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Supplier sp1767-br

Slogan: Our main activity is to produce blocks from our own quarries in Santa catarina, Brazil. Over 18.000 hectares of surface rocks assure a continuous flow of production and timely deliveries. Estimated volume of mineral on surface is over 1 million cubic meters. Underground reserves are estimated to be at least 20 times that figure. Our black granite has no competition due to its high grade (>95% pure black) contents.

         Material Type: Granite 

         Stone Names: Nero Totali (absolute black)

         Product / Services List: blocks for manufacturers of: tiles, counters, ornamental and any other product.

         Checklist of choices available: 8m3 each

         Pricelist: aprox. US$700 per 1 m3.

         Regular Stock: 800 m3 per month.

         Stock-in-hand now:

         Product Images:

         Images of  Applications:

         Images of stones: 


         Country: Brazil

         State: Santa Catarina

         Nearest City: Florianópolis      

         Business Type:  Quarry;

         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size: 20 employees        

         Facilities & Capabilities: At this time we need a third party to produce and/or invest capital to purchase machinery and start-up capital. We are willing to share profits or form an strategic alliance.        

         History & Background: So far we have purchased titles to enable us to start operations in the best available areas of black granite. We have tested all sites and removed several blocks to make samples. We worked on this project since 1998.        

         Project References: We are about to close a contract wit a major European importer with great demand for black stone.

         Product Quality & Guarantee: We accept inspection of material on quarry before shipment and guarantee if no inspection is needed.

         Message to Readers: We are different just because our quarry provides absolute black quality granite, unsurpassed by any other yet found.

         Info you need: Justa how many 8m3 blocks you need and location to be shipped in case of CIF quote. 

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www.findstone.com info@findstone.com