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Supplier sp1848-br

Slogan: Quartzite of Great Quality and Beautiful Colors - Direct from Our Own Quarries in Brazil

         Material Type: Quartzite Flagstones, Tiles, Pavers, and Steps

         Stone Names: Santa Cruz Quartzite - Crystal Aurora (red), Crystal Coral (pink), Crystal Perola (white), Crystal Caju (multi-color)

         Product / Services List: Flagstones, tiles, pavers, steps

         Checklist of choices available: Natural cleft both sides

Irregular flagstones; Rectangular tiles; and paver with sawn edges of various sizes up to 30 x 60 cm
          Pricelist: Sale is based on container loads

Payment by Letter of Credit

         Regular Stock: 5000 sq meters basic stock at the quarry. Annual production capacity is 66,000 sq meters.

         Stock-in-hand now: 15,000 sq meters stock currently available

         Product Images: 

         Images of  Applications: 

         Images of stones:  


         Country: United States

         State: California

         Nearest City: San Francisco      

         Business Type:  Quarry; Factory;

 Exporter; Importer; Distributor;


         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size: Sales: US$1,000,000

Capital US$1,000,000

Production: 3000 tonnes/year

Employee: 30        

         Facilities & Capabilities: Quarry Machineries: excavator, bulldozer, Forklift, etc.

Sawing Facility: diamond saws, fork lift

Crating Facility: crating equipment, fork lift

Misc. tools & equipment        

         History & Background: Our company was founded in 1989 with the objective to produce and commercialize market know natural stones such as quartzites, sandstones and slates from Brazil. Since 1995, the principal of the company used his strong technical background and knowledge of Brazilian geology and business conditions to identify and develop a number of natural stone deposits. The best known and most developed property is the Santa Cruz Quartzite. The mineral claim covers a large area of 1980 hectares assuring virtually unlimited production of quality stones for many years to come. Since 1999, the company has started marketing its products internationally and has already established good reputation in Europe and Far East. In early 2004, the company partnered with a Hong Kong company and established a representative office in the US to enhance its international operations. We are currently actively promoting the Santa Cruz Quartzite to all parts of the world.  

         Project References:

         Product Quality & Guarantee: All materials exported from Brazil have been carefully inspected and crated for high export quality.

         Message to Readers: The Santa Cruz Quartzite occurs in four distinct colors (pearl white, coral pink, multi-color beige and aurora red) 

The materials have been tested for construction suitability. 

It is fine grained and was formed in natural lamination under high metamorphic pressure. It is skid resistant even when wet.
The quartzite consists of 80 - 88% quartz with hardness of 7 (harder than most granite, marble, limestone, and slate). The highly crystallized quartz and muscovite glitter under light. 

Also, the material resists frost, salt, chemicals, acid rain, and air pollutant. 

Our quartzite maintains its strength, unique colors, and elegance forever. The material is ideally suitable for interior flooring, stairs, fireplaces; and exterior patios, walkways, wall cladings, swimming pool decks, driveways, etc. 

Importers, distributors, dealers, product representatives, and large quantity consumers are welcome.

         Info you need: Available quartzite is non-calibrated due to its extreme hardness. Typical thickness classifications are 8 - 13 mm, 13 - 25 mm, 25 - 40 mm. Other thickness classifications or special requirements are available upon request. 

Please specify your required colors, sizes, thickness, and quantity. We will be more than happy to submit quotation per your specific requirements.

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