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Beauty through Imagination

The surface pattern of granite is either granular (crystals) or wavy.


crystals (fine grain or big crystals) give an automatic sense of continuity. It give an appearance of a seamless surface when properly sorted by shades and grain. This feeling can be enhanced by matching floors, walls and shelves. Small spaces look bigger.

Fine granites can also have veins.


Lines : These give an effect of a floating river or waterfall. An artistic effect can be achieved. It is like a personal work of art whereby each piece is unique. Laying and seeing before fixing gives the most satisfying results.

Matching of waves is not possible. So best results are obtained either by 1'x 1' tiles or large slabs. In tiles, the pattern change becomes so frequent that the overall impact is dramatic. In large slabs, the eye sees a continuous pattern over a larger area and this looks nice.

If you are buying matching tiles and slabs, ensure that they are sourced from the same quarry, else they can never match (even in black granite).

Layouts can be planned with different shades/textures of the same colour but this should be done professionally for an attractive effect.

If the layout is in a simple grid format, then bigger sizes look more beautiful as the number of joints are reduced and also a more continuous pattern can be seen. If the layout uses different sizes, then smaller sizes look better as the layout itself is part of the beauty.


Free lengths : i.e. lengths varying randomly while width is constant are also very attractive. choose the widths as per the expected floor area. Buy random lengths and cut at your site to fit.

Do not mix marble & granite on a floor as there will be a problem at the time of re-polishing in the future.

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