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Ready Stock 244 granite slabs USA    Readily Available Granite Slabs     www.info@findstone.com       surplus@findstone.com



We have 16 bundles of absolute black here in SanJose, Calif. They are large slabs 9.5' x 6 feet readily available to pick up priced at $7.50 sq/ft. also have it in L.A. along with Black Galaxy large slabs priced at $10.50 sq/ft. and two bundles of Tan Brown at $5.75 per. sq/Ft. Sapphire Blue at $6.50.

We also have 60 crates of the Rajha Red slates (Flagstone) one crate is 1.2 tonne which covers approx. 180 to 200 sq/ft. per tonne.
Other colors are Indian Autumn and California Gold along with 20 tons of VKD a quartzite. Except for the quartzite the price is $250.00 per ton.

Customer picks up minimum of 6 tons. The quartzite is very pretty the color is whitish /pinkish all thickness are close to 1 inch. All this are readily available in San, Jose California.