Supplier sp0586-uk

Supplier of rock for veneering, landscaping, fireplaces, many other applications. Beautiful limestone with quartz and fossils.

United Kingdom, MN, Minneapolis

Material Type: Limestone

Stone Names: Winterset, Osage, and Worland

Product / Services List: pavers, landscape, fireplaces, walls

Checklist of choices available: Many sizes , mostly rough cut and natural looking

Pricelist: $200.00 to 400.00 per ton

Regular Stock: Any quantity

Stock-in-hand now:

Product Images:

Images of Applications:

Images of stones:


Business Type:

Consumable Manufacturer / Supplier;

Representative / Sales Agent;

Type of Company: Proprietorship

Company Size: small family owned company, 4 people

Facilities & Capabilities: We are a supplier and hauler. We get stone directly from quarry.

History & Background: 2003, Our stone would appeal to high--end home builders, and contractors

Project References:

Product Quality & Guarantee: We can send sample pictures or buyer can come inspect personally.

Message to Readers: We are a small company and our stone is very appealing and beautiful. We are honest. Any buyers that are interested.

Info you need: What type of stone, used for what purpose, what quantity

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