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A 1919: I am looking at soapstone but for a fireplace facing. I have a real brick fireplace (house is circa 1950). I want a nice mat gray look for a modern minimalist feel. So in my searching I found Limestone (pietro cardoso), Soapstone, and slate (also concrete but I decided that was out). I was told if you finish soapstone with a different oil than mineral oil you can avoid the stone turning a dark green/black. Is this true? How would you rate Limestone vs soapstone vs slate for a fireplace Any tips for what I should look for in picking stones? Noreen, May 16, Reply
R1: Dear Noreen: ... For an active fireplace Soapstone is your "man". I don't know about this oil  different from the mineral one thing. I'd stick to mineral oil. Ciao and good luck, Maurizio, USA
A 1917: I have a business I am trying to resurrect that my father started. I have a bridge saw with a 10' x 6' table. I have a slab polisher. I have an angle grinder (hand). I have grinder/polisher with 50g to 3000g. The way my father would create a 45 degree bevel, would be to use the angle grinder following a pencil line 1/4" on top and 1/4" on edge. To me that seems like it leaves to much room for error and sloppiness. My question is, Can I use a 7", 5/8" arbor granite dry cut diamond blade on a circular saw, that I can purchase at home depot, and put the saw on a 45 degree angle to make a clean, straight, smooth cut for my bevel????????? Then I can use the polisher to finish the job?? Thank You, Reno, May 16, Reply
A 1862: Need information on the tricks of the trade for producing terrazzo i.e. ingredients and the products used for the sealing Thanks Carl, May 15. Reply
A 1732: Is there any environmentally safe way to excavate a trench 3'x5' around a  populated lake without blasting or jack-hammering. I have heard tell of a new laser cutter is this a fact or not. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Jerry, April 19. Reply
A 1728: Being an absolute dummy when it comes to stone leaves me no alternative but to ask a simple question. Can an ordinary field stone be cut? Is there any specific saw to do this work? I have played with a lot of stone that I have on my property and have learned how to split some but if it doesn't have a grain, I have found it near impossible to shape. Gerry, April 18. Reply 
R2: Gerry. What kind of stone is your field stone? How deep do you need to cut? The answer to your question really depends on having more information. Generally speaking, though, there is equipment available to do what it is I think you are trying to do. Please try to contact me direct through this site, and if I can get some specifics from you, I can probably point you in the right direction. Thanks, JVC, USA
R1: Without expensive stone working tools the method you described is how it is done.
Regards, Steven, USA
A 1705: This is to request pictures of sites containing granite excavation and pictures of the machinery which are used to cut the specified material. Thank you Mireille, April 14. Reply
A 1701: Hi JVC I noted that you are a Geologist by training and into stone work. I am also a geologist but have spent all my life until now in Mineral Exploration Ė mainly gold. I have worked in Australia, New Zealand, Papua and New Guinea, Indonesia and now have changed courses and am now trying my hand at dimension stone in China. I have been in China only one month and am finding things very interesting especially in the potential of this place to provide natural cleft stone, which is where I am concentrating. 
The reason for this email is to try to find information on how to calibrate tiles made from slate, sandstone and limestone. The company that I am with is Chinese and in need of technical in put which is where I fit in, I hope! 
Anyway, I would appreciate it if I could be pointed in the right direction to help me gain further information on the processing of these rocks into saleable commodities especially for the N. American market place. Best regards, Alan, 
April 14. Reply 
R1: Alan. Wish you luck with the new venture, but unfortunately, this is not within the scope of my expertise. My business is not involved with tile or slab work. However, I am aware of new machinery on the market that does just about everything,- you essentially load a quarry block at one end, and remove the tiles at the other. I'm sure that there is a bit more handling involved, but most of the work is computer controlled, and the end result is what the machines are programmed for. One quarry that I buy a lot of stone from fabricates pavers and tiles to size utilizing a narrow belt saw which if set up right with a good turn table can slab the block to the programmed thickness, and the slabs are laid down on the turn table, and cut into the programmed tile size. the results are for the most part square and accurate. Good luck, JVC, USA
A 1687: I have problems finding a good blade for cutting 3/8" thick Blue Macauba on our multi blade machinery. We can only cut around 15 blades after what our blades are completely "polished" and don't cut anymore. Seems the material is too hard. Our machinery is from Edil tenit. What would you recommend? April 10. Reply
R1: Dear April, Your observations are good.  Blue Macauba is a quartzite and therefore quite  hard.  Your machinery is probably OK but did you enquire from your blade supplier if the blades you have are suited for this kind of stone?  Learn about the stone you are cutting and do some homework on the type of blades available to cut certain rock types.  Additionally, there are different ways of cutting rocks - ask questions to the people who should be able to give you the right advice about rock cutting and machine parameters.  Dr. Hans, Australia
A 1659: Is there any use of Marble slurry ( the waste powder of marble ) which is available in our factories, Can you give me some information related to re-use of marble slurry for business. I want to know that in advanced countries like Italy, what do they do with marble slurry Ravi India. April 6. Reply
A 1636: Gentlemen: We wish to 'paint' the etched/engraved areas (numbers & letters) on polished black granite monuments in Gold...
The numbers & letters will be about 4" high.. We can apply the paint while the granite is horizontal though the final resting position of the outdoor granite marker will be about 45 degrees up from the horizontal... Please advise as to best product , application techniques and where we can acquire the product. We would like the Gold Lettering to be bright, look like real gold and have a good long outdoor life..... 
Lithochrome?? Epoxy?? Poly Urethane?? Thank You, Gene. April 3. Reply
A 1617: I would like information on producing terrazzo e.g. materials & production method. Kind regards, Dominic. March 29. Reply
A 1547:  I am wanting to know the materials used in making synthetic, or man-made stones. Can you help me find this information. Would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks Dennis, USA, March 17. Reply
R1: Good old fashioned concrete. Regards, Steven, USA
A 1542: My husband and I live on 8 acres and about 3 of those acres is filled with sandstone. We believe the previous owner tried to quarry this sandstone and now my husband is interested in it, but has no clue of what is involved. My husband wants to use the sandstone as some kind of foundation. Could you please give us an idea or some one to contact for more information on how to quarry sandstone. Susan, March 15. Reply
R1: Dear Susan.. You are asking for a lot of information which would be impossible to dispense in a forum of this nature. There are so many considerations involved in opening a quarry, or reworking an existing quarry. It would be best if you could visit a working quarry in your area to get an idea of what is involved. Then have a qualified stone person visit your site to assess its potential. If you are wanting to quarry out a small amount of stone for your own use, it probably can be done with only a small investment in tools and equipment, but a large labor investment. If you hope to commercially quarry the stone, you will need to reach deep into your (or someone's) pockets. Good luck, JVC, USA
A 1514: We process of Sand Stone , Lime Stone and Slate. Can you tell me the process for giving "Pillow Finish" to sand stone tiles of size 40x40 Cm. Subodh, India,March 11. Reply
A 1507: What machinery would you suggest to cut aterite boulders? Are small gang saws available? March 8. Nelson, India. Reply
A 1465: My friend is marble polisher but he has no work now. He has all equipments to work. Maybe somebody help him find work. He lives in Vilnius Lithuania. Sergey, Feb 21. Reply
R1: Dear sir: How far would your friend be willing to travel outside of his country with his experience? Kind regards, Anthony, Bermuda 
A 1464: We have access to granite in a fully permitted mine. We need to figure out how to mine block suitable for processing and the associated costs to do a feasibility study and a business plan. Tom, Feb 21. Reply
R1: Dear Tom, What you are about to embark on is one heck of a task if you have never done it before. There are so many things to consider and it sounds as though you are getting some advice even if it is only from a bank. Your fundamental objective in this potential venture is to extract blocks of granite that is a saleable product not just tomorrow but many years into the future. You need to extract those blocks of granite so that there is a profit for you. The equation for the viable long-term extraction of granite is a complicated one but it should not be daunting because it can be done. But you must address many aspects properly before you commence operations. So often people have gone into such ventures without seeking professional help at this early stage and soon find themselves in financial difficulties for any number of reasons. At least you are past the first hurdle - seeking advice. You mentioned a feasibility study and a business plan. Most financial institutions require these types of documents and if you are trying to raise money for the venture you might have to do it. But the feasibility study need not be an extensive one at this preliminary stage and can be done before you embark on the business plan. In other words, a relatively small amount of money will provide you with all the information that you will need to go to the next stage. There is no point doing a business plan before you even know whether the granite is physically quarriable, can be quarried profitably, the optimum scale of the operation (determined by many factors such as outcrop morphology, financial resources available, the type of machinery, the style of extraction, the distance from market, and the salability of the granite in terms of volume as well as cost). Ensure that you engage an experienced stone scientist who understands all the technical and scientific aspects of the granite, has first hand experience in quarrying, processing, testing, and marketing, and can provide professional advice in all relevant fields of the stone industry. Do not engage a geologist, mining engineer, or fabricator unless they have all the necessary expertise which is highly unlikely. A plane ticket to the States, about 4-5 days in the field at $600/day plus expenses, and 2-3 days for the report (without tests) will provide you with all the information that you will require. (Dr.) Hans, Australia, Reply
A 1452: I have a marble back panel on my fireplace and I want to cut a hole in the back panel on my fireplace without removing the fireplace as this would ruin it. John, Feb 18. Reply
A 1422: I am engraver on the black granite, making portraits, ikons,... I am trying to find a job in Canada. Alex. Feb 9. Reply
A 1404: I need contact information relative to monument fabrication. Brian. Feb 6. Reply
R1: Maybe I can help. Let me know what kind of information you are looking for. Richard, USA,  Reply
A 1373: Hello, I am looking for some information on how a particular portable unit to thermal top  granite during an install. I work for a construction supply company and I have a mason looking for a tool to do this job. I am told one was purchased in Minnesota. Please send me anything you have to help me out. thanks. Troy, Jan 25. Reply
A 1313: I would appreciate any info on the uses for, methods, etc. for reprocessing all the waste from fabrication shops. Is there any viable business in this area? McKendry. Jan 9. Reply
A 1304: We have formed a new company to excavate sand stone. Please send us any and all information from testing to marketing to equipment. Shawn, Jan 7. Reply
A 1170: I have visited your Web Site and hereby I would like to thank you for your efforts in natural stone sector. I work for a company, which its activity is excavating & processing and exporting of different kinds of natural stone. Would you please advise me your kind comments about the best way and also best material for filling of Travertine Tile or Slab? Also I would like to know the standard size for Tile in U.S.A and Europe. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Majid, Nov 7, Reply 
R2: There are machines that resin, dry and cure installations through ultra-violet radiation. You can use this machines for filling the holes of the Travertine. After you put on the slab the resin, the slab goes through the drier and immediately you can pile or polish the slab. NTP
R1: Hi, The standard size in USA 12"x12"x3/8" & 16x16 18x18. In Europe 30cm x 60cm x1cm The material to fill travertine will be grout (white cement & powder stone). Pini, USA, Reply 
A 1271: We are a newly established private limited company based in Ethiopia. Your site has a wealth of information. I was trying to get information about natural stone market, processing machineries and type of stones available in the market for a month in the library. I got pieces here and pieces there still I did not finish it. Thank you for your web site I got it all. 
We have located a quarry sit for limestone, marble and granite. We are planning to exploit these resources for local and international market. We are conducting a feasibility study. For these we need 
1. World market natural stone ( marble, limestone and granite) current prices and historical trends.
2. Complete quarry and processing machinery prices.
3. If possible joint venture partner 
We are planning a plant with a capacity of 150,000 sqm. Dec 18.
A 1256: I am cutting Amethyst slabs and would like to put a smooth surface on the slabs fast and cheap. Thanks, Dave, Dec 12. Reply
R2: Since amethyst is a quartz based semi precious stone you would process the surface in the same manner that you would granite. Use a bed polisher and polish until complete. If by hand, it is tricky but possible by using all your grits of the diamond pads plus a felt wheel and polishing powder. Question Why buy the slab unprocessed? Best regards Steven, USA, Reply
R1: Dear Dave: You want to grind, calibrate, hone and polish amethyst slabs, and would like to do it fast and cheap. If I were you I'd go to a "1 dollar store". They have really cheap stuff there. Ciao and good luck, Maurizio, USA, Reply
A 1255: Is there any raw material for CAST IN SITU marble? If we were mixing the raw material like cement and the finish product will have a marble finish. Like casting a statue. Dec 12. Reply
R2: What kind of stone do you have? Atkin, USA, Reply
R1: I'd love to understand what you're trying to do to give you an intelligent answer. What kind of marble are you talking about, marble chips, marble dust, marble chunks? If it's a statue that you want to cast-in, then your mixing material would be an epoxy resin (no more than 10%) with marble dust. If it's a terrazzo floor, then you could use either cementious material of epoxy resin again. Ciao and good luck, Maurizio, USA, Reply
A 1236: How can I buy Second Hand Product line for slabs and for tiles? Dec 3 China. Reply 
A 1227: I am interested in info on stone detailing. Nov 27. Reply
R1: You need to be more specific (i.e.: throwing a couple of examples our way). Ciao, Maurizio, USA Reply
A 1202: I am starting a new business where I need a steady supply of stones. They will be used for landscape and lighting. I need small 3 to 4 in. cobbles or river rock, sandstone such as "Colorado tumbled" or any other stones that their size and color is somewhat consistent. I am using diamond core bits for drilling through them I could use any tips on speeding up this process. I have a beautiful idea and design and I am getting ready to market these lights. I will need pallets at a time. Please let me know if you can help. I am in Bakersfield, Calif. Nov 21. Reply
R2: Time is money $$$$ Consider Water Jet!!!! Also consider water and oil proofing your stone!!! Kim, USA, Reply
R1: I drill Basalt with a carbide bit and a Jack hammer. Works well. Billy, USA. Reply
A 1189: We are a group of students of architecture at Belgrade University and are doing a research project on up-to-date materials used in making mosaics. We need Your help in finding references about these materials (detailed descriptions, performances, prices, ...) through catalogues, brochures, etc. Please be as kind as to notify us about the possibilities of obtaining these data. Thanks in advance. Nov 16. Reply
R2: With regards to materials for your mosaic projects, our company produce 100% recycle glass materials that come in many different sizes, which is perfect for your tile mosaic projects. Our glass products are tumbled and processed to create a safe material for construction and art projects. We obtain the raw materials from all across the States. We have many different sizes of glass, such as flat glasses, beach glass,
1/4 " - 2" size diameter glass pieces, as well as glass boulders ranging from 12" dia - 36 " dia. If you are interested in using our products, we can send you some samples or email you some images of our glass products. Thank you, Nani,
R1: Unfortunately for you it will not be as easy as sending the email to us. You have natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, composites and a whole host of other products to use. Enjoy the research phase and keep us posted. Best regards, Steven, USA, Reply
A 1185: I have a sandstone table top that I want to put some western brands on. Can they be etched in? If so, what is the procedure? What is the best and least expensive way to do this. Can this be done with a router and stone bit? Also, is there a way to smooth the edges of a rough piece of Arizona sandstone? I have heard this can be done with a special bit and a router and done the same way you would a board. Mary, USA, Nov 13. Reply 
R2: Mary, Please call a local fabrication facility for the edges. The etching can also be done. A source to try is a monument company. These are the people who make headstones. They usually have the necessary equipment.
Best regards, Steven, USA Reply
R1: Mary. I've had some experience working with this stone, and yes it is possible to do the things to it that you describe. Quite possibly, the best way to get the various brands cut into the stone would be by sandblasting. Check with a local monument company about this. As for using a router, you are looking at an investment in diamond tools, and the need to use water during the cutting process. Maybe a local granite counter top fabricator may be willing to work with you if you want to go in this direction. This is an extremely hard and abrasive stone and not easy to work with, and it is hard on tools. I had to cut to size the treads and risers for a multiple landing staircase from this material, and put a bullnose edge on all the treads. Burned up many dry cut diamond saw blades in the process, but was successful in chisel cutting the bull nose. It's entirely possible that the brands could also be chisel cut into the stone. Good luck with your project.
JVC, USA Reply


A 1140: I am using diamond core bits for drilling through 3 to 4 in. cobbles or river rock, sandstone, etc. I could use any tips on speeding up this process. Francisco, CA, USA, Frank, USA, Oct. 12, Reply

R1: I'm a granite worker in Barre, Vt, I think u would be much better off to use carbide tip drill bits with an air drill p.s. this process on granite takes me 2 min. to do a hole 10 in. deep . 90 psi on air very fast. Mick, USA.


A 1135: Hi, I'm a student at Kent Institute of Art and Design in the UK and I am designing a toilet bowl to be made out of either black marble or granite. I need to know the cost of such a piece of stone and the process of making such a thing, can it be machined or does it have to be hand carved? Also how would I attach stainless steel pipes to a stone surface so they are watertight? I would be grateful for any sort of advice, thanks Erin, UK, Oct 11. Reply

R3: Hi Erin we can make them too. Not for $400 though, Bryan, USA, Reply

Dear Erin: Talking about the legendary British sense of humor! Well, if this is not a joke, I don't think I will ever live long enough to see all the possible weird ideas people will come up with in connection with natural stone! I love this business!! I have not a clue on how to go about manufacturing such an ... artistic masterpiece. I'm hard pressed believing that there's a machine to do that, however. Again, if this is no joke, stay away from marble! Ciao and good luck, Maurizio,
USA, Reply


R1: We do it, its hand craft. About $400 for one. Pini, USA, Reply


A 1134: We are looking for old granite drilling cores to purchase to test PDC coated carbide inserts that are brazed into oil and water well drilling bits. 4 to 6" inches in diameter and about 10 to 20" inches in length. 
Thank You, Jerry, USA, Oct 11, Reply

R1: We are engaged in Synthetic diamond & diamond tools manufacturing. With our advantage in synthetic diamond manufacturer enable us to develop diamond tool at high quality (ISO9002 certificated) & cost lower technology, With advanced Germany Laser equipment: Dr. Fritsh. We are selling&prove our diamond blade suitable for U.S.A, German, France, Spain market.
Our products include:
1.Lasered saw blade. 4"-24" include Professional turbo blade, Silent blade, continue blade, DIY Blade.
Used as Dry, wet Granite cutting, Marble cutting, Building materials cutting
2.Sintered Saw blade. 4"-48" include Professional turbo blade, Silent blade, continue blade, DIY BLADE.
Used in wet Granite cutting, Marble cutting, Building materials cutting.
3.Polishing pad, disc, polishing belts
5.Wire Saw.
6.Core bits.
If you need diamond tools, please feel free contact us for more detail information .I will be glad to establish business with your company. Karl, China


A 1117: I would very much appreciate if you could give me relevant information on granite tiles or logs to use for testing of drilling bits. Jerry, USA, Oct 3, Reply


Pr 1000: Email me relevant information on the way to find out the number of gangsaws in the North American market. Sept 25. Reply

A 1106: I would like to buy some "do it yourself" or indeed any books or other publications about making terrazzo.  Do you know of some suitable publications and a source of supply? I would be very grateful for your assistance, Thelma, Sept 22, South Australia. Reply
the books I know about on this subject would be the Terrazzo Association manual. I believe their web site is www.NTMA.org, Fred, USA, Reply

A 1102: I need some feedback on how templating processes are done. I am considering buying a BHV Gregg digitizer for creating DXF files to then be used in my Z.Bav CNC machine. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Sept 18. Reply
R2: Brian: First there are many different ways to take the field data and covert to fabricating and installation data. I recommend the method that relies upon measures rather than templates. Regards, Steven, USA Reply

R1: Templates are done with plastic or with wood strips glued together. Fred, USA Reply


A 1097: I wanted some information on Sandstone quarrying of Dimension in Australia... Marketplace, relevant extraction technology, etc. Glen, Australia, Sept 9, Reply 

R1: Dear Glen, Your request is a bit vague. Are you interested in starting your own sandstone quarrying operation? If you need any assistance in doing so please contact me. (Dr.) Hans, Australia, Reply


A 1095: Nice to meet another marble fabrication, stone man. I do marble fabrication and installation but some time I have trouble to bring the high polish when I used the final pad or buffing pad. Is there any especial liquid better than Akemi polishing fluid to do the job? Diascana, USA, Sept 9, Reply
R3: I am not into fabrication but I am into the restoration of stone. There is buffing compound all 5x. If used right, you can high polish any stone. Huligar, NY, USA, Reply.

R2: Dear Diascana: Nope, there's not any better liquid ... I think. I have never had a problem polishing marble or granite with a right-angle polisher (variable-speed) and a white polishing pad, though. Well, ... maybe it's perhaps because I never used a polishing liquid! For all I know, dimensional stones are polished by abrasion and friction, like gemstone. I am hard-pressed detecting any abrasiveness in a liquid! Ciao and good luck, Maurizio, USA, Reply.

R1: Diascana: You know as well as I, that different stones achieve different levels of shine.

Specifically with marble-- Are you polishing wet with an electric or air polisher? What type of pad are you using?

What type of stone are you polishing? I am known as somewhat of a purist and tell my people to shine the stone by using each grit effectively. When we have a stone that doesn't shine as much as we want we do three things.

1) We polish dry.

2) We use tin oxide and a wool pad.

3) We throw away the gloss meter and hope that I told the customer that variation in stone is natural and beautiful. Best of luck, Steven, USA, Reply 


A 1090: I would like wholesale sources for metal table frames ready for mosaic tile installation. Also any good reference material on natural stone tile installation for interior or exterior use, specifically tables & benches. Thanks, Todd, USA, Sept 5, Reply

A 1086 b: I am working in a granite slab processing plant (100 % export oriented unit) in India as production manager. Are there any guides or books available on cutting granite by granite gang saws with using abrasives steel grit and slurry and polishing with line polisher, which will improve and expand my knowledge in this field? Ram, India, Sept 2, Reply


A 1086 a: I am working in a granite slab processing plant (100 % export oriented unit) in India as production manager. More over I had experience in gang saw cutting and polishing. Recently I was transferred to rough block procurement. I had not that much experience in insetting and marking the rough dimensional stone granite. We are having our own quarries of different granite verities like BLACK GALAXY, KASHMIR GOLD, KASHMIR WHITE, VALCANO BLACK, RED MULTI, RUBY RED, PARADISO, TROPICIL GREEN, IMPERIAL GREEN, COLOMBO JUPRANA, TAN BROWN, SAFIRE BROWN, YELLOW JUPRANA, LAVENDER BLUE and some other granite varieties. I would like to the following: 

1.The stone marketing names of all Indian granite varieties that are exported to USA from India. Their alias names, test unit results, their petrologic analysis, like mineral compositions etc.

2. Quality standards for rough granite dimensional blocks, what are the defects, how to find them, how to inspect a rough granite block, different type of patches, joints, crack and bands what are the mineral composition of above defects, how they will occur in granite formations? Are there any guides, books and literatures that will cover from Geology to practical rough block marking?

3. What are the defects that will be observed after finished slab inspection of above and other Indian granite varieties?

4. In processing what I get knowledge is by myself, it was limited to some extent only. In India there was a little scope to get any books and literature on granite related. Are there any guides or books available on cutting granite, by granite gang saws with using abrasives steel grit and slurry and polishing with line polisher, which will improve and expand my knowledge in this field?

5.Explain the procedure in US to exports slabs on 3rd party from India.

6.How good is the stone market for Indian granites and their price per unit (Sq. ft. or Sq. m.)?

Your reply would be greatly appreciated, Urgent please. Thanking You, Regards, Ram, India, Sept 2, Reply

R2:There is only one book on this subject that I am aware of..It is called Stone Fabrication "Techinques and Tips". To buy it, contact Findstone. Reply


R1: I can only answer -- and only partially -- your No.6 question. I must first state that I do love India and its people (I visited it 4 times, and I hope to see it again soon), and I also do some business there. Finally, I do not import and/or trade stone. All that said, Indian stone COULD have a good market here in the US, but, alas, all too many Indian operators have been leaving too much to be desired, as far as business ethics are concerned. Consequently ... Good luck! Maurizio, USA Reply

A 1069: We are a marble and granite company in Egypt, some of our clients sent to us some measurements described as "Flash Cut", I would like to know the meaning of this term please. Thanking you, Hesham,
August 16, Reply
R1: Hesham, I am not familiar with "flash" cut. The closest I come to it is FLEURI CUT. This is when certain stones are cut parallel to their natural bedding plane. It can give a mottled affect. Best of luck, Steven, USA, Reply

A 1064: I would like information on stone estimators or stone quantity surveyors for estimating natural stone commercial projects. Kind regards. Anthony, USA, Aug 7. Reply

A 1054: Have you heard about a quarry / rock crushing operation for sale in Western US? Apparently there is an operation such as this which is currently for sale. Regards,  Palmer, USA, July 24, Reply 
R1: Palmer, In regards to your request for a potential rock crushing operation on the west coast, I have a site that may be of interest to you. My company just bought a very large granite deposit about 50 miles north of Seattle, WA. Our reports indicate that there is 54 million tons of loose and fractured hi-grade granite on the talus slope alone. We are in the permit process with the county for this future operation of crushed, landscape and 
architectural granite. There is also a large metamorphic ridge on the property for low grade crush also. Brad, USA,

A 1044: Business: I currently live in the United States. Los Angeles, California to be exact. My family has land in Nigeria that contains granite and marble, and I want to begin a family business of extracting the stone from the land and importing it here to the United States.  I have very limited knowledge of how to do this, but I am very eager to learn and succeed in this venture. I need information on the cost of beginning the extraction, how to package and ship the slabs of stone, and the estimated costs of bringing the stone overseas. If you could help me answer some of these questions, or help me in anyway, it would greatly appreciate.
I currently submitted information to two Nigerian factories that you have on your site. I was thinking that while my company begins to develop, I could help find buyers and distribute their stones for them. This will allow me to learn a lot about how to import the stone, and related costs and obstacles. Thank you for your time, Adegboyega, USA, July 20. Reply

R1: Dear Adegboyega: Before you even start to speculate about quarrying granite or marble in Nigeria it is absolutely essential that you get the appropriate advice on the types of stone that you have, whether they are easily quarryable, whether they can be quarried profitably (i.e. establish all the potential problems), and whether they are marketable.  In many cases, the granite and marble outcrops are not quarryable and people waste a lot of time and money on these ventures.  It is not difficult for an expert to provide you with this advice.  Also, before you even get to this stage have the stones examined petrographically to check on their composition and quality.  If you have any other questions please contact me. Hans, Australia, Contact 


A 1042: Business: I wish to start a processing plant for marble and granite in India and export to U.K., please tell me what machinery I would require for cutting and polishing marble and granite slabs. Please give any other advice that you think would be helpful. Thank you, Bal, U.K. July 20, Reply

R1: We are one of the leading manufacture of stone processing machineries such as different type of edge cutting with different sizes. Polishing m/c with different sizes with pneumatic and without pneumatics. Block saw m/c with different sizes. And many other machine regarding stones Our manufacturing unit is situated at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) INDIA. 

We also exported many machines to country like UAE, MUSCUT, BAHREIN, SAUDI, SINGAPORE, THILAND, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, NEW ZEALAND - AUSTRILIA too and many AFRICAN countries.

We also like to inform you that our machines are manufactured to exact engineering standards, workmanship and quality and satisfy the utmost requirements i.e. accurate 90-degree edge cutting.

Quality and production as required by the STONE industries. We also assure you of our best and prompt services. Bala, India.

A 1040: Business: Please inform me about latest in monuments masonry (designs, tools etc.) worldwide. Many thanks Kostic, Zimbabwe, July 20. Reply

A 1029: DIY: Where can I get training on stone cutting? Specifically, I want to learn on how I can cut granite and etch letters in the granite and then sell them retail; I am in the business of pet memorials. David, USA, July 11. Reply


Q 1031: DIY: I'd like to know how to drill a hole 5 feet deep by 2" round in granite (field stone). I'd like to place a steel rod down the middle and hang it. Larry, Canada, July 8. Reply
R2: I have an import company based in southern California and can supply you any of the sample materials you desire free of charge (except for the shipping cost). Where are you located? As far as Maurizio said "the expert panelist" It really felt like he was trying to discourage you. I know of 4 companies that have recently switched
from computers and components to importing stone.I am consulting for 2 of those companies right now. For reasons beyond my comprehension the aforementioned companies are all Chinese companies! The key to making the transition is relying on the "experts" to guide you and help you get your foot in the door. I am available on a consultancy basis. Micheal, USA,


R1: Larry unless you are prepared to make a large outlay of cash for equipment, you would be best off to hire this job out.  Check your yellow pages for someone doing concrete coring and talk with them. They will have the necessary equipment on hand, and depending on the type stone, the job should not take too long. Good luck, JVC, USA, Reply

Q 1026: I am interested in going to Mexico to do stone carving and vacation with my family maybe returning every year. What part of Mexico should I go? Preferably where there is a good quality marble or other suitable stone and the cost of living low. Tom, USA. July 3 reply 


A 1011: Do you know what materials are used in the manufacturing of this light weight stone used around water ponds etc. You see it a lot in malls and other places where natural stone is to heavy to work with. I would like to make some molds of natural stone and create my own light weight cultured stone. USA. June 19 reply
R1: I am a manufacturer of cultured marble and stone products in Michigan. If you are going to make these stones for your own use, the costs of getting the raw materials , make the molds and make the product would probably be cost prohibative.  If you are looking to go into the manufactuing business for these types of products, I could be available for professional consutling for all aspects of putting together such a business (Suppliers, mold making, raw materials, manufacturing tecniques to acheive different effects, everything that might be involved to sucessfully start and operate such a manufacturing business).  If you have such an interest you can contact me. Bill, USA Contact

Q 991: I require information in regards to the methods to process scrap marble & granite and all of the possible uses of the new compounds. Specifically, the methods used to process and recycle the marble and granite including the methods, machinery and compounds needed to grind and to form the new processed compounds for all the possible uses. Roberto, Canada. June 1 reply

A 1000: I require information in regards to the methods to process scrap marble & granite and all of the possible uses of the new compounds. Specifically, the methods used to process and recycle the marble and granite including the methods, machinery and compounds needed to grind and to form the new processed compounds for all the possible uses. Roberto, USA. May 30

Q 985: We have two large machine tool base made of high quality china granite. Each base weighs 4500 lbs and is made of big slabs and blocks of granite. These bases are scrap for us so we would like to sell them. The granite can be salvaged and used for any other purpose. Parag, USA. May 22 reply


A 993: "19" was put on my mother's grave stone when my dad died in 1971. Now my mom died in 2000, they say that the 19 can be filled in but do not guarantee it. I asked if they could sandblast both panels out and redo it. They said that a new stone is cheaper. Is this true? WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? McMohan, USA. May 21 reply

A 990: Would you please give me some knowledge about granite, such as: description, vein, hue, colour, processing methods, fabrication products. Gerald, China. May 19 reply

A 979: I would like to know what tools are needed to carve granite into 3-d animals I am a local artisan who wants to move from brass carving to stone. Any info on tools and techniques would be appreciated. Chris, USA. May 5 reply
R2: Dear sir, There is a special diamond tool made in China maybe for stone artwork very useful. if u have
a small power tool. please try. best regards John, China. Reply

: Hello Chris, If you are still interested in tools for working with granite I can help you. Also if you have begun to work on your carvings by now I would be very interested in seeing your work. Thanks, Alida, USA Reply

A 978: We are interested in doing mosaics and inlay work using natural stone.  What tools and blades are available for cutting and inlaying marble, slate, tiles, etc in curved shapes?  Is there a blade that could be used in a jigsaw? Or a bit for a router? Or are we stuck using tile saws, circular saws and grinders w/ diamond blades? Dominic, USA. May 4 reply

R3: Dear sir, There is a special diamond tool made in China maybe for stone artwork very useful. if u have
a small power tool. please try. best regards John, China. Reply

Yes it does, Contact a stone fabrication facility and have them look up stone jig-saw. Good luck, Steven, USA Reply

There is a ring saw shown at many of the tile shows which works very well for doing inlay, curved shapes and cutting sample pieces.  These can be purchased from several different tile/stone distributors. Kelly, USA Reply

A 976: One of my friends is interested to venture into stone business. There is a spot of granite called charnokite found near his hometown in Ukraine. The pattern of the granite is black with green grains. The experts estimate the volume of the granite in this spot is at least 1 million cubic meters. We are curious about the mining method, the needed machinery and the estimated price (USD/m3 or USD/m2) if sold in blocks, slabs or tiles in Europe or USA. Oleksandr, Ukraine, May 3 reply

A 971: Hello. I want to find out about training for stone cutting. Thank you, Ralph, USA, April 28 Reply

R1: There is a school opening up in late Sept. in Barre Vermont. Mick, USA.

A 959: I want to create a more appropriate memorial for my pet's remains than the small black urn I received her remains in. I was given some marble slab scraps and I want to rough "cut" and polish them, stacking them to build a base for the urn.  I was told I could tap the marble with a hammer to break it into smaller pieces, then I will need to polish five of the six sides of each piece.  Can you give me more specific advice? Susan, USA, April 13. Reply

R1: Susan, you would be better off to do it with a electric saw with a diamond blade; the blade will cost around 50.00 dollars, but will cut it like butter and then to polish it will be much easier too. Mick, USA.

A 958: Hello! I am a new granite / marble fabricator.  We primarily fabricate residential countertops.  I would appreciate any information concerning products you handle to treat these materials.  I am also seeking reference information to better inform myself concerning the nature of granite and marble pertaining to countertop usage.  I would also appreciate any trade reference information you could supply us with. Lance, USA, April 13, Reply


A 955: I would like information on seaming, grinding and polishing granite for making countertops. Bob, USA, April 8. Reply 


A 950: I have recently started engraving on marble and granite.  I would like to know where to buy the cans of highlighting "paint" to spray on/scrape off of the finished image.  Does it only come in white?  Also, any engraving tool recommendations?  I am only familiar with the one I borrow from the person who pays me to do work on the headstones he sells.  I would like to buy one of my own.  Thank you very much for your help; I look forward to hearing from you!   -Freddi, March  26, USA, Reply

R1: You would be better off to do it with gold flake, buy this at any hardware store, Mick, USA

Q 899: I am looking for information on carving headstones as a business. I would like to know what all it would involve. I have never carved stone before. I canít seem to find any info on the subject. Thank you. Janet, USA, March 9. Reply

Q 895: I'm fascinated by carving but clueless on how to get started -- Web has given me some ideas but what next?  I have the basic tool set, and a huge piece of alabaster--What now? Jeff, March 6, USA, Reply


Businesses for sale:

Pr 1003 Slovakia: Marble and granite processing factory for sale having.
- administrative building
- production hall 78 x 66 LM
- technological cooling water cleaning-recycling station (150 cumt/hour)
- electro transformer station ( 2 x 630 kW)
- central gas heating station
- 5 internal hall cranes
- 1 external portal crane
- Production capacity: up to 12000 sqm/month (129000 sq ft/month). Dec 1. Contact

e 1874 Turkey: 1.000.000  m3  block granite capacity granite mine on sale! About 65 km distance to the seaport for a best price of $ 650.000. Sept 17. Contact


e 1832 India: A 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) available for sale having 1) Monument processing unit  2) Gangsaw Unit  3) Quarries  4) Quarry Equipments. The acquirer will be entitled to continue the business in the same style as it exists today. The acquirer will be entitled to all licenses registered in the company's name for quarrying / mining of granite blocks and other related registrations / licenses with various governments / statutory agencies and business associations. Aug 31. Contact



Machines wanted:


e 1728 Pakistan: We are also interested in purchasing some machines (Like marble cutter, polish machine and grinder machines) Please send me complete details. June 15. Contact

e 1413 India: I want marble cutting machinery manufacturers in India. Feb 23




e 1383 USA: I want a 9 inch polishing wheel for a grinder to polish granite. Feb 8



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