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PRICE  LIST 1145 SILTSTONE     Australia    www.findstone.com    pricelist@findstone.com

 1. House Bricks: 50mm high, 100 mm deep, random length to 600mm.  Cut 4 laying sides, split face both exposed sides. 8sq mtrs per pallet.  $100/sq mtr. 

2. Book Leaf Stacking Bricks: 50mm high, 50mm deep, random length.  Cut 4 laying sides, split face exposed sides. $100/sq mtr.

3. Cladding Bricks: 200mm high, 50mm thick, random length.  Cut 5 sides, split face exposed side. $120 sq mtr.

4. Construction Bricks (free standing): 100mm or 150mm high, 100mm deep, random length. Cut 4 sides, split face exposed sides. $160 sq mtr,

5. Stone Furniture/Bedside Lamp Tables/Stools: round base dia 380mm, hexagonal post 650mm high, round top 400mm dia.  Polished and sealed.  $150 each.

6. Panels (ideal for cladding or paving):