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Ready Stock 390  milling machine UK   www.findstone.com     info@findstone.com

Please find enclosed the following details of MB MAX.

Machine is almost new, it has never been used directly in production facility. It has been use only for exhibitions around the world and as a show model. At this present moment it is in Macedonia. For dismantling and training purposes we can negotiate. In an attachment please find enclosed picture of MB Max.

The price of MB-Max with following configuration is 69000 Euro.

In the price is also included 4axe, turning lathe which come with special software for 3D modelling, it is modified and adapted ArtCam version from Dellcam

Working area  X=1400;Y=2500;Z=350 (mm)
Dimension of working piece 1400/2500 (mm)
Max height of working piece 400 mm
Drive system (X/Y/Z) AC servo motor
Max axis speed (X/Y/Z)18/18/15 m/min
Electro spindle rotation speed 2 800 10 000 rpm
Electro spindle power 5 500 W
Tools holder ends ECR 16 ISO 30
Tool cooling Internal / External
Overall dimension (W/L/H cca) 3800/2700/2400 (mm)
Weight 3500 kg

Mechanical tool exchange
Mechanical clamping system 6 mechanical stations

# CNC machine for marble and granite.
# The main features of the machine are: high speed, high precision, flexibility and compactness.
# MB MAX is arranged for milling, edging, 3D modelling, making artistic and geometric reliefs, lettering, polishing of the inside and outside of the edges.
# Machine complies with the ISO 2372 standard, which is a vibration analysis of a machine.
# Windows platform.
# CNC PS based control system.
# Graphical interface.
# G-code programming.

*  Windows platform
* Graphical interface
* Compatibility with standard CAD systems
* Supported file formats DFX, HPGL, CDR
* G - code programming

If you require more information related to the machine or anything in general do not hesitate please contact me.