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Letter from Supplier on company letterhead
Findstone Internet Limited
Shreeniwas House, 2nd floor
H. Somani Road, Fort
Mumbai (Bombay) 400001
Attn: Mr. Vinay R. Somani,
         Managing Director
Dear Sirs:
We confirm we will pay you 5% commission on invoice value on sales made to buyers introduced through you. Commission will be paid on a pro-rata basis by bank transfer. If payment is delayed beyond one month, we shall pay 15% interest per annum. You and we can mutually agree to different commission rates in special cases in writing.
At the end of our financial year, i.e. by .(write month / and day of month only, not the year), we will give you a certificate from our auditor confirming the sales done by us or our associate companies with each of the buyers and their associate companies introduced through you.
Disputes between us will be settled by arbitration through the Chamber of Commerce in our area. Disputes will be restricted to commission amounts only and will not be for any damages, losses, claims, etc. Non-payment of commissions for a period of 3 months can be treated as a dispute. It is understood that dealings will be done directly between us and the buyers and you shall not be liable in any way.
Please print this on your letterhead after removing the items in blue. Then fax it to us on +91-22-22035410 and then mail it along with your catalog and business cards.