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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   November 30, 2001
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October Inquiries    

The coding is Country of Material, inquiry number, Country of buyer.
IT: B 618 India: We need the best quality Botticino or Creama Marfil marble. Durability of the product is a very important thing. We need material without any filling. Qty. is 2000 sq ft. We are willing to import. We are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Nov 30. Contact
PK, TR: e 2133 India: Quote for supply of green onyx good quality rough blocks on a regular basis to our factory in USA. Nov 30. Contact
ALL: B 617 USA: Landscape: We want Pebbles, River stones, Landscaping stones in all colors viz: Beige, Red, Green, Pink, Black, White. We also require Cobbles in sandstone and Granite in different sizes for pavements. Qty. container load. Payment by LC. Nov 30. Contact
ALL: B 615 UK: Want marble, granite slabs & tiles. Particularly black granite. Qty 1000 sqm for trading. Payment by Visa. Delivery 8-10 weeks. Self inspection. Nov 30. Contact
CN: e 2130 China: Wanted Pure White marble Blocks and slabs of Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces of China. Nov 30. Contact
e 2129 Poland: Want marble called OBERDAN. It looks similar to Greek marble Mediterranian beige. Nov 29. Contact
UA: e 2128 USA: Want to buy 3 cm slabs of Volga Blue from Ukraine.  Nov 29. Contact,See Offers
e 2127  USA: I am looking for a source to purchase blocks of pumice wholesale. Nov 29. Contact

IT: e 2126 Bulgaria: I am interested on granite coming from Italian producers. Nov 29. Contact

ALL: e 2124 USA: I want granite from CT, looking for 3 ft. x 3 ft. and seconds. Nov 28. Contact
ZA: e 2123 Turkey: Want to purchase African Red granite blocks. Nov 29. Contact
e 2122 Kuwait: Please quote and advise delivery time for beige or chocolate color in lighter shade from Rajasthan. Qty 600 sqm for a villa project. Payment by LC. Delivery period 4 weeks. Nov 29. Contact
e 2121 Kuwait: Quote for the supply of 'Viara' slabs 2 cm. & 3 cm. thickness (C&F Kuwait). See picture for reference. Nov 29. Contact
TR: e 2120 USA: We found an offer in your site about Turkish marble Pasha White. We need minimum 19000 sqm or more (up to 40000 sqm) 2 x 20 x 40cm dimensions and polished. Quote along with delivery schedule for our project. Nov 29. Contact
ALL: e 2118 Russia: We are one of the leading marble and granite traders in the Russian market. We deal with partners from China, Spain. We would like to offer you cooperation in marble and granite business in Russia. Please inform us on type and qualities of marble and granite that you can offer, its colors, open pits' locations, dimensions, finishes, as well as prices, conditions and shipment possibilities (volume, time) to Moscow. Nov 29. Contact
ALL: e 2117 West Indies: Landscape: We want over 25000 sq. ft. of rough faced marble or granite pavers for custom driveways. Nov 29. Contact
IN: e 2116 USA: Require Imperial White, Kashmir White, Black Galaxy, Paradiso, Colombo Juperana and Dark Black in tiles. Please quote along with the available quantity ready for dispatch. Nov 28. Contact
e 2114 Nepal: We want 20000 sq ft unpolished Italian marble in slabs (2 or 3 cm) and tiles for flooring for our home being made in Nepal. Our preferences are for:
Damuscata, Red Verona, Diano. 
The above is what our designer has suggested. However if there are other different more popular qualities available at better prices, please do not hesitate to send them. Nov 28. Contact
All: e 2113 Canada: I am a builder and want granite countertops from Ontario, Canada. Nov 28. Contact
e 2112a UAE: Also interested in limestones and marbles from Indonesia. Nov 28. Contact
e 2112 UAE: We are looking for a good and reliable supplier of MADSHAL LIMESTONE for a project. Sizes are variable, and mainly 60 x 60 x 2cm or x 3 cm polished or honed. The quantities are in thousands. Nov 28. Contact
TR: e 2111 Philippines: We are interested in Turkish limestone polished slabs. Nov 28. Contact 
IR, PK: e 2110 Philippines: Looking for a supplier of white onyx slabs from Iran or Pakistan. One container to be exported to the Philippines. Nov 28. Contact
All: e 2108 UK: I am in the process of setting up an exclusive tile shop in Newport, Shropshire. I am looking for tile suppliers to supply us. Nov 28. Contact
PK, TR, IN: e 2107 USA: We want ONYX 12x12x1/2 inch and 3/4 inch in light and dark green. Please send me quotes and pictures of the tiles, and anything that might help me make the decision whether or not we should order from your company. Please include prices for 500, 1000, 5000 tiles C&F Los Angeles. Nov 28. Contact
BR: e 2106 UK: Landscape: We want Azzuro Acquamarino marble. It has predominantly light blue color with washes of lighter and darker blues through it. The overall look is quite crystalized. This material will be used for interior paving and construction of water fountains. Currently, we are merely choosing materials for our schedule, after which we will be able to give more information regarding amount required and specific location usage, etc. Please quote. Nov 27. Contact
IN: e 2103 Germany: We want to purchase soapstone from India. Please quote with your detailed address. Nov 26. Contact 
All: e 2100 USA: We fabricate stone counters and would like to purchase a container of granite and marble. We are in Natchez, MS. Nov 26. Contact
All: e 2099 Nigeria: I want cheap but good stones for the Nigerian market. I am looking for 60 X 60 X 1.5 OR 60 X 30 X 1.5 tiles. Please quote sqm basis. Nov 26. Contact
All: e 2097: We want to buy some saw bodies which have been used and rejected their diameters should be over 1000 mm. Nov 26 Contact 
All: e 2095 USA: I am interested in info on granite, limestone, and other stones used for building interiors and
exterior cladding and paving. I would like a "sample box" or some other comprehensive sampling of your product line for my resource library. I have two projects that I need this for immediately. Nov 26. Contact
All: e 2093 USA: Landscape: We are looking for a reliable source of flagstones, landscape boulders, stair ledgers and ornamental stone 'facings' (cultured or natural) for walls. We are a landscape architecture company. Nov 26. Contact
All: e 2091 USA: Artifacts: I want stone products such as stone tables, accessories, statues. Please quote. Nov 24. Contact
UA: e 2090 UK: I want black granite from Ukraine. I want it in tiles, slabs for work/kitchen tops and gravestones. Nov 24. Contact
IN: e 2087 Malaysia: We are looking for stone suppliers who can supply few 100000 tons for a whole highway project (in India). Nov 23. Contact
CN: e 2084 China: Please quote for Anxi Red slabs sizes =120~180 x 60 x 2 cm. Quotation should include payment terms, inspection terms, delivery period and precise address. Also mention the quantity that can fit in a container. Nov 23. Contact
IT: e 2082 China: I want Filettato America. See www.findstone.com/ITAlime1.htm Please quote. Nov 22. Contact 
ZA: e 2080 China: Please quote for South African Verde Fountain blocks. Size is 100 cm, quantity is 20cbm. Delivery location Xiamen, China. Nov 22. Contact
IL: e 2079 USA: I want Jerusalem stone souvenirs in bulk. Small stones with authenticity certificates. Nov 22. Contact
All: e 2078 USA: I am interested in buying stone fabricating tools. I would prefer to buy saws, planers, or larger size polishers. Nov 22. Contact
All: B 611 USA: I want low cost 3 cm slabs. Will buy bulk or individual slabs for the right prices. Will buy seconds from quarries. Color preference, multicolor slabs or any other colors will also do. Nov 22. Contact 
CN: e 2077a Ghana: Quote for the following items, FOB Accra, Ghana: G636 (China Pink) & G603. Dimension: 600 sq meters. Nov 22. Contact 
All: e 2077 Ghana: I want marble to cover 578 sq meters of flooring, and tiles to cover 300 sq meters of walls. I also want absolute Black granite for counter tops. I am interested in light Mediterranean colors. They are to be shipped to Ghana, WA. Click for more details. Nov 22. Contact
All: e 2076 Iran: We want to import granites in various colours and shades like green, Blue, Red and Violet colours. We would need blocks from 15 to 20MT and large slabs or plates. Quantity 100 to 1000 MT depending on the quality, price and transport distance. We prefer Asian and Middle East countries. Nov 21. Contact
e 2075 Israel: We want tiles of 60 x 60 x 2 cm; 40 x 40 x 2 cm of Jaune Monton, Font Clair, Coliseum Stone, Centeniare (www.findstone.com/UNKlime1.htm) for further trading.   Nov 21. Contact  
All: B 610 Ireland: We want to import container loads marble, travertine, granite and any other new material slabs and tiles of different sizes for trading. Payment will be done by L/C. Delivery period 8 to 10 weeks. Please quote. Nov 20. Contact
BR: e 2073 USA: I want BLUE BAHIA GRANITE stone 3 X 3 X 5 ft. Please quote per ton. Nov 20. Contact
All: e 2071 USA: I want Silver Green Granite for the home we are building near Sarasota , FL. This product would be used in a large kitchen, small bath and possibly master bath. Can you send a photo?  Is this the same as SILVER GREEN -- a soft color with shades going from light to medium on the slab. I live on the Sarasota area of Florida (West coast of Florida). The granite should not have yellow in it---as can be the case. Don't need for a few months. I am not a builder. Nov 20. Contact
PK, AF: e 2070 USA: I import stones for sculpting, including marble, alabaster, onyx, travertine, sodalite, etc. I am interested in stones from Pakistan and Afghanistan in all colors, especially blue. Nov 20. Contact
IN: e 2068 Italy: Please quote CIF Genoa Port, Italy for 200 Sq. M. Yellow Jaisalmer 30 x 30 x 1 polished slab M.E./cut. Nov 20. Contact
IN: e 2067 Italy: Please quote CIF Genoa Port, Italy for 300 Sq. M. Himachal yellow quarzite 30 x 30 x 1 natural M.E./cut. Nov 20. Contact 
IN: e 2066 Italy: Please quote CIF Genoa Port, Italy for tiles in Teak and Panther Sand Stone. Nov 20. Contact  
US: e 2064 USA: I want Vegas Gold granite tiles. Nov 20. Contact
IN: e 2063 Canada: Artifacts: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I would like to sell  stone handicrafts to antique shops and craft stores in my area. The stores have asked me for samples which they would like to take a look at. If you can send me some samples, I can show them. If you are keen on my idea, contact me with your terms and conditions. Alternatively, if you would like some articles from here, I am open to that idea too. Nov 20. Contact USD 30 only.
AR: e 2062 Italy: I want Argentinean  Mahogany Rough Blocks. Nov 19. Contact
EG, IN: B 608 Egypt: We want Galala and Indian green marble blocks for a project. The quantity required would be 10 blocks. Payment through bank transfer. Inspection through an agent. Delivery period 3 weeks. Nov 19. Contact 
All: B 609 China: Please quote FOB for 10000 sq. m for green color marble slabs as per image attached. The stone's wave looks like Perlino Bianco, but color looks green with some gray. We need the slab of unpolished of 2cm or blocks. Delivered to Shanghai port. We use this stone for outside wall. Payment  by L/C. The material will be inspected by an agent / other. Delivery period 4 weeks. Nov 19. Contact
All: e 2057 Israel: I want marble for the purpose of tiling floors and stairs. I live in Israel. I want it for personal use. Nov 19. Contact USD 30 only.
AU: e 2053 USA: I am looking for an Australian stone that is quarried under water.  Its name in the US is Verde Fire.  Its green and red.  I want to import if possible. Nov 19. Contact
All: e 2052 USA: I need 2300 m2 of Creama, please quote me FOB your port. Nov 19. Contact
ES: e 2051 USA: Please quote for Gris Mondaris Grey and Pink for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Contact
IN: e 2050 d Singapore: I want Star Galaxy Granite from India 300 x 600 x 20mm. Please quote for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Contact
IT: e 2050 c Singapore: I want Perlato Svevo Marble from Italy  600x600x20mm. Please quote for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Contact
SA: e 2050 b Singapore: I want Golden Leaf Granite from Saudi Arabia 600 x 600 x 20mm. Please quote for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Contact
IN: e 2050 a Singapore: I have a project in Singapore which requires Sand Pink Polish Sandstone from India 150 x 300 x 18-20mm.   Please quote for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Closed
US: e 2049 USA: Needed Volga Blue from Ukraine. Nov 16. Closed.
IN: e 2048 India: We need Makrana Alabeta for a home project. The quantity required is 3500 sq. ft. Nov 16. Contact. Rs. 1400 only.
IT: e 2047 USA: Quote for tiles in biggest form and 2" thick also of:
SQ. M., 
SQ. M., 
SQ. M., 
SQ. M. 
I am a home owner and am looking for these tiles to do my house. Quote for polished tiles. I would like to order these before the end of the year. Nov 16. ContactUSD 30 only.
TR: e 2046 Ireland: We require 100 sq. m. travertine "Noce". This is a cream/beige color. Ideally in 45 cm x 45 cm slabs of 1 cm thickness. Nov 16. Contact. USD 30 Only. 
ES: e 2045 USA: We want 100M3 of Gran Perla blocks of Spain origin. Please send offer to us and indicate your delivery time. Nov 16. Contact
All: e 2043 Philippines: We want white limestone from Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania or Croatia in slabs. Quantity will be 1000 m2. Product Specification : Polished, 60 x 60, 30 x 60 and slabs 1250 x 2500 +\-. Color: White, Other Color: cream, Color Specification: without grain, veins. Price should be quoted in USD CNF Manila, Philippines. Payment will be done by TT. Delivery period 3 weeks. Material will be self inspected. Nov 16. Contact
TR, IT: B 607 Israel: We have few projects in which we have been asked to put Turkish or Italian marble. We would like to receive delivery options and specific price information on any Beige polished marble you have. Amount of marble in slabs and tiles, assumed per order will be about 1000 meters / month: 30 X 60 X 2 plates & 30 X 60 X 3 plates, 30 X 120 X 2 plates & 30 X 120 X 3 plates, 30 X 100 X 2 plates (if you have any) & 30 X 100 X 3 plates, 120 X 240 X 3 plates. Please quote. Nov 16. Closed
IR, PK: B 606 Philippines: We want White Onyx from Iran or Pakistan in the dimension of 30 x 60 x 2cm, the quantity will be 150m2, price should be quoted in USD, CNF Manila, Philippines. Please ensure that white onyx allows light to pass though and is not pinkish or greenish. we need it to be milky white with minimum veining. the light must be clearly visible through the stone as the material is for use in an architectural wall which will be a main feature in the space. Ensure this before couriering the samples. Payment will be done by TT. Delivery period 3 weeks. Material will be self inspected. Nov 16. Contact
All: B 605 Ukraine: Landscape: I am into landscaping. I am looking for 30 x 30 x 1 cm, 30 x 60 x 3 cm, 30 x 30 x 2 cm, tiles in red color stones for trading. Inspection will be done by an agent.  Nov 16. Contact 
IN: B 604 India: Require white and green marble in slabs and tiles form. Product Specification: 18" -24" / 20 rs - 25 rs / sharp edges / smooth finish. Quantity required is 7000 sq .ft. We want the stone for a project. Payment by: cheque / cash. Delivery: Gr. Noida in weeks. Material will be self inspected. Nov 16. Contact. Rs. 1400 only.
All: e 2042 USA: Landscape: Looking for a supplier of flatrock, highland, limestone and decorative boulders. Nov 16. Contact
All: e 2041 India: I need one meter circular saws in huge quantities. Send me the quantity and price list. 
Nov 16. Contact
TR: e 2040 USA: Want Classic light travertine 30X60x2 cm polished. Will you ship less than full lot? Nov 16. Contact
e 2037 Australia: Production: Want to purchase mesh for marble backing. Kindly quote. Nov 16. Contact. USD 30 only. 
US, All: e 2036 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase 50 pallets of granite blocks for a retaining wall project I am supplying.  The job is in north central new jersey. What can you do for me on a delivered price? Nov 16. Contact
IN: e 2035 USA: We are an American granite company, and we are looking for Indian materials that we want to market in the United States. Materials mentioned below are needed in slabs of 3 cm thickness. 
 S. K. BLUE & 
We are also interested in 30.48 X 30.48 X 1.0 cm tiles if the price and quality are very desirable. Quote us and feel free to suggest any materials that you feel might be unique and marketable. As far as terms of payment, 50% against documents and the balance 30 days after material arrival would be a fair arrangement. The 30 days allows us an opportunity to inspect and catalogue the slabs and/or tiles. Our port of arrival would be Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Nov 15. Contact
All: e 2034 USA: Quote for the following: 
Nero Marquina, Emperador Scuro
from Spain, 
Beola Bianca
& Grigia From Italy, 
Azul Macaubas
from Brazil, 
from Italy (Carrara), 
Pietra di Vicenza
from Italy. Nov 15. Contact
SA: e 2033 China: We are sourcing for the following granite blocks: Golden Leaf granite rough blocks. Origin: Saudi Arabia. Size: 1200 x 2400 mm and/or 1600 x 2400 mm. Quantity: about 200 m3. Quality: 1st class. Payment terms: irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight.  Also we prefer to do business with mine owners. We hope we can have the price based on FOB & CNF Xiamen. Also please advise earliest possible delivery time and payment terms. Nov 15. Contact  
IN: e 2032 India: Interested in purchasing pink limestone, yellow sandstone, yellow limestone for exports. The quantity is 3000 sq m. Sizes are 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 10 to 15 mm & 20 mm thick. Nov 14. Contact. Rs. 1400 only. 
All: e 2031 Russia: I am mosaic manufacturer from Russia. I am looking for the supplier (Italian preferably) of metal basements for coffee tables and other tableware. Nov 14. Contact
All: e 2030 USA: I am looking for orange alabaster. I need thick, 4" plus. Nov 14. Contact
All: e 2029 Netherlands: I want to import San Giorgio / Adria Grigio Unito or cream color marbles to Netherlands. I would preferably like to receive quotes from quarry owners. Nov 14. Contact
FR: e 2028 USA: Looking for slabs and tiles of French limestone like Hauteville, Ruoms, Villibois, etc.  Honed, brush or flamed finishes. Nov 16. Contact
e 2027 USA: Quote CIF Los Angeles for Strata Green Tiles. Qty 4 containers. Nov 14. Contact
IT: e 2026 China: Our company is searching for Cream / Beige stones, such as Crema Marfil, Slevia, Sunny Beige, Botticino. The sizes are as follows: 12 x 12 x 3/8", 16 x 16 x 1/2", 18 x 18 x 1/2". Please quote. Nov. 14. Contact 
All: e 2025 Ireland: Landscape: We are a wholesalers in Northern Ireland we desperately need natural stone
tabletop fountains & garden Fountains, Paving & Floor tiles, Building Stone, Rockery Stone, Cobbles, Decorative Gravel, Garden Products (stone & Wooden), etc.
Nov. 13 Contact
ZA: e 2023 Germany: We are wholesaler for some special sorts of stone - African Green, Small Pagode, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Sodalite and some more from South Africa. Is it possible for you to send a pricelist? 
Nov. 13. Contact
All e 2022 USA b: We are interested in small rocks, smaller then a fist, but bigger than thumb in size. All must be pure marble or granite, 20MT packed per 20' Containers. Please price them either ex works, FOB or C+F Seattle. Please send pictures. Nov 13. Contact
All: e 2022 USA a: Landscape: We are looking for marble and granite that have colorful and intricate designs. The boulders should be either pure granite or marble, sizes of the boulders ranging in size. In a 20 foot container we need loaded:
   2 boulders roughly 2MT each
   4 boulders roughly 1MT each
   8 boulders roughly 500KG each
   16 boulders roughly 250KG each
   32 boulders roughly 125KG each
Total of 20MT per container.
The boulders could come in just about any size or shape, as long as they are solid, pure and will not break easily.
Preferably, we do not want them square or rectangular; we want them in more natural looks. Nov 13. Contact
All: e 2020 USA: I am looking for alabaster for sculpting. I can use different colors, especially red, white & blue. I can use anything over 25 kilo boulders. I buy container loads. I live in Los Angeles, California area. Nov 13. Contact
CN: e 2018 Australia: I am looking for Chinese marble called Oriental Emperador in tiles and slabs. It is not green but brown based. The qty is about 2000 sq. m. of tiles. Please quote in sizes 305 x 305 x 10mm calibrated and chamfered. I would be very interested in first choice material. Also send us a digital image of the stone. The tender is just released and the material will not be required till middle of next year.  Nov 13. Contact
IT: e 2016 USA: I want 150 sq. m of Statuario select 2 cm. slab in a 60 x 60 cm. size, chamfered edge. 
Nov 12. Contact
IN: e 2015 India: We are exporters & inspection agents for last 2 decade of rough raw granite blocks, polished slabs & tiles, flamed pavement slabs & tiles, hand dressed product and sandstone to various countries. We are interested in Tumkur Red Rough granite blocks (240 to 300 x 120 to 150 x 100 to 150 cm) and (120 to 230 x 60 to 100 x 60 to 100 cm). Please quote us FOB Mangalore and Chennai. Nov 12. Contact
e 2014 USA: Monument: I'm a retail monument dealer in need of a supplier. Looking for all kinds of granite monuments. Nov 12. Contact. USD 30 only. 
CN: e 2012 USA: I want Shan Xi Black 30t, one side polished (90-95 degree), cut-to-size, various size (350-600 mm wide, 550-1,600 mm long, 30t mm) about 1x20 FCL, C&F Pusan, Korea $/sq mt. Can you make quick shipment (within 7 days after receipt of LC.)? Nov 12. Contact. Commission only.
UA: e 2010 USA: Looking for black polished granite from Ukraine. Nov 10. Contact
CN: e 2009 Australia: We would like a price for Chinese Gabbro Granite fine to medium grain in Black and also Grey black color, per cubic meter (m3) block Fob China port in USD$. Nov 10. Contact
NO: e 2008 Germany: I want EMERALD BLACK 30X90X3 2000m2. Nov 10. Contact
IT: e 2007 USA: I need a few pallets of Travertino Alabastrino or Navona, whichever is paler, to tide me over until my next container comes in. Please quote. Nov 10. Contact
ES: e 2006 Turkey: Please email me price of Rosavel granite (t=2 cm) and Rossa porino (t=2 cm). Nov 10. Contact.
TR: e 2005 Ukraine: Please inform if you can produce this type of goods (image 1 & image 2). The material is Bursa Beige. The total length of this fence is 145 m. We would like to know price and terms of delivery. Nov 10. Contact
All: e 2004 USA: Landscape: Interested in black granite, landscaping stone (boulders), Armor stone for shore protection. Nov 10. Contact
US: e 2003 USA: Looking for the availability of Black Granite sources (quarry) in USA. Nov 10. Contact
e 2001 India: Production: One of our reputed buyers is interested to buy machinery and complete plant with technical assistance, to manufacture PCD (Poly Crystal Diamonds) blanks in India for domestic consumption. We request you to furnish us your best prices for the same along with technical knowhow. We shall be pleased to reply your queries for your further information. Nov 10. Contact. USD 100 only.
IN: e 2000 Sweden: We wish to have your offer for Indian granite: Raw Silk Pink, Raw Silk Ivory, Kashmir White, Indian Juperana. The quantity we require shall depend upon the price quoted. Can you quote price for one container load and also mention how many square meters will fit in one container and also size of the tiles? Nov 10. Contact
All: e 1999 USA: I want marble and granite tiles. I am an architect and I need samples of this kinds of products. I am located in California. Nov 10. Contact. USD 25 only.
All: e 1998 UAE: Please quote for slab, standard tiles and blocks. C&F Prices- Dubai, UAE for all your products. We want to establish long term relation and are interested to import all types of stones i.e Marble, Granite, etc. Nov 9. Contact
All: e 1997 USA: Please send info and prices for honey onyx. Also include any costing data on shipping/freight to west coast of Washington State USA. Nov 9. Contact 
IN: e 1996 India: We are in urgent need of:
  1.Ivory Rose Limestone 
  2. Teakwood Sandstone
  3. Teakwood Sandstone  
  4. Panther Sandstone. Nov 9. Closed
All: e 1995 USA: Landscape: I am an engraver and distributor of natural stones, that have English words, animal images, names, numbers, designs, symbols, carved upon them. I am seeking small stones/pebbles 2.0" to 2.75" wide, tumbled, highly polished, multi-colored, engraved with English words and other languages, animal images, designs, symbols and numbers. Stones in the past have come from Brazil and China in a finished condition ready to sell. I import 1 MT per month. Preferential countries to import from are China, Brazil and Africa. Nov 9. Contact. USD 50 only.
All: e 1994 USA: We are an architectural firm looking for sandstone that is browner (less red) than St. Bees for a building exterior in New Jersey, USA. Nov 9. Contact. USD 30 only.
IN: e 1993 India: I wish to purchase Indian granites. I am looking for Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Indian Juparana, Tiger Skin, Multi Color Red, Paradiso, lavender Blue, Imperial Red and Kashmir White. Quantity - 10 slabs of 20 mm & 30 mm thick of each color. The material will be used for floor applications. Purchase will be within 30 -45 days. Delivery to the nearest port. Quote FOB / ICD. Nov 8. Contact. Rs. 1200 only.
All: B 601 India: We are a chemical industry which uses used / discarded / rejected diamond impregnated cutting tools / segments etc. for metal extraction. Quantity would be around 10000 kgs. Payment will be done by LC. Delivery: 3-4 weeks. Material will be self inspected. We need the material immediately and can pay for samples. Nov 8. Contact
CA: e 1991 Canada: Who supplies Absolute Black Granite for the Canadian fabricators in Quebec Province? 
Nov 8. Contact
e 1990 USA: I require NVONAS and SILVER in size 12 x 12 and 16 x 16 and 12 x 24 - please advise price US per m2 and color confirmation. Nov 8. Contact
TR: e 1989 Italy: We need 30x30x1 or  30.5x30.5x1 polished, second choice, or broken corner in Turkish Travertine. We can take one container regularly of every colour, classic and Noce. Nov 8. Contact
IT: e 1988 USA: I am currently importing from China and Pakistan.  I have a client interested in 930 M2 of Botticino  30x30x2 cm. Nov 7. Contact
ZA, US: e 1987 China: We need three kinds of granite blocks urgently: Camelia white, Camelia pink (from US) and African Red. The block to be Grade A first choice quality. Please quote me C&F Xiamen China price, and please also quote me big size and small size block. We need to import at least 100 cubic meter per month on Camelia white and African Red, 3000 cubic meter of Camelia pink total. What is the price FOB your country + shipping to Xiamen, China on the grade A quality on big size block & small size bloc? Please provide the pricing information as detail as possible.Nov 7. Contact
All: e 1985 USA: We are interested in purchasing a container of granite slabs. I have not been able to find one place to purchase the colors I am interested in. I see in your Stone Album that Brazil has the largest selection. Do I need to purchase through different companies? I need to order the first shipment with browns and gold colors. Example Bruno 25. Could you please help me as this is the first time we have ordered slabs. I have a broker and are ready to place an order once we know that the company we are dealing with can give us the best price and products. We have been in the granite and marble business for over 14 years. Nov 7. Contact
IN: B 597 China: We import Jhansi Red from India on regular basis. We only need high quality blocks. The quantity we are looking for the moment is 30 CBM. We want the stone for trading. Payment will be done d/p basis. Material will be self inspected. Nov 6. Contact
GR: e 1981 Italy: We are reputed company in Italy looking for a supplier from Greece for CHIOS BROWN marble. Nov 6. Contact
AU: e 1979 USA: I am looking for the manufacturer of slabs of Verde Fauco / HARLEQUIN (Australian Granite) in Australia. We are importers of of all kinds of natural stone from all over the world in USA. I am interested in buying 4 to 5 containers in a month. Nov 6. Contact
IN: e 1977 India / Canada: I want to contact Indian export oriented units of granites to US. and Canada. I will be setting a store yard of granite slabs & tiles in Toronto somewhere in Feb' 02. An early response would be appreciated. Nov 6. Contact
ZA: e 1976 China: We are a leader importer of granite blocks from overseas in Fujian province. We have been in this line for many years. We are interested to buy African Red granite blocks. Sizes: 120cm up x 60cm up. Min. order: the more the better for each order it can be 500 cbm. We need a large quantity per month. Quality is the most important! Nov 6. Contact. Commission only.
All: e 1974 Sweden: We are Swedish based company with our main purchasing business in China, with two rep. offices in China. Our company has 30% of the Swedish tombstone market and is a major importer of building granite from China. We would be interested in sourcing granite from other low cost areas in the world, if the price and production time is good. Could you please provide us with FCA / FOB ref. prices. for cube stones loaded on pallet and 305x305x10 mm tiles full container order and production time for the same. Nov 6. Contact
All: B 600 Australia: We are looking for natural stones for trading in Australia. We look for unusual colors and styles. Payment will be made by L/C, delivery should be in 4 weeks. The material will be self inspected. All tiles, preferably as thin as possible, maximum square meters per container of 20 tons. Quality must be minimum ASTM and BS. Must be able to quote CNF SYDNEY Australia, preferably in Australian dollars. Nov 2. Closed
e 1970 USA: I want a pointing machine. Nov 2. Contact. USD 30 only.

IN, TW: e 1969 Puerto Rico: For a hotel project in Puerto Rico, I am interested in buying dark green marble table tops for the rooms. These tops will be used for the nightstands and a small 30" dining table in the hotel rooms. I prefer the green marble from India. Please quote the following on per piece basis:
120 nos. 24" x 28" green marble table tops, mirror polished. 
Are there additional charges for chiseled corners?
145 nos. 30" diameter round green marble tops, mirror polished. 

All tops to be 1" thick. 
2,000 pieces of dark green marble tiles of 30 x 30 x 2 cm (chamfered)
Ready-cut bathroom vanity tops 22" x 60" or random slabs. 
Stone tiles of 6" x 6"
that I could mount on the vanity tops, and ready-cut side and back splashes of 6" high. 
Could I also use India green marble tiles for the bathroom vanity top? Any disadvantages? Would you recommend another Indian stone for this application? 
I will need a supplier who can produce the green marble table tops and the tiles. 
I would like the same company to supply: 
15 nos. 30-inch and 6 nos. 54-inch inlaid marble table tops with the designs that I will supply. Please let me know of distributors who can fill in this order, since I would not like to have to use different vendors.
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