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Supplier sp0731-br

Brazilian exporter. We have one of the biggest range of products with high quality and competitive prices

Brazil, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro

Material Type: Marble and Granite

Stone Names: Absolute Black / Black Diamond

Acapulco Red

Acqualux White

Acquamarine White

Agata Green

Amazon Coffee

Amazon Flower

Amazon Star


Amendoa de Minas

Amendoa Light

Andorinha Grey

Antico Coffee

Aquarios Blue

Aquarios Green

Arabesco / MG 6

Arabesco White

Aracruz Black


Artus Gold

Bahia Blue

Bahia Brown

Bahia Coffee

Bahia Green

Barracuda Blue

Bay Butterfly

Beach Yellow

Beach Yellow Gold

Bege Bahia Marble

Bege Ipanema

Bianco Romano

Black Amethyst

Blue Marble

Blue Star



Brasilia Red

Brazil Blue

Brazil Star

Brazil Yellow

Butterfly Golden

Butterfly Green

Candeias Green

Capão Bonito Red

Capixaba Blue Marble

Capri Pink

Capri Yellow


Carioca Gold Yellow

Casa Blanca

Castelo Grey


Castor Brown

Catalão Yellow

Catarina Brown

Ceará White



Classic White


Copacabana White

Coral Reef

Corumbá Grey

Creme Azul Bahia

Creme Marfim

Creme Marfim Yellow

Cristalino Gold

Crystal Champagne

Crystal Gold

Crystal White

Dakota Mahogoni

Dallas White


Delicatus White (Romano)

Desirée White

Dolomita Grey


Ecology Green

Esmerald White

Eucalipto Green

Everest White

Exotic Yellow

Fantasy Blue

Fantasy Brown

Fioreto Veneziano

Floral Yellow

Flower Blue

Forest Green

Fortaleza White

Gaivota White

Galaxy Green

Garden Pink

Gegrege Light

Gegrege Yellow

Giallo Antico

Giallo Arizona

Giallo Boreal

Giallo California

Giallo Cristalino

Giallo Esperanza

Giallo Fantasy

Giallo Fiorito / Florenza Yellow

Giallo Fiorito Dark

Giallo Fiorito Ligth

Giallo Imperial

Giallo Marfim

Giallo Napole

Giallo Napoleone

Giallo Natalia

Giallo Venezia

Giallo Vicenza

Giallo Vitória

Glória Green

Goiás Red

Gold 500

Golden Canyon

Golden Eagle

Golden King

Golden Moon

Golden Sands

Golden Sea

Golden Shadow

Golden Star

Golden Sun

Golden Venecia

Golden Wave

Grape Stone

Graphite Brown

Guará Brown

Humaitá Yellow

Icarai Gold Yellow

Icarai White

Icarai Yellow

Iguana Green

Imperial Coffee

Imperial Nut

Imperial Pearl

Indian Black

Ipanema Gray

Ipanema Sand

Isaboor Brown

Itaunas White

Jacarandá Red

Jacarandá Wine

Jade Green

Jaguar Yellow


Juparana Amarelo Dourado

Juparana Bordeaux

Juparana Bordeaux Florence

Juparana Bordeaux Pearl

Juparana Bordeaux Terracota

Juparana Campestre Pink

Juparana Carajas

Juparana Carmel

Juparana Christy

Juparana Citrus

Juparana Classic

Juparana Delicato

Juparana Dream

Juparana Dummer

Juparana Everest

Juparana Gold

Juparana Leopardo

Juparana Minas Gold

Juparana Montiel

Juparana Natalia

Juparana Nebraska

Juparana Palha

Juparana Premium

Juparana Real

Juparana Rosa

Juparana Salmão

Juparana White

Juparana White Sucuri

Kaschimir Veneciano

Kinawa Classic

Labareda Gold

Labrador Green

Laranja da Terra

Lavras Green

Lilas Red



Maracuja Yellow

Marfim White

Marinace Blue

Marinace Green

Maritaca Green

Marsal Grey

Mato Persa

Medina White

Mediterranean Green


Montezuma Green

Moon Valley

Napoleone Yellow


Nepal White

Nevasca Gold

New Giallo Veneziano

New São Francisco Gold

New Venetian Gold / Brazil Gold

Ocean Fantasy

Ocre Itabira / New Caledonia

Olinda Coffee

Ornamental White

Ornamental Yellow

Ouro do Deserto

Pacific Blue



Panorama Green

Paraju Wood

Paris White

Pavão White

Peacock Green

Peacock Premium

Pearl Green

Persian Blue

Pietra Imperiale Baixas

Pinta Verde Acinzentado Marble

Pinta Verde Claro Marble

Piracema White

Planet Blue

Polar White

Portinari White

Porto Rosa

Prata Jaciguá

Quati Blue

Rain Forest

Raissa Pink

Real Saphire Blue

Red Dragon

Regis Green

River Blue

Roma White

Royal Coffee


Saara Gold Yellow

Saara Stone

Salviano Yellow


Samoa Light

Santa Cecilia Classic

Santa Cecilia Dark

Santa Cecilia Gold

Santa Cecilia Light

Santa Cecilia Yellow

Santa Helena Yellow

São Cristovão Classic White Marble

São Francisco Gold Yellow

São Francisco Green

São Francisco Real

São Francisco Yellow

São Gabriel Black

São Marcos Black

Sapoti Green

Savage Yellow

Siberian White

Star Light (Peach)

Storm Gold

Super Classic


Topazio Yellow


Tropical Green

Tropical Marble

Tropical Summer

Tropical Wave

Tunas Green


Twister Gold

Ubatuba Green

Venecian Blue

Venecian Super Gold

Veneciano Green

Vermelho Tanquinho

Verniz K2

Verniz Tropical


Vivaqua Grey

Walley Blue

Wave Blue

Waves Green

White Coast


Product / Services List: Polished slabs, tiles and cut-to-size projects

Checklist of choices available:

Pricelist: Price List against buyer's order

Regular Stock: Depend on the type of material. It can be checked against buyer's order

Stock-in-hand now:

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Business Type: Supplier; Exporter;

Type of Company: Private Limited

Company Size: Medium Size

Facilities & Capabilities: Good partnerships/contracts with quarries owners which allow us competitive prices and high quality

History & Background: Year of stablishment: 2001

Project References:

Product Quality & Guarantee:

Message to Readers: We have one of the biggest ranges of granites. You can concentrate all your order and demand in a unique company: US!

Info you need: Usual worldwide procedure

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