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Supplier sp1760-zw

Slogan: We offer to the artists quality curving stones, moisture free. From our mines in Zimbabwe we have various kinds of curving stones, ranging from Soapstones, Serpentines, Verdite stones, Opal stones, Limestone, Lepidolites, Leopard stone, etc  Our material can be sculpted easily with hand tools or with pneumatic tools

         Material Type:  Soapstones

         Stone Names: Soapstones, Serpentines, Opal stone, Limestone, Lepidolite, Leopard stone, fruit serpentines, Verdite etc

         Product / Services List: Curving stones

         Checklist of choices available: commercial


         Regular Stock: 100 tonnes onwards

         Stock-in-hand now: 

         Product Images: 

         Images of  Applications: 

         Images of stones:  


         Country: Zimbabwe

         State: Harare

         Nearest City: Harare      

         Business Type:  Quarry;

         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size:         

         Facilities & Capabilities: Raw material source        

         History & Background: Been operating for the past 2 years with experience of supplying artists in England, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Italy and Australia        

         Project References:

         Product Quality & Guarantee: we do supply quality product, fracture and moisture free direct from our mines. If any of our clients do experience such cases we do respond to guarantee, if the material is a source from our mines.

         Message to Readers: We differ because we provide natural mined material and fracture free material to the artists. And we work hand in hand with the artists, and we are also open to provide information regarding our material, e.g working on the material and giving advises on how to polish the material.

         Info you need: Moisture free and non fracture material is all our Motto to the artists

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