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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                                                June 30, 2001

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      May Buy Inquiries                                                              May Project Inquiries



e 1643 UAE: I want slabs of Yellow Nigris marble from Portugal. June 28 contact


e 1642 Canada: We are looking for 16''x16'' tiles 25000 sft . We are  a Toronto-based company. June 28 contact


e1641 USA: We are interested in purchasing BLOCKS, SLABS, OR CUT-TO-SIZE MARBLE FROM PAKISTAN - MOCHA GOLD . June 27 contact


e 1640 Kuwait: We have an enquiry for:





June 26 contact


e 1639 China: We are very interested in Iran travertine and marble 2 cm  polished and unpolished slabs. Give  f.o.b price and the size of the slabs. June 26 contact


e 1638 USA: I am interested in importing Marble, Limestone and Granite to United States and South America. June 25 contact


e 1629 Germany: Interested in material called Vanga in tiles flamed finish. Qty. 30 x 30 x 5 cm: 335 m2
Bodenplatten, geflammt tiles, flamed       

30 x 20 x 5 cm    25 m2

30 x 10 x 5 cm    25 m2. June 20 contact


e 1626 New Zealand: Our  company  is  looking  for  a  supplier  in  India  that  can  supply  large  quantities  of  river  borne  smooth  or  tumbled  pebbles. Pebbles must  be  reasonably  flat,. smooth, and  approximately  8 - 20 mm  thick. The  main  colour  that  we  are  looking  for  is  black  but  we  will  consider  any  stone  that  meets  the  above  criteria  that  you  can  source . I  would  appreciate  it  if  you  could  supply  a  price  list  for  the  above  expressed  in  USD. June 19 contact


e 1625 China: We do like the Black Zimbabwe Granite blocks in size import to Taienjin or Xiamen port, China. Would you please give your FOB OR CIF price, minimum order, payment terms & delivery time? June 18 contact


e 1623 USA: We are looking for white marbles close to the colour and texture of Carrara. June 18 contact


e 1622 USA: I am interested in finding suppliers of Monument Blanks in Canada and US. June 17 contact


e 1619 USA: I'm product consultant for a specifier company in Los Angeles who  wants quarries or supplier of 2 cm thick slabs of:




June 15 contact


e 1618 Slovakia: I want to buy stone called Shivakashi. June 15 contact


e 1617 UAE: We are searching for the sources and quarry owners of the Yellow Leopard granite, for our use in a project. June 14 contact


e 1616 USA: I am seeking for a project in USA the following granites (flamed and honed polish) for paving purposes:

Jinan Black (China)

Imperial Mahogany (Sweden)

Stoney Pink (Brazil)

Qi Lu Hong (China)

June 13 contact


e 1610 UAE: What is the price F.O.R Dubai for black granite blocks. June 11 contact


e 1605 USA: I am looking to buy blue green quartzite from brazil 12x12 size 700 sq. mt. June 7 contact


e 1603 USA: We are a monument company located in Rhode Island in the U.S.  We are trying to find a granite company that can cut, sandblast, and ship plaques to the United States.  The plaques are 3/8 of an inch thick.  We need a 12 inch X 18 inch rectangle, an 8 inch X 10 inch rectangle, and a 12 inch X 18 inch oval shape.  The colors that we need are gray, mahogany, and black.  We need to have 6 inch numbers and 3 inch letters sandblasted on the 12 X 18 sizes, and just 6 inch numbers sandblasted on the 8 X 10 size.  We would be ordering these plaques in mass quantity. June 6 contact


e 1600 Malaysia: Kindly quote CIF Port Klang Malaysia for the following: -

A) Indonesia Marble Polished Finished

    1) 600 x 600 x 30mm thk  - USD______ / sf

    2) 300 x 300 x 20mm thk - USD ______/ sf

    3) Random Slab - 20mm thk - USD ________/ sf

B) Botticino Marble Polished Finished

    1) Random Slab - 20mm thk - USD ________ /sf. June 5 contact


e 1593 Italy: We are interested in eventual purchase of 10-30 cm. diam. approx. rough blocks of "New Ubatuba" or "Ubatuba" granite to crush in our plant for our agglomerate slabs. The ideal dimension would be 10,24 mm and the monthly quantity approx. 10 tons. Please also let us have best prices for container loads basis FOB port Brazil and basis C+F Naples (Italy) port. June 4 contact


e 1590 USA: Will the top miners/producers of Italian marble in Verona area and also the top marble producers in India pleae contact me? June 3 contact


e 1585 Cyprus: We are interested to buy about 2000 M2 Schist of Karystos. Size 300x600 or 300, 250, 200,150 x free length. June 2 contact


For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                           www.findstone.com