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Quotation for GANTRY CRANE


No. 1 GANTRY CRANE-TWIN BEAM-TYPE GCH 25 X 20 mt - volt 440-HZ 50 Rational STRUCTURE in box construction reinforcement by stiffening ribs and connected by cross beams. Twin wheel GRANE SLIDING UNITS with double rim steel wheels-CRAB CARRIAGE in steel sections, special motor through speed reducer coupled up to a grooved steel DRUM. Electro-magnetic controlled shoe BRAKES. BLOCK equipped with forged steel forked revolving hook. Access LADDER leading to an inspection WALKWAY that runs along one beam and is made of a walking surface with railing and foot guard. ELECTRIC Controls in BT 220 V with PUSH_BUTTON CONTROL UNIT in dependent from the position of winch trolley and sliding in loop galvanized steel track rail PAINTING The crane will be painted with one Zinc phosphate rustproof coat and two chloro caotchous YELLOW-RAL 1007 coats of paint. Structural steel work class A4 and constructional engineering class M5 First grade materials are employed and amply calculated sections on the basis of present FEM norms.

CAPACITY                                                           t               25

SPAN                                                                     m             20  ( 12 +4+4 )

LATERAL JIBS n. 2 each                                   m             4mt

TOT. LENGTH OF THE CRANE                       m           20 mt.

UNDER BEAM HEIGHT                                     m             7 Mt.

LIFTING SPEED                                   m/min     3.5 -  25--HP (  Induction ) .


CRANE TANSLATION SPEED                         m/min     9.5 – 5 HP x 2 ( INDUCTION )

FOB BENAPOLE / KANDLA PORT PRICE  :- USD 23,000 (US Dollar TWENTY THREE THOUSAND Only) without rail lines and its foundation plates and bolts and DSL  power system and its cables.

Price for Rail line including laying at your site: -  USD 40/ mt. ( 90 LBS)

Price for RADIO REMOTE CONTROL: - USD 2200 (US Dollar Two thousand Two Hundred only ).

Price for DSL system: - USD 125/  per mt. Length. (CONDUCTOR BAR SYSTEM)

NOTE-- IF YOU GO FOR RADIO REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM THEN THE DSL SYSTEM CAN BE OPTIONAL.                                                                         

Excise/Custom Duty, Sales Tax extra if and as applicable at the time of delivery. Transit Insurance to be covered by you.

ASSEMBLY: Erection & Assembly by our technicians. You will provide boarding &lodging facilities to them at site, & also power connection (5/10 HP) for welding etc. & gas for cutting if required along with Tools & Tackles & Hoisting equipments. The charges for erection & Commissioning are not included in the price also you will have to provide to and fro tickets for the erection personals..                                                                                                                               


                                                                                          TWIN BEAM GANTRY CRANE ‘GCH’


The FRAME of the GANTRY CRANE includes two built up box beams, made of electro-welded steel plates with inner stiffening ribs. The rails for the crab carriage are made of flat steel by welded along the top  of the beams. The beams are connected at both ends and supported by legs built-up under the same pattern as the beams. Beams and legs are bolted together by high tensile steel bolts and joints allowing easy assembling and disassembling.

Once assembled it forms one very solid and though structure.

-               Hoisting load and weight of the crane

-               Inertial, vertical and horizontal forces

-               Vertical and pendulum hook movement

-               Twisting originating from the eventual irregularity of the railways.

Every item whether of basic or minor importance, has been safely checked against stress, metal fatigue and elastic instability.

In addition to the detailed calculations involved in its design, the actual performance of the crane is guaranteed by the great care taken in manufacturing and assembling those cement which its stability depends on (joints, couplings, welding, bolted sections, etc.)

One of the legs is fitted with a ladder leading to an inspection WALKWAY which runs along one beam and is made of a walking surface with railing and foot guard.


They are made to support the hardest use conditions in relation to braking return shock with full load. The gantry crane moves along the rails on wheels of high-grade steel, fitted on bearings. Milled gears are flanged to the side of the driving wheels and coupled to a pinion operated by electric motor through speed reducer. (Elecon/ Greaves   make)

Motors and gear reduction units are specially designed to grant & soft start. Elastic buffers in rubber can be fitted at both ends of the casings.


The HOIST Carriages is made of electro-welded structural steel running on four high quality steel wheels mounted on supports with ball bearing. The two driving wheels are connected by steel shaft and driven by the motor through floating speed reducer, which softens all jerking on starting up and braking by means of electromagnetic type brake operation. The carriage can be fitted with elastic buffers in rubber at both ends.


Grooved DRUM for an accurate winding of the metallic rope, fitted on bearings. It is controlled by a parallel axis reducer/worm reducer with milled gears of high quality steels the reducer is connected to the electric motor by means of elastic joints on which the drum is fixed for the electro hydraulic Thrustor shoe brakes which assures the quick stop of the pad in any point both in ascent and in descent. It insertion is soft and does not overload the gears and the motor with abnormal stresses.

Special steel ROPE with strands and metallic core. (6x19x10c-28mm)

Return PULLEYS of the block rotating on ball bearing.

BLOCK with forged steel  swivel ram’s hook on bearings.

DEVICES to avoid the discharge of the rope from the pulleys and for automatic stop in case of force motor absence.


The low tension electrical network 220/110 volts) is controlled by remote rebersers and installed in a metal box fitted to the crab carriage. Every control circuit is protected by its in set of safety fuses. Controls are locked by electrical and mechanical devices to avoid the possibility of accidental wrong drive. The crane crabs feeding line is made of loop flexible flat cable supported by carriers sliding in galvanized steel track rail connected with brackets to the beam of the crane.

The PUSH BUTTON CONTROL UNIT is water and shock resistant, with symbols of all controls; the standard model is INDEPENDENT from the position of which trolley and sliding with flexible flat cable in loop galvanized steel track rail.

On request, radio control push-button panel can control the crane.

PAINTING: The crane structure is painted with on rustproof coat and two coats of chloro-chautonic paint.