Dubai, complete specification details, photos, terms of payment in order to finalize this quotation on priority basis. Phone No. 00971-4-88.....July 24 Contact 
e 25224 USA: We are looking to install some new flooring in a room that:
- is a walkway through to the outdoor pool area
- is a room that is very cool in the winter
- has a fireplace which is used occasionally
- because of coolness in the winter the temperature varies considerably
- room is used as a small den having a small tv in it
- flooring would be butted up against a stone fireplace with oak wall units surrounding it – don’t want to rip up wall units to take out present carpeting so would just cut the carpeting up to the edge of the wall units and fireplace. When swimmers come in to use facilities they walk on scatter rugs so water is generally not a problem. is this product adviseable? July 24 Contact 
e 25223 USA: Retail: I am looking for prefab slabs of Colonial Gold (Ogee Bullnose), covering approximately 70sf of counter and backsplash.
I am in the LA area....please advise as to location, availability and price. tel: 310 70.....July 24 Contact 
e 25222 India: I want marble and granite engrave machine. i am searching for a machine that is useful to engrave letters and pictures in the length of 120 cm and 90 cm height with a quarter centimeter depth. Telephone: +9198958.....July 24 Contact 
e 25221 USA: retail: I am interested in Rosa Aurora White with pink marbling. Can you tell me if there is a dealer in the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area?  Telephone: 305-74.....July 24 Contact 
e 25220: Please send me more detail (spec) for waterjet cutter. July 23 Contact 
e 25219 lebanon: I need information about the price of tiles. I need a quantity for kitchen and bathroom and drawing room. Telephone: 0096189.....July 23 Contact 
e 25218 UAE: Interested in a chain saw cutting machine. July 23 Contact 
e 25217 UAE: I want to buy following machine. We are glad confirm you that we do have ready one fully reconditioned CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE FOR MARBLE AND STONE QUARRIES, model Korfmann ST 450 VH. Telephone: +9715030.....July 23 Contact 
e 25216: Can you quote the square meter price to AZUL VALVERDE limestone for 120 square meters? I attached our ground plan in pdf. There are 3 widths 150mm, 300mm, 450mm. Thickness should be 10mm. Can you send AZUL VALVERDE limestone pictures? I would also want to know transport price to Estonia, Tallinn. How long does it take to ship these stones to Estonia? My tel. No. Is +372556.....July 23 Contact 
e 25215 India: I want marble and granite engraving machine. Telephone: 98958.....July 23 Contact 
e 25214 Saudi Arabia: We are looking marble chips in different colors as well different sizes 2mm upto 12mm. Please send the details.
Tel: +966- 3-81..... July 23 Contact 
e 25213 Australia:  We would like to visit local stone and slate merchants to discuss business opportunities. We are a major importer to Australia is always looking for new suppliers, we already deal with South Africa, India, Indonesia, China, and are looking to buy from South America. PHONE: 61 08 835.....July 23 Contact 
e 25212 USA: I am interested in buying slabs of granite. We are interested in buying 4 containers a month, but first just one container for now. What is your price on 3cm:
Tan Brown/Chestnut Brown
Tropical Brown
Santa Cecilia
New Vinitian Gold
Verde Butterfly

Please let me know.
Telephone: +195229.....July 23 Contact 
e 25211 Nigeria: Could you please send your quotation or price list for this item?
- The item is Roses brand Ceramic plates with cover
- The sizes are various sizes.
- It is packed in carton (3 dozens per carton)
- Ceramic vase , roses brand , 5 dozens per carton
- The country of origin and supply of goods is United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
- The payment term is fob unit price Dubai.
- Do you have a discount structure for wholesale buyers?
Your kind response will enable me to place an order as I deal with imported goods. Phone: +234 01 26.....July 23 Contact 
e 25210: We need the price of black galaxy and steel grey granite slabs of thickness 20mm and 30mm of size 6ft x 2.5ft in length and breadth. July 22 Contact 
e 25209 USA: As a direct importer of natural stone, we provide homeowners, builders, and fabricators with the world's finest granite slabs and other stone products at remarkably low price. Our phone: (801) 48.....We do mostly Brazil and Indian slabs with few chinese colors. July 22 Contact 
e 25208 India: A concerned party looking for wood coloured (light) stone for the outside of a building. The size is 1m x 0.6m x 0.3m thick. The party is looking for 20 containers of the stone. Would it be possible for you to send me a catalogue or details of parties that might be able to provide the same. Telephone: 99971.....July 22 Contact 
e 25207 Australia: We are looking for 2 x Kobelco models either 7250 or CKE2500-2. Please advise what you have available. Ph: 61.3.935.....July 22 Contact 
e 25206 USA: retail: I am looking for some slabs of paonazzo marble. The slabs that we already have are primarily white with just a few grey & red veining. I would like a picture of the slabs that you have and what our cost would be. Tel: (843) 44.....July 22 Contact 
e 25205 USA: I need to locate a source for 500 s.f. of "Chinese Luna Pearl" granite tiles. Tiles must have a honed finish, and must be 18" x 18" in size. Thickness does not matter. Tiles need to ship to Michigan by August 31, 2008. We will place an order within 2-6 weeks. The architect needs to approve samples. Country of origin is China. Cell: 248-75.....July 21 Contact 
e 25204 India: We require 15000 sft kota stone in 24" x 24" size. Please quote the rate. Tel: 094229.....July 21 Contact 
e 25203 India: We need marbles. Please send the price and colour details. Tel: 98408..... July 21 Contact 
e 25202 India: I would like to know the product and price details of pebbles and chips. Telephone: 98955..... July 21 Contact 
e 25201 Venezuela: We are a wholesale company of marble, travertine, granite and other stones located in Venezuela. Phone number 005841413......We are looking for a supplier of travertine in Turkey. We are looking for 30x60 tiles vein cut in light travertine polished and saw cut. We will be in Turkey between August 10 and 20, visiting our different options. We are planning on buying several containers of this material (1200 m2 on monthly bases). Please send us prices and pictures of the materials you offer.  July 21 Contact
e 25200: Where can i buy Sri lankan granites. I want to know about these Sri Lankan Granite Price For Slabs & Blocks. If Your Price Is Best Then Other. I want 20FT Container Very 3 Month. Do You Ask about Indian Granite Sorry To Say That. We Have Supplier For That From Pass 5 Years. Send Me The Price Only For This Item With Sri Lankan FOB.
1- Green
2- Colonial Dream 1
3- Tuargen
4- White Lanke
This Price Are Very Urgent for us. July 20 Contact
e 25199 China: For one of our projects we are in need Plutonic rocks Granite that can meet the specification as described in the following.
The relevant reference are as follows:
Specification: 600 x 600 x 20mm
3. Quantity: 100,000m2
If the products are in your company’s range, please E-mail the pictures of your Granite in different colours to us in order for us to select.
We have a keen desire to build business relationships with you Tel: :+86-29-812.....July 20 Contact
e 25198 Iran: I am looking for a very good conditioned second hand Italian/German cutting & polishing machines for our mines in Iran. July 20 Contact
e 25197 India: I am in the process of buying natural stone for my house being built in Greater Noida, UP, India. Contact Tel No: +9198100.....
I have already padded the quantity by 10% of actual requirements. Please round to near slab or quantity units. I will provide you with steps, raise, and kitchen counter sizes later. I am willing to buy from Rajasthan, Jaipur, Delhi, or Noida.

Stone requirements:  

Stone Name

Qty in Sq. Feet


Size (in feet)

Teak Sandstone


Outside terrace

2 x 2 x 1/4

Albeeto(U) Makrana Marble


Inside floor

2 x 2 x 1/4

White Makrana Marble


Inside floor

2 x 2 x 1/4

L.Yellow Sandstone


Outside terrace

2 x 2 x 1/4

Dark Pink Makrana Marble


Outside main varandah

Single piece

Lotus Green Marble



Single piece each step

Jaislmer Yelllow Marble


Steps rise

Single piece each rise

Kashmir Gold Granite


Kitchen countertop

3 pieces

I have been looking for some time now & ready to make the purchase. If I get a good package terms, I can close pretty quickly. I need a final review by supplier of room drawings to validate quantities (I know these pretty much accurate at this time), quote including transportation charges, stone quality, pictures & samples to be sent to India & USA. All relevant details & stone specifications are to be put on formal quote. Provided quote remains valid for 30 days from date of issue. July 20 Contact

e 25196 USA: I am interested in buying a few sandstone blocks of this just to see how it carves. I’m a stone carver and have never carved sandstone before. Where are you located? I live in Louisville, KY. Do you arrange for shipping? July 19 Contact
e 25195: Please send me photo, size, weight and price of the chess set and oblige. July 19 Contact
e 25194 Kenya: I am interested in a machine which will be able to traverse straight and cut both vertically and horizontally at the same time to give a stone of between approximately 200mm by 200mm and a length of about 400mm. Kindly give me a presentation of what is available on these lines, the associated prices for a new machine and also for a used one if available. This will enable me to make an informed choice.
A diesel operated hydraulic machine with rotary cutters( Saw type) is preferred. my fax no.0254 0202......July 19 Contact
e 25193 USA:  I need to get more info on your granite. I see cheap prices. I am wanting to order very large order. please call me. Telephone: 1-1-501-51.....July 19 Contact
e 25192: Please send us your best prices for Indian granite 160 up x 250 up x 2 cm and for marble 160 up x 250 up x 2 & 3 cm, tiles.
Tel: +213 77 66.....July 19 Contact
e 25191 USA: retail: I am trying to find a supplier of ~ 3 slabs of red granite for a home in Marin County, CA. We have seen the shade and texture we like in stone called “Emerald Red” and similar stones. We need to get a single slab for an island, to avoid seams. Minimum dimensions for this piece: 76” X 110”. Other prices can be smaller, for regular countertops. T: (562) 62.....July 19 Contact
e 25190: We operate two companies here in Ireland, one which offers high volume low margin material directly to property developers and another which concentrates on high end material from a retail and architectural position. tel 003538725.....July 18 Contact
e 25189 Canada: I am an importer and distributor of Marble and Granite in Canada. I am interested in your product. Please e-mail me your details. tel: 905-61..... July 18 Contact
e 25188: I am interested to get a quote for granite slab from Brazil. July 18 Contact
e 25187 Mauritius: Could please send us your USD price list for the following:
1st grade premium quality, calibrated:
a) Marble tiles (polished, honed and brushed finish, sizes 16inchx16 inchx15mm or 400mmx400mmx15mm onwards) e.g: creme & beige colors
b) Travertine tiles (Honed & filled, polished & filled and brushed finish, size 16inchx16 inchx15mm or 400mmx400mmx15mm onwards)
c) Basalt Palisade (Natural Cleft, size 400mmx100mmx100mm)
d) Granite tiles (Polish finish, sizes 16inchx16 inchx15mm or 400mmx400mmx15mm onwards)
on a FOB USD basis for container load order. Please advise your port of shipment. A catalogue if available would be most useful. Please advise me your web site address if available. Mobile: +(230)42.....July 18 Contact
e 25186: Interested in Indian marble and granite. July 18 Contact
e 25185 CYPRUS: We need quotation for Granite tiles 30x60x2cm (skirting 8x60x2cm Champhered), Polished, Grade A, 800 SqM.
Price Range (USD 10-15), Pricing FOB Manufacturer Country Port. We are interested on gray colour granite. Also give us price list for the ones you mentioned. Do you have culture stone. Tel.00357994..... July 18 Contact
e 25184: I want to buy second hand caterpillar excavator 320b good condition. Please give me price & image.  July 17 Contact
e 25183 USA:  I need gialo veneziano granite tiles. I need one container about 6500 sq feet. Please call me at 52025..... I need in a month to be deliver. July 17 Contact
e 25182 We are looking for porcelain tile that has been discontinued. The name is Casablanca (verigated green) number GS-4004. Could you please let me know if you may have any still available or where else we could look. The color is green. I'm not sure if they're calling that Kalite on the box or Casablanca. The quantity I would need is 1200 sq. ft. We would like 18x18 or 20x20. July 17 Contact
e 25181: Retail: I will like to know if you do carry Counter Tops if yes then i am interested on this Model: 60 sq ft of Baltic Brown granite counter tops. Fabrication if you do have that type do get back to me with the Price range And also the type of Credit card you Accept. July 17 Contact
e 25180 Greece: I am interested in a large quantity of porphyry cubes 6/8.
Finishing: Natural finish all sides
Colors: Mixed
Sizes : 6/8
Quantity: 2000m2 (270 ton)
Payment: Bank transfer and cash for exceptional offers
My tel. number is 003069776.....
I want to buy from European Suppliers. July 16 Contact (representative of has spoken to this person)
e 25179 Nigeria: I would like you to give the list of all Marble products you are into, in order for me to make a quotation out of it. Tel: +234-1-747.....July 16 Contact
e 25178 Uganda: We deal in ceramic Tiles WALL TILES SIZE 60X30, 60X33, 33X25, 45X30. FLOOR TILES SIZE 60X60, 60X45, 45X45. BORDER SIZE 12X30, 10X30, 9X30. Aug 5, sanitary ware, and more. Please i ask you kindly to let us know the models you have and the price of each so that we can make our order very soon. Tel: 07536.....July 16 Contact
e 25177 Canada: Would you be kind enough and let me know if you may have dealerships or distributorships or companies representing you in Toronto or Ontario, Canada who we can inquire with about the various types of stones you may carry. July 16 Contact
e 25176 Egypt: Kindly send us your best prices to be $ / sq. meter (m2) only for :
1- Indian Polished Green Marble.
2- Indian Polished Absolute Black Granite
Prices : to be FOB and C&F Alexandria ( FCL ) and for First and second choice material in slabs. July 16 Contact
e 25175 USA: Retail: I am looking for a discontinued pool tile from 23 years ago. Aquatic AS-3. (Color=Root beer). Telephone: (631) 31.....July 15 Contact
e 25174 Australia: Would like to purchase limestone for a large project. Telephone: mob 04335.....July 15 Contact
e 25173 USA: Looking for 2 marble and granite slabs machine for export to Poland. Also blade saw. (718) 38....July 15 Contact
e 25172 USA: I will like to know if you carry ( 125x22MM) CONCRETE CUTTING DISC in stock for sale. I will like to know the unit cost per one and also your major methods of payment. July 14 Contact
e 25171 USA: I am interested in polished and honed Limestone flooring. Where is the best place to buy large quantities in Georgia and the panhandle of Florida? Tel: 404 38.....July 14 Contact
e 25170 Korea: We are a one of leading marble & granite importing/wholesale company based in Korea.
Phone # : 82-051-85.....
Mobile # : 82-010-373.....
Term : L/C at sight , CNF Busan, Korea price
Lemon / Cremo bello (according to displaying, they are also called Beige D1 as Tropical Cream / Beige D2 as Perlato Napoleon) from Turkey. We already have market and customer and only price and other terms are suits, we could place order immediately. We need slabs in random and cut-to size. Need random slab and cut-to size slabs.
Normally, they could put 350-400m2 for one 20f container. July 14 Contact
e 25169 Korea: We are a one of leading marble & granite importing/wholesale company based in Korea.
Phone # : 82-051-85.....
Mobile # : 82-010-373.....
Term : L/C at sight , CNF Busan, Korea price
Need Beige D1 / Beige D2 (according to displaying, they are also called Beige D1 as Tropical Cream / Beige D2 as Perlato Napoleon) from Indonesia. We already have market and customer and only price and other terms are suits, we could place order immediately. We need slabs in random and cut-to size. Need random slab and cut-to size slabs.
Normally, they could put 350-400m2 for one 20f container. July 14 Contact
e 25168 Korea: We are a one of leading marble & granite importing/wholesale company based in Korea.
Phone # : 82-051-85.....
Mobile # : 82-010-373.....
Term : L/C at sight , CNF Busan, Korea price
Need Capistrano / Jania Crema (Philippine origin). We already have market and customer and only price and other terms are suits, we could place order immediately. We need slabs in random and cut-to size. Need random slab and cut-to size slabs.
Normally, they could put 350-400m2 for one 20f container. July 14 Contact
e 25167 Korea: We are a one of leading marble & granite importing/wholesale company based in Korea.
Phone # : 82-051-85.....
Mobile # : 82-010-373.....
Term : L/C at sight , CNF Busan, Korea price
Need Black Galaxy / Green Burtterfly granite from Taiwan. We already have market and customer and only price and other terms are suits, we could place order immediately. We need slabs in random and cut-to size. Need random slab and cut-to size slabs.
Normally, they could put 350-400m2 for one 20f container. July 14 Contact
e 25166 Korea: We are a one of leading marble & granite importing/wholesale company based in Korea.
Phone # : 82-051-85.....
Mobile # : 82-010-373.....
Term : L/C at sight , CNF Busan, Korea price
Need Cockold Beige / Hellshire catsle Cream marble from Jamaica. We already have market and customer and only price and other terms are suits, we could place order immediately. We need slabs in random and cut-to size. Need random slab and cut-to as 80*150cm / 70*120cm.
Normally, they could put 350-400m2 for one 20f container. July 14 Contact
e 25165 Egypt: Please send us your price list of unexpanded perlite grad 0.8mm – 2.5mm our need 500 – 1000 ton per year, and unexpanded perlite grad 0.074mm – 0.6mm. Please give us your price F.O.B mersin / Turkey and C&F Alexandria – Egypt. July 13 Contact
e 25164 Bahrain: We have an Architecture & Engineering Office in Bahrain. We are looking to start a new division in our company that deals with different types of surfaces. In the beginning, we would to know the prices of all your granite and marble products in sq. m. in polished standard cuts including step and risers. Also shipping charges to Bahrain and the minimum shipping amount. mobile: 00973396.....July 13 Contact
e 25163: I will like you to help me with an order of (Hot Stone). I will like you to mail me back with the types and the price you have in stock. So that i will place my order and also get back to you with my master card account for the total charges. July 12 Contact
e 25162 China:  I am here to write to you for an enquiry for the 3cm slap of the UBATUBA and BUTTERFLY natural granite. Our actual quantity should be at least 1~2 full size container FOB China Fujian port. Would you please reply with the quotation price and shipping cost for each container FOB china Fujian port, as well as the shipping schedual of this month. Tel:(853)283.....July 12 Contact
e 25161 Yemen: We are installing high quality world specification cutting & polishing Granite and Marble plant in Yemen. Production in excess 500,000 SQM per annum. We are looking for reliable manufacturers on turnkey basis supply, install and train local staff. If interested we would be very happy to work with you. Mobile: 009677334.....July 11 Contact
e 25160 New Zealand: Do you make eagles out of sandstone or concrete? I can send you a picture. Telephone: 640357..... July 11 Contact
e 25159 Yemen: We are seeking for Brazil Blue marble as following:-
1-Bambu marble
2-Blue Aquamaina
3-Azul marble
4- Preto Ametista
We need the Marvel for slabs, stops and tiles, kindly please contact us for other details, which concerning the quantities. Regarding the size we need slabs size 220 up x 120 up x 2 cm.
Tiles size: 40 x 40 x 2 cm
30 x 60 x 2 cm
60 x 60 x 2 cm
Tel: 00967-1-2.....July 10 Contact
e 25158 Ireland: I am looking to buy 400 sq.meters of Moleanos Limestone Honed 40x40cm. I will need the 4 corners cut off to allow for a 10x10cm black stone insert, which I hope you can also supply. If you can arrange this and give me your very best price, I can pay and collect upon my inspection. Phone: 00353 86 60.....July 10 Contact
e 25157: I am interested in the Cat 14 G. July 10 Contact
e 25156 USA: Looking for a machine to cut capitals, column bases and balusters. Telephone: 40783.....July 10 Contact
e 25155: Looking for Jasper, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Howlite, Clear Quartz, River Pebbles, Agate. July 9 Contact
e 25154 Hungry: I have a stone gallery and builder products company in Hungary ! I Have interest you stone slab-tile products import for Hungary. I would be interested in Indian sandstone, granite, slate, Indian blue and brown limestone ( Kota ), etc. Have you Stone product info and fob price? Mobile: 00-36-30-4-9.....July 9 Contact
e 25153 UAE: Please quote for 1500 m2 of Calacata macchia oro. 20 mm thick slabs - Polished. July 9 Contact
e 25152 UAE: Please quote for 700 m2 of Portoro Extra 20 mm thick. Slabs Polished. Also please provide us with the delivery date to dubai from the date of order. Telephone: 0097467.....July 9 Contact
e 25151 Canada: We're a granite slabs' seller located at B.C Canada. We are looking for the price list for couple of granite slabs. See details below: Stone name Size: 
Black Galaxy 1.8m up x 2.7m up
Giallo Cecilia 1.8m up x 2.7m up
Giallo Oranmental 1.8m up x 2.7m up
Can we get them imported from Brazil? Also from your side, do you guys have any recommendation? We do concern about the price and quality.
If you can give me more detail information about the supplier and the purchasing procedure, maybe we can place an order ASAP. Phone No.:  778-85.....July 9 Contact
e 25150 USA: retail: We are looking for a bid for a kitchen project requiring approximately 105 square feet of Esmeralda Green Granite. We live in Somerville NJ. A mid to high 4-figure bid would be competitive for the complete job including installation. We are looking to begin templating immediately. July 9 Contact
e 25149 South Africa: I am urgently looking for Rosso Alecante Slabs. The size can be anything like 2meters x 1.2meters or close to it. I am looking for 90 square meters of 3cm and 30 square meters of 2cm. Please supply a quote for the slabs as well as for the shipping to Cape Town, South Africa. Cell: +278282.....July 9 Contact
e 25148 Turkey: We are a company in turkey, and we are looking for this granite: wiscont white, chida white, vyara gold, new vyara, imperial yellow, giallo veneziano, green surf, kashmir white, diamond white, columbo juprana, kashmir gold. Sizes: 40 x 40 x 3, 50 x 50 x3, 60 x 60 x 3, 40 x 80 x 3, 50 x100 x 3, 40 x free x3 , 50 x free x 3 , 30 x 60 x 3 OR 40 x 40 x 2.5 , 50 x 50 x 2.5 , 60 X 60 X 2.5 , 40 X 80 X 2.5 , 50 X 100 X 2.5 , 40 X free x 2.5 , 50 x free x 2.5 , 30 x 60 x 2.5. We need 9000 sqm of them for our project and we looking to find the best price. tel : 0090 312 28..... July 8 Contact
e 25147 Libya: We are a company from Libya want to buy a Brazilian granite slabs 2cm 3cm tiles. Want to know how to make orders that we are serious in negotiating and purchasing. And we want to be FOB price. July 8 Contact
e 25146 Azerbaijan: We are a company in Azerbaijan dealing with marble. My telephone:0099450 30......July 8 Contact
e 25144 Russia: We are a sub-contractor for marble in Moscow. We are the part of a group that Works with natural Stone in 6 countries. We have an inquiry for the following product. We have a short delivery period that is why we need to know the delivery time.
Stone: absolute black granite
Dimensions: 600X600X3
Quantity: 100 m2 or 350 m2 . July 7 Contact
e 25143 Switzerland: We are a company based in Switzerland and we are looking for the following information:
Price for each type of granite especially Nero Assonate, Nero Impala Dark, Polished Black Granite, Bengal Black, Steel Grey, in the following sizes, 40mm. 30mm and 20mm. If possible please could you provide me with a brochure including full price of purchase and export from Zimbabwe regulations. I would also like to know how often you can supply the Zimbabwean granite to Switzerland. Tel: +41(0)41 74.....July 7 Contact
e 25142 South Africa: I have have checked your prices and are interested in your 1st grade 3cm Rustenburg slabs. Please can you supply the following information: 1) Are these slabs dark, medium or light? 2) Do you supply sizes of 2700 up x 1300 up? We would like to start by purchasing +/- 400m2 monthly. Telephone: +278361.....July 7 Contact
e 25141 USA: I am searching for two large sculpture quality cutter blocks (1m x 1m x2m and 1m x 1m x1.5m). Size can vary or be contained in one block. Marble or granite, white with blue, green, or gray. Tel: 1-479-24..... July 7 Contact
e 25140: Looking for CONNECTICUT FIELDSTONE.  July 6 Contact
e 25139: We need Granite tiles & slabs in large quantities. Pls send us samples of all green marble you have. July 5 Contact
e 25138: Need a waterjet machine. Telephone: 078776.....July 5 Contact
e 25137 UAE: We are sourcing for 500 m2 of pebble stones ranging from 35mm to 200 mm in diameter. Kindly advise on the colours available and give us your CIF price in Dubai, UAE. July 4 Contact
e 25136 USA: I am interested in receiving samples of the Beaumaniere French Limestone. Tel: 210 - 82.....July 4 Contact
e 25135: We would like a quote and more info on purchasing 390 s/f of Jerusalem Gold Limestone 16x16. July 4 Contact
e 25134 Canada: I am looking for any exterior wall (or floor) installations of Kashmir White granite in any climate. Tel: 416-63......July 4 Contact
e 25132 India: Please quote price of mint fossil sandstone in 60x60, 60x90 in 25 to 35 mm. in hand cut. July 3 Contact
e 25131: I would like to contact the factory concerning Marble inlay work. July 3 Contact
e 25130 UK: We are particularly interested in Travertine tiles 305, 400, 600mm honed and filled and slabs also pale beige/white limestone tiles and slabs Moleanos or similar or any Indian pale /white limestone. Quantity depends upon price but up to a small container if the price is right say 500m tiles and /12 20mm slabs. July 3 Contact
e 25129: I am looking for granite known as Golden Lightning aka Verde Veccio in a leathered finish. It's a product typically of Greece, but made in Italy. July 3 Contact
e 25128 USA:  What supplier makes this particular honey onyx vessel pictured here in . I like this look and would like to know the dimensions of the vessel and shipping cost for purchasing two units, shipped to NY in the US. Telephone: 914-43.....July 2 Contact
e 25127: I want to know if you do have a Granite, and if you do have some kindly let me know the cost of 500 unit of the Black Galaxy 12"x12"x3/8 granite. Let me know the method of payment that you do accept. July 2 Contact
e 25126 SAUDI ARABIA: We need marble for buildings and hotels qtys: container load. Kindly let us know the details with quotation. Will you supply WIth SASO certificate? Fax: +966 2 64.....July 2 Contact
e 25125 UAE: We are currently looking for Cranes from 20 tons to 500 tons capacity for some of our clients in Middle East. If you can provide please send me the complete details with pictures and your best price FOB and CIF Dubai. July 2 Contact
e 25124 Russia: We are large Moscow factory specializing in marble. We are importing marble from Italy and Turkey, but we would like to import marble from Egypt as well. Would you be so kind to prepare us commercial suggestion and technical information of marble for all brand names you do have. Prices should be suggested for slabs per sqm on the base of FOB. July 2 Contact
e 25123: I am interested in buying a bulk of tiles (if the price is right) ranging from ceramic tile / leather tiles. Can you please provide pictures & prize range? July 1 Contact
e 25122: Do you know where I can get about 10 pieces of Bianco Romano 12 x 12 granite. We have our entrance, kitchen and foyer area done in this tiles and several have cracked. Tel: 201 43.....July 1 Contact
e 25121: Please give us your price list on your products, also cost and freight to Apapa, Lagos. July 1 Contact
e 25120 LEBANON: I NEED FROM YOU THE PRICES OF THASSOS MARBLE, FIRST CHOICE. THE DIMENSIONS ARE: 40X40X5 CM, 60X60X5 CM. The quantity that I need is around 4000sqm. MOBILE: 00961 3 6.....July 1 Contact
e 25119: We are looking genuine supplier who can provide us monthly slabs and tiles in "Black Granite", "Ziarat white", "Sunney white + grey". Moreover I am interested for yellowish sandstone blocks. Please tell details regarding quality, sizes and prices for these materials. And if you have I would like to get analysis, physical and technical. July 1 Contact
e 25118 USA: I would like a sample of "Peace White" marble from Taiwan. Do you do this? Is there a supplier in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, USA? Telephone: 917-23.....  July 1 Contact
e 25117 USA: How much are your sinks from China? P: 386-23.....July 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.