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Supplier sp1781-ca

Slogan: Beautiful flag stone products, from the Selkir Mountains of southern British Columbia, Canada

         Material Type: We quarry are stone at approximately six thousand feet eleveation, in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.  The stone technically occurs as the result of sedimentary silica, which as been metemorphized.  We split the stone in thicknesses of 1/2 inch, 1", 2", thicker than that we call dry pack, or wall rock, as it makes very classic walls.

The stone occurs in a cinamon brown, ice blue, almost a turqoise, gray and black, We pack it on 4X4 pallets for shipment, and shrink wrap it and or cage it where required.  It is weighed and labeled.  We guarantee our weights and are products for quality. We estimate our reserves at about ten million tons, so we shall not run out anytime soon.  You may direct any inquiries to me at your convenience.
         Stone Names: Cinamen Brown

Alpine Blue

Turqoise Ice

Wall Galaxy

         Product / Services List: this stone is ideal for.

building facia,walk ways, drive ways, patios, fireplace facia, stacked pillars & columns, rock gardens, fountains etc.

         Checklist of choices available: 1/2" no less than1/4 or more than 3/4

1"   no less than 3/4 or more than 1 1/4

2"   no less than 1-3/4 ore more than 2-1/4

coverage no less than 6 x12", up to 4'x4 sheets

wall rock is ideal for rustic wall construction

         Pricelist: 1/2" $1005.00 per ton (canadian dollars)

1 "  $400.00  per ton (canadian dollars)

2 "  $250.00  pet ton (canadian dollars)

wall rock $200.00 per ton 

         Regular Stock: one hudred tons, mostly one inch and two inch

         Stock-in-hand now: 

         Product Images: 

         Images of  Applications: 

         Images of stones:  


         Country: Canada

         State: british columbia

         Nearest City: VANCOUVER, B.C.      

         Business Type:  Quarry


         Type of Company: Proprietorship

         Company Size: 10 employees

annual sales $1,000,000        

         Facilities & Capabilities: would like to double production and revenues this year        

         History & Background: the area has extensive geological and mining back ground and history.        

         Project References:

         Product Quality & Guarantee: guarantee our product and weights.

         Message to Readers: we have unusual formations that produce unusually distinct colours and patterns.

         Info you need: where the customer wants product delivered to

prices are fob. our yard

delivery expectation time frames

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www.findstone.com info@findstone.com