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30000+ companies in the stone industry worldwide are members of FindStone.

It is up to you to take advantage of this reach. We have transparent systems. We are a virtual marketplace. We do not trade.

Buyers can have their inquiry posted free of cost but they can also be more pro-active by paying or giving a deposit.
Sellers can display their profiles free and can buy contacts and deal directly with buyers.

We get emails daily where buyers think that their inquiry is so exciting that a supplier will pay to contact them. Similarly, we get numerous emails daily of suppliers who think that their offer will be irresistible to buyers who will pay to contact them. While an inquiry or offer may really be very good, nevertheless people proceed very cautiously in the absensce of personal contact. So our experience shows that those who take the initiative get the best deal. We request you to read the paragraphs below in an objective way.

Suppliers often want to test FindStone but we leave it to buyers and sellers to go through our website which is nearly 5 years old and to judge and decide for themselves whether to risk $ 100 - $ 200 or not. We do not have the time, interest or ability to convince any one more. We are open to suggestions and periodically do change our policies to incorporate these suggestions. But we do it for all.

Suppliers often try to tempt us. "We are big so if this deal goes through, you will then see a lot of activity from our side" is the common email. Our above point is valid for this. What is interesting for us is to receive an offer where a supplier is interested in putting in time, effort and money, and makes a serious business proposal on that basis.

Suppliers often ask for trust. "We are honest and you should trust us" is what these types of emails state. Actually the only thing this means is "We don't trust findstone but findstone should trust us." So this is actually adding insult to injury. We are a publicly visible site with standard systems. There is no reason not to trust us. On the other hand, we do not have the ability or energy to evaluate suppliers. We have thought through the level of risk we are prepared to take and have incorporated that in our standard system of dealing.

Suppliers often act tough. "We are well-known and this is how we work with our agents worldwide" is the style of some suppliers. We are not agents, we don't see ourselves as agents or brokers, we don't act as agents act. We are a neutral marketplace. So frankly we don't care how great you are. On the other hand, if you want to deal with a lot of inquiries on the site and want to discuss a way to do so while reducing your financial risk, we are open to discussing that.

Buyers often think that we will make a lot of efforts for them. We simply post the enquiry. How buyers can remove the barriers between them and our member suppliers is upto them as explained in the 'How to Buy' link on the home page.

So basically our point is instead of trying to get us to change and take a decision, it is far better for you to evaluate our site and take your decisions accordingly. Basically, it's a marketing and procurement cost decision that you need to take. And the amount involved is so trivial anyway.

We work on the presumption that buyers and sellers are mature and can take their own decisions about what works best for them. We do not presume to be wiser than them and hence we do not chase them to change their minds.

We give our full support to all users of our site and we look forward to your being one of our esteemed users.
Do feel free to email or call. Our contact details are in the 'Contact Us' tab bar on the home page.