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Ready Stock 486 Bridge saw   USA  www.findstone.com    info@findstone.com

ZDCQ-400 Bridge Saw Chinese make


Turntable with Pneumatic Stops (Included)

It adopts automatic girder displacement for the orientation ,all controlled by microcomputer .In the case of right operation, you can get high precision in Cutting large or small type of granite and marble ,It can be especially used for the cutting of highs-valued large-scale plank by its high precision and stable function .All the components are imported. Max Diameter blade 16"

Computerized: the cutting size are set at a same time through an MPT, by numbers. For example, If you want to cut three slab with 80*60 mm. Put in 80 mm in the length and put in 60 in the width. and put in 3 in the amount of pieces. Then run the machine automatically. It will stop until all the work set finished.

This machine doesn't include the support. Steel or concrete foundation


Diameter of sawbit:350-400mm

Power of turnover, lifting and oil pump motor:2.2kw

Cutting thickness: up to 4"

Dimensions of working platform :126"x 70"

Power of main motor:11kw (20 HP)

Full size:235" x 235" x 102"

Speed of cutting:0~48"

Max length of cross cucutting:126"

Maximum lifting travel :8"

Gross weight:6.6 Ton

Gross power:17kw  380V 50Hz, 3 Phases

Max length of rip cross cutting:126"

  Installed $34,900.- (FOB L.A. California)

ZDCQ-800 (25 HP)

Include the tilting blade Max Diameter blade 30" tilting blade, 360°worktable

Installed $38,700.-  (FOB L.A. California)