ADVICE WANTED! June 30, 2002


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A 2101: I am working in business consulting firm in Armenia and our client wants to enter a USA market with green granite and beige travertine tiles and slabs of different sizes. So would you refer me to reliable market research regarding the U.S. market for residential and commercial dimensional stone products? The information I seek would ideally include a well developed discussion of: market size, growth rates, and forecasts by product (ie.; granite, marble, slate, etc.); market dynamics; market trends; competitive products; new products; as well as the competition and major players in the industry, sales prices per square foot or pound? If yes please provide me with it. Or do you know of a source for the information I seek? If yes please inform me about it. Madlena, Armenia, June 21, Reply
A 2036: I am an MBA student and I am doing my project in marketing. So I have selected granite industry, and my topic is consumer preferences for granite products. Could you please tell me some relevent information and which sites to check. Thank you, Shilpa, June 9. Reply
A 1972: I am business holder of Granite and Marble in India, I am thinking of doing import and export business so please if you can answer me these questions. 
1. in what areas granite is popular here in USA? 
2. what colours (Indian) are popular in USA?
3. what are the main applications of granite? for example like kitchen counter, furniture tops, sink counter... and what's the scope of granite tiles here?
4. Finally the Price of Granite. May 27, Kavita, India, Reply
A 1914: I am interested in the Austrian, US and Russian natural stone market prices for the period 2000-2002 for the following fixed sized stones (red and mosaic marbles, light-beige travertine, dark-green granite). Would you please, help me to find that information. Thank you. Lilit, May 16, Reply 
A 1749: We are interested in importing Indian stones, especially Granite /  Marble / Slate but we are not knowing the most used stone in the USA since we are so far new to this business. 
I would appreciate if someone gets back to me with the most popular/exported stones from India to the USA so that can find out the similar scope from my side and we shall be ready for business soon after. Sanjay, USA, April 22. Reply
R1: Dear Sanjay, your query is not specific enough. The US market is huge and all kind of stones are being exported from India. Granite, Marble, Slate, Sand Stone ,Lime Stone, Quartzite , Landscaping stone etc.Harsha. India
A 1743: Would you be able to help me to find world market natural stone prices for 2000-2002. I am interested in granite, marble, basalt, tuff and travertine. Lilit, April 21. Reply
R1: We can help with South African granites,- tiles as well as slabs and blocks from our own quarry. Thomas, South Africa.
A 1665: I am looking for information about nature stone and its market for my research. Would you please send me the following information:
1) the import value of nature stone (granite, basalt, marble and sandstone) of Europe in recent years (three years: 1999, 2000, 2001)
2) the export value of nature stone of China in three years (1999, 2000, 2001) 
3) the export value of nature stone of Vietnam in three years (1999, 2000, 2001)
Thank you your help in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Chau,Hochiminh city, April 7. Reply 
A 1662: We have a house in Jefferson, Texas that is approximately 80 years that we
are tearing down. We would like to sell the natural rocks. Any suggestions? Please advise. Thank you. Sharon, April 6. Reply 
R1: Give me a call on my email and maybe we can make something happen. I have a stone yard that sells recycled stone in N.M. Mark, USA. 
A 1632: My main purpose is to develop and promote business relations and investments between Spain and the United States. 
Therefore, I would really appreciate your informing us where we could get information about the natural stone market in the USA, because I have not been able to find it. Specifically I need the following: 
-Information about the national market and production of natural stone, specially marble and granite. 
-Main markets in the USA for those products
-Geographical areas in the US.
-Information about prices.
Thanks, Rubio, April 1. Reply
A 1613: We have a farm in northwest NJ with a lot of hedgerow fieldstones; and stones with moss and boulders which we understand are more valuable. Are there any published pricelists that we could refer to in our negotiations with wholesalers who have offered to harvest the stone? What are good resources for identifying the type and value of the stone we have? Tom, USA, March 28, Reply
A 1609: I have been given to understand that the Indian government has issued new guidelines for import of marbles into India in the current EXIM Policy. Dharam, India. Reply 
R1: The government has issued following guidelines: 
The importer has manufacturing / processing units and has imported marbles before under SIL. 
4/5 star hotels on merit.
Places of worship / trusts of international repute on merits.
Imports are subject to price cealing:
For crude / roughly trimmed marbles - USD.300 CIF / Per.M.T
For rough marble blocks - USD.300 CIF /Per.M.T
For slabs - USD.450 CIF / P.M.T
Note: Applications for licenses would be considered on merits based on above eligibility based on recommendations from related administrative ministries. There is also a quantity cealing for some importers. All licenses are issued on Actual user condition.
The government is also working out some other norms. More information can be given only on specific request from actual importers. I will be coming up with guidelines on other areas like Indian Customs Law related to stone trade, Industrial Policy statements for setting up manufacturing / processing units by overseas companies etc. I hope this serves your  immediate purpose. With best regards, DHARMARAJAN, India 
A 1576: We are a farm with the intendance of planting nursery stock. But first, we will be excavating some areas of sand stone. We feel this stone could be sold in the constriction Industry, also in the landscape industry. For siding, walls walk way.. etc. The stone can be pick by hand from a top the ground and stacked to pallets. There are some out crops of stone, along the hill sides. We need to know everything, so please send us any and all information from testing to marketing to equipment. Any help that you could give or send or direct us to, would be great. As we just bought the farm the stone came with it. We have been told that we have several 100, thousand ton of this stone. Thank you, Shawn. March 21. Reply
R2: Shawn. The first thing you need to do is hire an expert quarryman to come in and evaluate your site, and the stone. Surface collecting is one thing, but quarrying ledges from hill sides is quite another, and can be a very costly venture. Make sure the stone is worth quarrying, and make sure that there is a market for it. Good luck, JVC, USA,  
R1: To start with you need to invest some money in determining the basic physical properties of the stone so you can work out what it can be used for and its value as a deposit. Basic properties such as water absorption, bulk density, compressive strength, modulus of rupture (bending strength) and durability are a good place to start. Of course you will also need to find out if anyone will buy it - get some small slabs cut and find out if people like the colour and general appearance. The stone industry is a fashion industry as well so some stone can be popular one day and out of favour the next. If you are in the Australasian region I am able to assist you with these points, please contact me through this site. Jim, Australia, Reply
A 1543: I found an exceptional source for Muskoka Granite - large chunks of stone in the 2-8 ton sizes - the quarry cannot easily process this material into road granular - and opt for the smaller tailings after dynamiting. 
My question is there a market for Muskoka Granite - I have used this product for numerous landscape applications and often draw this material to my yard and used wedges / feathers to make steps for clients. Colours are: deep black with a fleck - dark red - flat black - have pictures shapes are: angular chunks dynamited from the bank - sometime contain invisible hairline cracks. Ian, March 15. Reply
A 1521: I want whole information about Australia stone market. Meenakshi. March 12. Reply
R1: I can help you with this - What information do you need? Harry, Australia, Reply
A 1463: Would you be able to refer me to reliable market research regarding the U.S. market for residential and commercial marble (especially New England)? The information I seek would ideally include a well developed discussion of: market size, growth rates, and forecasts; market dynamics; market trends; competitive products; new products; etc. I am looking to extend my market into the US. Do you know of a source for the information I seek? Thank you kindly for considering my request! Erin, Feb 21. Reply. 
A 1417: Hi Kelly, I am trying to find average granite and marble prices for the period 1980-2000. Is there any way you can share this data with me? Kara, Feb 7. Reply
A 1412: We have a beautiful Blond Sandstone, very hard and it is in various thickness. The thickness ranges from 1 " to 6" and is smooth on both sides. This stone can be excavated out in sheets ranging in different width and length. I need your help in finding a market for this unusual stone. I would be glad to pay you for your services if you are successful in finding buyers. Laurel, Feb 7. Reply
R2: Dear Laurel, You might well have a beautiful sandstone that could be very marketable
domestically as well as internationally. However, it would help you to know exactly what it is so that the market can be properly targeted. Get a stone scientist to do some tests for you starting with a petrographic analysis and some strength tests (e.g. flexural strength, modulus of rupture, susceptibility to abrasion, absorption, etc.). This will tell you what the
stone CAN and CAN'T be used for and your marketing will be a lot easier. (Dr. Hans), Australia 
R1: What part of the country are you in, and have you ever quarried stone before. I may be able to help. We are a stone company in East Tennessee, the stone you mentioned sounds very much like our Crab Orchard Flagstone. Randy, USA, Reply
A 1403: We have a U.S. post office built in 1920. It is approximately 15,000 sq ft, with marble slabs in the public areas. It also has 7 carved limestone columns which are 30 feet high. Prior to tearing it down, we wondered if there is a market for the columns? If so, who would we contact? David, Feb 6. Contact
R1: David. Depending on your location, I'm sure you can find a buyer for your columns. Check your phone book for a business dealing in architectural antiques, or ask findstone. Good luck, JVC, USA, Reply
A 1391: I have 6 nos. 1"x18"x8' countertops w/sink and faucet cut outs and black flush mount acid resistant sinks I have 2 nos. 1"x18"x7' countertops w/sink and faucet cut outs and black flush mount acid resistant sinks I have 2 nos. 1"x18"x5' side countertops. I have 1" x 4" back splashes (lengths are same as all the countertops and side tops. They are from a school that was built in 1964 they need very little honing and cleaning. They are located in Bangor Maine and I am asking $9,000.00 for the whole lot. Jan 31. Reply
R2: Best of British!! Drop one of the zeros and you might have some luck. Hans, Australia Reply
R1: Good luck, Pal! Let me know if you find any takers! Ciao, Maurizio, USA Reply
A 1343: I am representing a Mining Co. in Turkey, and we would like to set a company base and a ware house to import Granite (from all over the world but processed in Turkey) and Limestone, marble from Turkey in polished slabs. Therefore we need to see the if there is a space in the market in UK, as this will be a heavy investment. I need Granite, Marble, Limestone Industry and I need statistics of import and export figures and any other figures such as prices etc. related to this subject. Can you please advise me where I can such information about whole industry. Best regards Kemal. Jan 17. Reply 
A 1305: Would you be able to refer me to reliable market research regarding the U.S. market for residential and commercial dimensional stone products? The information I seek would ideally include a well developed discussion of: market size, growth rates, and forecasts by product (ie.; granite, marble, slate, etc.); market dynamics; market trends; competitive products; new products; etc. I am considering the purchase of a well-established Texas-based dimensional stone fabrication business. Do you know of a source for the information I seek? Thank you kindly for considering my request! Al, USA, Jan 7, Reply
R1: We can provide you a very comprehensive report. The charges of the same will depend on the scope of study and presentation of the same. We would also appreciate if you can tell us why you need the report so that the objective is very clear. We have an associate concern which works on such assignments. Regards Arun, India Reply
A 1324: I want to enter into Indian market for our diamond segments products and gangsaw segments, wire saw. However, I do not know what is lifetime requirement in India. Can anyone tell me for example one set 2000mm blade used segments when cutting hard granite, how many sqm it can do? Lee, Jan 15. Reply
R1: There is a very good market for diamond segments. Both new and old. One of our sister concerns is manufacturing Cobalt Metal Powder and marketing industrial diamonds to the segment manufacturers in India. We are actively looking for a marketing tie-up with a segment manufacturer to complete the range of products which caters to the stone industry. We would highly appreciate if you can send more details. Regards, Arun, India, Reply
A 1325: We have 3 slabs of 1" thick, 4' x 4' gray white Italian marble from 210 Bush Street's remodeling (in San Francisco) from years ago. As we are remodeling our house now, we would like to dispose of these 3 slabs -- can you suggest or direct us somewhere we could sell these to?? They are too beautiful to just dump. thank you, Carole, Jan 15. Reply
R1: Dear Carole: Have the Yellow Pages come to the rescue! Look into the section "Marble Natural". There you'll find all the stone fabricators in your neck of the woods. Make a round of phone calls, and ... good luck! Ciao, Maurizio, USA Reply
A 1334: We have bought a farm with the instance of planting nursery stock. We will be excavating some areas of sandstone. We feel this stone could be sold in the construction industry, also in the landscape industry. For siding, walls walk way.. etc. The stone can be pick by hand from a top the ground and stacked to pallets. There are some out crops. along the hill sides. Please send us any and all information from testing to marketing to equipment. Any help that you could give or send or direct us to, would be great. As we just bought the farm the stone came with it. Thank you, Shawn, Jan 16, Reply
A 1280: As I want to start a small business as retailer of marble floors, I like to give future customers advise about maintenance. Can you give me advise and do you have products for it and are they for sale in Europe (Belgium) I am interested to deal your products. Marc, Belgium, Dec 23. Reply
R1: Dear Marc: I will answer here your question about why you see so many "granites" (or whatever they actually are) and so little marble in showrooms. In one word: MAINTENANCE. Calcite-based stones (marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, etc.) are very sensitive to pH active substances, mostly acidic. Silicate rocks are much tougher guys from that point of view. As far as your request for information and products for maintenance of natural stone is concerned, you may want to consider contacting me directly. I'll be glad to assist you. Ciao and good luck, Maurizio, USA Reply.
A 1274: Hello, Can you tell me some general info regarding shipping slabs of marble / granite to the US using either 20' or 40' containers? That is, how many are typically shipped for 2cm slabs? how many for 3cm slabs? How are they packaged for unloading? Thank you. I'm establishing a warehouse and this information will help with the logistics. Dec 21. Reply
A 1270: As I was in India as tourist, I saw nice smooth white marble in some hotels and the apartment of my sister in Delhi ,also in Udaipur. Is it of good quality and can you combine it with green marble of Rajasthan. What is the nicest type of green marble and is it only nice glossy polished or also matt? I like the white matt and the green polished glossy. So do you have seen the green matt and is it nice? Is there a market for this types of marble? I am living in Belgium and want to start a small retail business. Do I have a chance if I can sell for a very good price, but with limited choice? Greetings Marc. Dec 18. Reply
R1: Marc, There are many things you should do before you decide to sell stone. 
1st) learn some basic petrography. 
2nd) Learn about installing stone products. 
3rd) Learn about care and maintenance of natural stone. Whether you get a matte white or polished green, both products need very special care in order to look as good as you envision. Further there are many different colors of white and two types of green marble. Serpentine and Ophicalcite. Start there. Good Luck Steven, USA Reply
A 1240: Marble is a new business for us; we started less than a year ago, when we acquired a very unusual black marble mine with ammonite fossils. As far as we have seen there are no other marble mines with ammonite fossils, this makes it very unique and exotic marble. 
From what we have learned, we would need to extract a large amount to classify and have for display, for this we do not have the funds. From our estimates we would need approx. 1 million dollars to buy all the equipment necessary. We are seeking a partner and / or venture capital. 
In order for us to acquire financing we need to put in a business proposal details about the potential market, this information we do not have. Perhaps you can help us establish exactly what the market potential for this marble really is, so we can complete a business proposal and seek financing. We need to know what the marker price for this marble really is and what does it really take to sell it to the high-end marble market. Sincerely, Joe. Dec 5.

Id 1012 USA: I have about 1000 tons of Silverdale Ashlar limestone...specially quarried and cut by hand in Kansas. It has a beautiful facing and handworked corners. It has had a lot of the weight removed from the backs of the blocks and took 3 years to cut and quarry in the 1950's. Can you tell me anything about it and what it may be worth? All of the stone can be layed at about 55-60 sq. ft. per ton. Darren, USA, Oct 3, Contact


A 1091: Please email me relevant information, including your newsletter. I am most interested in learning about the granite wholesalers and buyers in the United States and the total domestic market for polished granite in all its applications (residential, commercial, etc.). Thank you, Wael, USA, Sept 6, Reply


A 1080: Sales: Hi, I am a quarry owner, from South of Ireland with a large supply of sandstone of a tan brown/gray color. I started to get into the natural stone business just over two years ago. At the moment I am just selling in bulk, which is used locally for various construction purposes like, walls, facing buildings etc, and I have cut small amounts by request for a small number of people who wanted to obtain the old Irish traditional look, for various internal features, like fireplaces etc. I would love to develop this business further, and offer it to a wider range of people in other places around the world as I think its a beautiful natural resource. But don't know how to go about marketing it, or shipping it to other countries. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, Conor, Ireland, August 30. Reply



A 1065: Sales: I have been training for the last 6 months in the stone business. All of it has been in the stone yard. My superiors feel that they should not be leaving the stone center on me because I do not have expertise in price quoting, lack the office training that I need to act in their absence, and handle day-to-day operations. I have been offered another position, with a cut in my emoluments and will be expected to perform the job duties I am performing now with the rest of the yard personnel when sales are slow, as they are now and will continue to be till September. Where can I look for work in the stone industry? Are there trade magazines where I can find employment opportunities? Where can I look? I don't want to leave this business. I have worked open to close and beyond for the last six months and I am knowledgeable, but I still have a lot to learn. I am an excellent salesman with all the right qualities to significantly increase sales for an established company. I really did not want to get back into sales, but I am most comfortable selling. I am enthusiastic about my products and I enjoy the people contact. My plan was to go into management so that I could one day open my own stone center. Is there good money to be made as a sales rep.? What areas would you recommend I look for the best employment opportunities? I am not married, nor do I have dependents. I could move anywhere. I am from Rockville, Maryland area originally. I would like to stay in the Atlanta area for now, but I will go where the best opportunities are.  If you know of any publications, websites, trade magazines, etc., I can contact, I would really appreciate. Sincerely, Dan, USA, August 8. Reply


 A 1043: Business: I have intention to start a business in stone in Saudi Arabia. I am interested in slate, sandstone, limestone, travertine. I will open large showroom contains most if not all of the said above. I need your comment concerning this kind of business, best regards, Saleh, Saudi Arabia, July 20. Reply 

R1: Dear Mr.Saleh, Many thanks for your message so, we are also interested in stone selling subject. If you would like to open a showroom in Saudi Arabia,it is hoped that can be contacted between us for required information.
Could you tell us wich kind of stones are looked for over there that is able to supplied by us. Also, every kind of technical datum exchange is available. Best Regards, Ismail,

A 1041: I am an interior design student looking for brochures and free or inexpensive samples of any kind of stone used in homes and buildings, particularly those used in the interior. I am most interested in stone natural to North America, but would also like information on stone from other parts of the world.  I also need information about stone products and uses.  Any suggestions about how to obtain this information will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Monica, USA, July 20. Reply

R1: Dear Monica, I also started with natural stones by sampling any kind of stones. I visited the nearest natural stone - masonry companies (searched in yellow pages) and I asked them for some pieces of stones.
They were usually willing to give me and name free small samples from stone waste - cuttings or free small samples made for customers. Maybe they will give you some old catalogs. Daniel, Slovakia,

A 1031: Hello! My partner and I would be very interested in getting our own company up and running. Selling Granite Slabs to perspective customers is something that we feel is a hot commodity right now. Where can I look to find out the quality of one granite slab versus another? As well in that arena, the competition and major players in the industry? Sales prices per square foot or pound? Any and all education is welcome as our expertise lie in Computer Software / Hardware. Douglas, USA, July 11. Reply

R3: Dear Kenny: We are a Brazilian based trading company focused mainly in exporting Brazilian "wood products" and also provides procurement (supply chain) and logistical (internal logistics as well at Shipping international logistic) service . 
We have been benchmarking the Granite trade for the last 2 years or so and feel that the moment to and enter this market is very close. I agree 100% with your statement "The key to making the transition is relying on the "experts" to guide you and help you get your foot in the door" . We are planning in being in Orlando in May and would be interested in finding local partners / consultants in order to put in place a correct strategy for this particular venture as well as technical support. Waiting for you comments. Warm regards, Roberto, Brazil,

I have an import company based in southern California and can supply you any of the sample materials you desire free of charge (except for the shipping cost). Where are you located? As far as Maurizio Said "the expert panelist" It really felt like he was trying to discourage you. I know of 4 companies that have recently switched 
from computers and components to importing stone. I am consulting for 2 of those companies right now. For reasons beyond my comprehension the aforementioned companies are all Chinese companies! The key to making the transition is relying on the "experts" to guide you and help you get your foot in the door. I am available on a consultancy basis. Kenny, USA, Reply

R1: Dear Douglas and partner: Only in America!! It may look like a hot commodity right now, and it is. But it's jungle out there! To find out the quality of one granite slab versus another?  You see, you're starting with the wrong foot right here!  Nobody cares, not even the recognized authorities of the stone industry, so why should you!  Besides, you'd be on your own on this one: like I said before, the official stone industry organizations never came up with any official grading (such as, for example, about lumber), nor will they ever, unless a higher authority (i.e., the federal government) forces them to. Some say I am stone expert (and I like to believe that!) and I don't deal with slabs. I deal with the people at the very end of the chain, that is those who ultimately pay the bills of us all: The final users of stone products. Who just so happen to be the victims of all this politically correct unregulated situation, and the consequent ignorance deriving from it. Now, trust me on this, you do NOT want to know how they feel! Do you want a good, free advice from an alleged stone expert? Stick to computers! (Or go into lumber. It's a a hot commodity, too! At least the trade is regulated) Good luck, Maurizio, USA Contact

A 1026: We are a UK stone supplier and would like any market information you have on products such as flooring, fireplaces, vanity units, shower trays, cladding, paving, landscaping, building work etc.  We supply limestone and sandstone products. UK. June 28 reply 

A 1023: My family had a pre-civil war house that burned last year.  The chimneys have huge granite pieces that date back to that period of time.  Someone has approached us to buy them and I do not know where to start in pricing them. Any suggestions? Deborah, USA. June 27 reply


A 1021: I own a granite quarry in South America and I am interested in starting selling granite slabs in large quantities in the US (Boston Area) to the wholesale market and big construction companies.  Would like some guidance on local market prices, customers, and local import regulations and fees? Rick, USA. June 25 reply 

A 1009: I am looking for reputed market research firms who would guide me in setting up a venture for supplying marble/granite and other stones to the USA. I require a detailed and exhaustive analysis based on field research of major growth areas of the US as well as major importers/distributors located in the US. Mehta, India. June 15 reply

R1: I am market research firm who would like to guide you in setting up a venture for supplying marble/granite and other stones to the USA. I can supply a detailed analysis based on field research of major growth areas of
the US as well as major importers/distributors located in the US. Micheal, USA, Reply

A 1048: I am a salesman for a building supply store in Eastern Washington. One of our specialties is masonry.  However, we do not carry slate in stock. If at all possible could you please e-mail me as many picture samples as possible so that I can explain each color choice to a customer of mine. Thank you for you help. Sincerely, Andy, USA, June 12. Reply

Q 989: Have massive supply of high grade Sandstone Boulders... how do I market??? John, Canada. May 31 reply
Firstly you will need to determine what the stone can be used for. Is it of commercial project quality or only for landscaping?  To find this out you will need to invest some finances in determining some basic physical properties.  I suggest you start off with water absorption, bulk density, durability (resistance to salt crystallisation) compressive strength, modulus of rupture.  When you have these results you will need to find someone to interpret them or compare with products on the market. These tests will give you confidence in what you are selling and provide a good marketing tool.  What you use the stone for also depends on what size product you can get from the boulders.  If you can get nice large slabs then you have got a lot more scope.  Decide whether you are going to sell the stone as boulders or process it.  Look for a processor who is willing to get involved. Regards, Jim, Australia, Contact


A 991: Please I need some information about Marble & Granite Imports & Exports (Argentina + Oman) 2000-2001. Sherif, Egypt. May 21 reply


Q 965: How much should I sell a 18 x 3 piece of splitface limestone? I would appreciate any sugestions. Nick, USA. May 1 reply
R1: $2  S/F. Pini, USA. Contact

Q 921: Approximately what square foot quantity of natural stone was imported to the U.S. last year? Any idea of the total dollar amount spent on natural stone in U.S. last year? Debra, USA, March 29. Reply

A 945: I want to submit a project report on the marble and granite industry in the world market. I am doing my MBA in Marketing. Please help me.  Buddy, March 22, USA. Reply

Q 957: Am trying to figure out what’s involved and how to set prices to sell rocks. I have about 5.5 acres of glacial exposed granite rocks on a hillside, on which 7 terraces of stone walls were built in the 19th century.  Many of the rocks are beautiful for Japanese-style landscaping or sculpture with moss and lichen covering -- all sizes from pebbles to several ton boulders but primarily stone wall sizes... Seeking to distribute through a licensed, insured landscaping or rock supplier but would also like to sell directly to customers in some cases.  Your advice and experiences would be invaluable. USA, April 27. Reply


A 966: I am interested in finding the market statistics for marble and limestone products in the United States and Canada.  This includes target market size and details, the amount of marble/limestone trade and any other details as it pertains to a marble mine feasibility study.  Thank you very much. Pamella, Canada, April 23. Reply
R1: Hi Pamela. My firm is near final stages of completing a marble mine feasibility study. Willing to exchange information?... I have also been trying to segment the market for natural stone, and in particular marble. This is a major challenge. I currently have a student MBA conducting research on the Boston/New England market for us. I am interested in launching a cooperative effort with anyone to help sort out the market demand for natural stones in the US by type and to segment by region. Kevin, USA,

A 961: Interested in additional information about these topics: Inspection Agents in India; Sourcing from India; Internet-based research. David, USA, April 17, Reply


A 921: I would like to know import procedures of stone and marble in the US/Canada, the EU, China, Australia, Japan, and Korea.  We would like information on the necessary documentation for the importer AND the exporter for customs purposes, shipping... etc, from the West Bank/Gaza to the above destinations.
In addition, we are interested in information about the types, colors, sources and prices of stones of the above-mentioned countries. If the above information is not available, please recommend sites and sources.  Thank you for your cooperation. Rahim, Feb 3, reply


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