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 Pricelist 344  Sandstone  Blocks     USA      www.findstone.com             info@findstone.com

 As a supplier of stone I have the following to offer:

    Hard Sandstone (Gray Antique) in different thickness   from 1" to 6 and 8"

   Have a beautifully Honey Blond Sandstone, very hard. Comes in same thickness as listed above, but also can supply in large sheets     4' x 5'  smooth on both sides.

    Have an unusual brown with Red running through it. Would make a lovely Fireplace or interior use.

    Have large boulders, gray with lichen and some have   moss on them.  Any size you might require.

     Our stone is sold in bulk @ 65.00 per ton.  Boulders are  sold at $45.00. 

      Transportation from our location in the Appalachians is $1.25 a mile one way.  No cost coming back.  Buyers usually absorbed the       transportation cost due to the low   price of our stone.

     We would love to branch out and deal with other across  the country.